Hydroxy alpha cells for wrinkles and aging leather.


With an increase in the study, which causes the reasons for the effects of photography and . / P>

Alfa hydroxy acids were used for thousands of years as a rejuvenating skin product.It is reported that Cleopatra was bathed in sour milk (lactic acid) to improve its complexion, hydroxiated acids are a common additive to numerous skin care products, including hydration , detergent, toner and masks


Summary and types of alpha hydroxic acid

Acids hydroxy alpha are obtained from fruits and sugarsMilk. The most used alpha hydroxy acid is glycolic acid and has many data on its effectiveness and side effects. Milk acid: Other alpha hydroxy acid commonly used. The five main types of alpha are presented.Hydroxidectade acid in skin care products and its sources:

  • Glycolic acid: Sugar cane / li>

  • Milk acid: Milk
  • Acids Malipes : apples and pears
  • Lemon acid: orangesIlimons
  • Tartaric acid: grapes

Like alpha acids Hydroxy Work on the skin

Alfa Hydroxy acids work mainly as the Exfilia .They cause cells epidermis (top layer of the skin) for ‘failure’, allowing the dead skin cells to reassure, creating a room to revere new skin. Alpha Hydroxy acids can even stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.It is carried out in that alpha hydroxy acids can improve wrinkle, roughness and stained pigmentation from photographic skin after weeks of weeks of daily use weeks.

ALPHA side effects Hydroxy acid

Two main side effects of alpha hydroxy acids are irritation and sensitivity of the sun.The symptoms of irritation include redness, burning, itching, pain and possibly scars. The use of alpha hydroxy acid can increase 50% sun sensitivity, causing an interesting dilemma. .

Alpha hydroxy acids may be able to cancel some of the damage caused by photography, but at the same time they make the skin more susceptible to photography. It is clear that anyone who uses alpha hydroxy acids should use a good sunscreen that contains grape grape and UVB .Keep in mind that many sunscreens are not protected from grape rays, the most involved rays in aging of the skin.

FDA recommendations

Due to concerns about the side effects of alphahydroxyc acid, FDA in 1998 announced.What glycolic and lactic acids and are safe for use as cosmetic products with the following recommendations: / P>

  • Concentration in a 10 % or less
  • The last product has pH 3.5 or higher
  • The final product must have an effective sunscreen in the composition or to warn people to use solar protection products

Chemical courtjes

Hydroxy acid alphalos In several concentrations are used in chemical products.These chemical saws give results similar to microdermabrasion , erase the thin lines and give the skin a smooth appearance with one to three applications.

These procedures must be repeated every three to six months to keep this appearance of the skin. Physicians can use alpha-hydroxy acid products that have a concentration of 50 to 70%. The cleaning of alpha hydroxy chemical purification also deletes small wrinkles and eliminates the scars on the surface, but the effects last the last to 6 to five years.

The higher the concentration of alpha hydroxy acid, used in the chemical shell, more irritation of the skin occurs. At a concentration of 50 to 70%, people can expect it to have a serious, peeling and skin writing, which can last from 1 to 4 weeks.

Alpha Antbet hydroxy acid

Hydroxy beta acids most used in the skin Cosmetics is salicylic acid. The main difference between alpha hydroxylamis and beta hydroxy acids is their lipid solubility (oil). Falph hydroxypean acids are only soluble in water, and hydroxy beta is a lipid (oil) soluble.This means that the acid beta hydroxy can penetrate the pores, which contains sebum and exfoliate dead skin cells that are constructed inside the pores.

Due to this difference in properties, beta-hydroxy acids are best used in bold leather with thris and white heads . The alpha hydroxy acids are best used in a thickened and damaged skin with the sun, where progress is not a problem.

Selecting the alpha product hydroxy acid

Alpha Hydroxy acids are found in various products for skin care, including hydration, detergents, eye cream,The sunscreen and the foundations.However, it is better to choose a product that contains the correct wording of alpha hydroxy cells for use as an exfoliating,And then select other products for skin care or cosmetics that do not contain Hidroxic Alfaid to reduce the likelihood of skin irritation.

The use of alpha hydroxy acids in the hydration database can be the best combination of products. Assembly containing alpha hydroxy acids are not very effective, since alpha hydroxy acid should be absorbed in The skin for work.The prequilities are cleaned before this absorption occurs. .The sunscreen must have SPF SPF , at least 15 to protect against UBB and active ingredient, such as the content of the autobenzone, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide to protect the UFA.

Cosmetic manufacturers are not required to provide information concentration on the label.As a general rule, the rule having an alpha hydroxy acid that appears as a second or third ingredient in the list makes it more likely to contain the correct concentration.The only way to probably find out the pH product to verify with the sexual cavity.

Lower line in Acids alpha hydroxy for wrinkles

Alpha hydroxy acids as a component in moisturizers,Creams or other skin care products can be changed by some of the damage caused by photography. n Chemical purification form, especially with higher concentrations in the doctors’ department, these acids can improve the appearance of small wrinkles and scars for several years.Alfa hydroxy acids, as a general rule, is better working for people with thick, damaged by the sun with the sun,while Betals hydroxidated cells can be the best option for those who are with

despite their ability to improve the appearance of Damaged solar skin,Hydroxy acid alfals can also increase sun sensitivity and increase the risk of skin damage to the sun. The extension of a good sunscreen that includes a grape coating and UVB rays, is important if you decide to use these products.

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