Hydrogen energy therapy: good for cancer or trap?

Hydrogen peroxide

(H 2 0 2 ) – Commonly used chemical compound for disinfecting surfaces, whitening for hair or whitening Dental and cleaning small wounds.

Some people believe that hydrogen peroxide can cure or treat cancer . Hydrogen is oxidizing the liquid, which means that it produces oxygen. It is believed that hydrogen peroxide can introduce oxygen into cancer cells and kill them.This type of treatment is known as oxidative therapy.

In this article, we will work in a more detailed part of how hydrogen peroxide therapy works and we will learn if the current evidence of the statements that can treat or cure cancer is admitted.

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What is therapy for hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide therapy is driven viaIntravenous (IV), significantly is introduced directly into the bloodstream.

Two elements that make up the chemical products are water and oxygen. When the hydrogen peroxide is in the body, it breaks into these two elements. Put the hydrogen peroxide in the body introduces more oxygen, which is considered to help with certain conditions.

This is the idea that oxygen molecules of hydrogen peroxide dissolve can kill cancer cells , because too oxygen can be toxic to these cells.

Then, What has the treatment of hydrogen therapy been used?

The hydrogen poocide was discovered for the first time in 1818, but it was not until the end of 1800-X years, which was used to treat the bell of fever bacterial infections and ta> tonsilitis . After the First World War, it was also used to treat influenza and pneumonia.Negative

In the 1960s, doctors performed more studies of the chemical impact and found that it can be used to guarantee oxidation.This is when oxidative therapy, a treatment group, which stimulates the immune system using oxygen, ozone gas or hydrogen peroxide, were perspectives.Oxidative therapy was used to help treat cancer, skin diseases and development .

Is there any evidence to support hydrogen peroxide therapy?

There is no evidence that it supports the affirmations that some doctors did about the use of hydrogen peroxide therapy such as treatmentFrom cancer. It now, any study that demonstrates the health benefits of the chemical substance is limited and focuses on other health and diseases states.

Research and risks

No evidence.One study showed that hydrogen peroxide can actually help in cancer development when creating a good means for the prosperity of the disease. It is because the production of hydrogen peroxide in the body can result in acceleration of aging, inflammation and DNA damage, all can lead to development and The distribution of cancer cells.Denial

Another study finds people who have taken hydrogen peroxide at high doses over a period of 10 years, experiencing adverse health effects, as movement , disability and death.

Hydrogen types Peroxide Therapy

Hydrogen peroxide therapy is introduced mainly intravenously (iv), which means that it is inserted directly into the blood flow.

– Legal therapy of hydrogen peroxide?

The use of IV and oral hydrogen peroxide was not clinically proven and not clinically approved by the control of food and US (FDA) drugs.

The substance is not illegal. However, there are rules that limit the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which can be used for medicinal and industrial purposes.For example, hydrogen peroxide, which can be purchased above the counter, generally contains from 3% to 9% of the substance.

Many of the concentrations IV and orals used in clinics and well-being centers are as high as a concentration, in general, only For outdoor use or as an industrial cleaner or disinfectants. Bringing the hydrogen peroxide can erosion, ulcers and drilling on their stomach.

Food management From the USA UU(FDA) performs its own research on medical products to transmit the best and most accurate information for the public. This means that the product can be legitimate for the purchase, its own, the sale or use and not approved by the FDA.In case the product is legal, but not approved by the FDA, it is used off the label.This may mean that the product is not intended to treat a certain state, not approved for the dosage route or administration or not approved for a certain age group.


Hydrogen peroxide is an oxygen liquid that creates oxygen in the body.Some people believe that it can help treat or cure cancer, because high levels of oxygen can be toxic to cancer cells and can kill them. However, hydrogen peroxide is not approved by the FDA for the treatment of cancer.In addition, studies have shown that hydrogen peroxide can actually contribute to the growth of cancer cells and distribution. The substance is dangerous to use internally, and should be used only on topics.

Word of the Meds information received

Thought about thermal terrain of hydrogen peroxide, which is a cure for cancer, can sound a sound.However, no study showed that the substance can help with cancer. Some studies have even found that the use of it for cancer treatment can have the opposite effect.

The use of hydrogen peroxide therapy can cause greater damage than good.If you are still considering the use of hydrogen peroxide for cancer treatment, you should ask your doctor about the risks of hydrogen peroxide therapy and discuss safe treatment options.

Frequently asked questions

Hydrogen peroxide therapy for cancer?

In pp.Hydrogen peroxide therapy works by introducing oxygen into cancer cells so that it essentially attracts it to its death, increasing oxygen levels in your body. However, there is no evidence that it supports that you can treat cancer.In fact, many studies found that hydrogen peroxide can really do otherwise and attract cancer growth. Is it safe to make the hydrogen peroxide IV?

Hydrogen IV Feloxide Therapy was not approved by the FDA. The clinical trials that study their use intravenously did not be made either.Reports and research related to your safety found that serious side effects may occur. , since hydrogen peroxide is not approved, the substance should not be used intravenously for medical purposes.

What are the other benefits of hydrogen peroxide therapy?

Although hydrogen peroxide can not be swallowed or inserted into the bloodstream, it has some advantages.For example, it can be used to help whitening small pure teeth or scratches if used at low concentration.

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