How was a dental impression made?


If you have ever had a serious dental job, it is likely that you have taken a dental impression taken by the impressions of the teeth, be very common and used for several purposes in dentistry .The prints can be used to create guards in your mouth , whitening trays, Locksters, Crowns, Bridges, ‘> Veneers , Prosthetics dentures and precise models, among others stuff,Failure

TengnisThis is a fingerprint of teeth and mouth, of which molds of objects can form. Dental impressions produce a close copy of the teeth and oral tissues.The metallic or plastic ‘Horseshoids’ is chosen for comfortable for teeth and gums. The tray can be molded from the upper teeth, lower teeth or both.

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.How the dental impressions were made

To make a dental impression, thick liquid material, such as alginate or polyvinylsiloxane, reasoned in the tray of madness, which is in the Au-shape, to fit properly in the mouth.

algatisatis, which is found on the cell walls of seaweed. The theory of algae is part of the phaeophyceae family Phylum Phaeophyceae and are harvested internationally, which will be transformed into the alginate of raw materials of sodium.This substance is that it is used to create alginate . Depending on the types of seaweed, several chemical structures can be found on each floor.

There are certain types of plants that will bring the highest generation capacity product; Ideal for molding hands or legs. Energy plants will be offered a weaker gel that used it in the medical genre.The color of the gel also depends on the type of plant used.

As a natural product found in seaweed brown , Algatisis considered both food and dermatologically safe.Algidan, known for its ability to absorb water, which makes it a useful product in the medication that rejects the present time, is found in a thinning (weight assistance), thickening agents for soups, jelly, ice cream, cosmetics,Drinks and pharmaceutical preparations.

There are two main types of awesome trays: spare trays and special trays. For reservations are made in bulk in various shapes and sizes.The dentist Choose the proper tray closest to size and shape for each individual patient. Special trays that are also known as custom trays are obtained in the exact features of a particular person.

Specific type of fluid that is used for impressions that vary according to what is necessary for printing. Some impressions should cause a hard form, While other impressions require more elastic or supplementary materials.

After pouring the liquid material into the tray, then placed in the upper or lower assembly of the teeth, so that it covers the entire dental arch.In addition to the material that is used, the area that impressive covers vary depending on what work a patient is necessary. The mouth of the mouth is included for upper printing, and half of the mouth and under the tongue enters. The lowest impressions.

After the amount of pre-installed time, the liquid materials are installed and solidified and converted to solid rubber mass.Then, the tray is removed from the mouth and sent to the clinical laboratory or to the dental laboratory for subsequent processing.

The stone is poured into a warm impression and when installing your teeth.Forms an almost additional copy of the mouth, from which it has been changed.

The use of dental Prints

Dental impressions are used many in the dental field and are usually used in dentistry to create:

  • personalized lot
  • In the dental trays of the switches
  • custom dental trays are used for precise printing, taking
  • crowns, bridges,and veneers
  • dentures
  • custom pillars for dental implants
  • Model for a constant dental record before and after the treatment of dentistry

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