Hyperosmia: Symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.


Hyperosmia is a greater sensitivity to the smell, and often is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms.This can occur periodically, especially when it occurs due to certain medical conditions, such as migraine migraine or superior respiratory infections .

Conditionally, hyperosmia can also be genetic, it is generally manifested as a constantly increased increase in sensitivity. Most of the time it is not necessary to look for the treatment of hyposumia.But if symptoms are getting worried out for you, there are some processes and strategies amendments that you can take to facilitate negative consequences.

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Symptoms of hyperosmia

interesting, with Hyperosmia, your smell can be reinforced for some smells,But less sensitive to others. You can have an unpleasant reaction, a neutral response, or you can even enjoy its reinforced odor. With Hyperosmia, you probably have the following three types of reactions to a point.

Unpleasant reactions

Hyperosmia can make certain particularly unpleasant odors. You may feel nausea or disgust, and odors can even cause migraine or allergic .

There is a strong relationship between hyperixium and osmophobia (aversion to certain odors). Any of these conditions can lead to another.

Despite the name, osmophobia does not necessarily have fear of odors.Instead, this is usually extreme disgust and disgust. In some cases, osmophobia can progress to produce fear of a certain insult of odors, if you are concerned about the consequences that certain odors can have. Hereditary hyposmia and Super Packers

An increase in the sensitivity of the smell of Hyposumia is not always negative.Hyperosmia allows you to detect and distinguish odors that do not necessarily cause an unpleasant reaction, especially if your hyperosmia is associated with a genetic predisposition, and not a health condition.

Some people who have genetic hyperosmia are described as Super Papania and are able to detect and identify thin aromas with great precision. This trend above the central can allow some super papanis to identify diseases (particularly, Parkinson’s disease) before they can be diagnosed clinically.

If you have had a Hyperosmy, since she was born, she does not even understand that she has a condition, because her acute smell feels good for you.

If it is often read and comments on the flavors that most other people do not realize, it can begin to suspect that their smell of feeling is unusually sharpened.Or you can define the difference between different odors with greater precision than most people you know.

Some practical advantages of hyperosmia include detecting a hazardous odor location recognition, such as smoke or chemical leakage or noticing that food is rotten.


On the other hand, it was observed that the sensitivity of the smell increased It can be associated with obesity. This is more likely because your appetite and pleasure of food depend not only to try, but also in the smell.

If you have noticed that the food tends to be more swimming than other people, you should discuss it with your health care provider (if you also have overweight), since it can affect your long-term health.


Some people naturally have a greater sensitivity to smell all the time. It is considered genetic, and was associated with the SCN9A gene, the codes for sodium channels (component of nerve cells) in the body. However, it may not be the only gene associated with hyperosmia and condition. It may be due to a few genes.

You can also have episodes of hyposumia at certain times, such as during pregnancy or when your allergies act up. Some medical conditions can force you to develop a long-term hyper-radiation, suddenly or gradually.

General reasons

Various conditions are often characterized by hyperixium and osmophobia. These conditions are generally episodic, such as epilepsy. , Migraine and allergy.Other conditions, such as exposure to toxin, are not common and can be difficult to determine.

Pregnancy : Greater sensitivity to odors is usually informed in the first and second trimester pregnancy. Hyperosmia can cause nausea and vomiting, and was associated with gravidarum’s hypermisy (excessive vomiting during pregnancy, as a general rule, requires medical and intravenous liquid processing or intravenous ). .

Migraine : greater sensitivity, as well as repulsion according to certain odors, it is very common at the business stage of the homes, as well as during the peak of the migraine. This tends to decrease after migraine, but people with recurrent migraine, as a rule, increase sensitivity to odors even during migraine.

Allergies : Nariz Stete is often found with allergies that affect the upper respiratory system. It can interfere with odor detection.Ironically, allergies are also associated with hyper-radiation (during, as well as among allergic attacks). It is believed that this is due to changes in the surface nerve sensors in nasal passages.

Superior Breathing Infection : Sinus infection can give you a stool nose. While identifying your smell may be shaded, you can also develop hyperosmia for some odors.

Epilepsy : A feeling of exaggerated odor can be produced as a feigned aura. In rare cases, hyperosmia may also be present during or after catching.

If you have hyperosmia associated with epilepsy, you can smell the things that others do not smell in Allende, because the smell is thin or because it can not be present at all.

If there is no smell in general, it does not necessarily experience a true hyposimi, but its symptoms can be described in this way.

exposure to toxin : There are numerous reports on Highloshy, starting after exposure to toxins, such as lead or mercury. Hyperosmia can only be one of the many consequences of chemical toxicity. Sometimes, this effect is evident after several people who were exposed to the same chemistry diagnosed by similar effects.

You can expose neurotoxic chemical products in an industrial environment or by using medications or cosmetics.

Neurological and immune conditions

Hyperosmia reported due to a series of conditions, including vitamin B12 deficiency, Lyme disease , lupus, dissipate sclerosis (ms) and Totettes syndrome .

The smell of sensitivity is not the most prevalent or more common symptom of any of these conditions, but hyperosmia often reported that it is among the well-recognized effects. Rare causes

Neurological conditions, especially Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and the course , are often associated with hyposhymia , which reduces odor sensitivity.

While hyposmy is usually the cause of reducing appetite and weight loss, hyperosmia often accompanies hypot.This is due to the fact that there is a change throughout the olfactory system (smell of odor, and not just a decrease in function.

In addition, these are generally unpleasant odors that are more remarkable, although it can simply be because people are more likely to not notice and react to unpleasant odors than pleasant smells.

Physiological reasons

The detection and identification of the smell are controlled by OffalForry nerve that describes a Cranial nerve or the first cranial nerve.The receptors on the surface of the nasal passages activate the olfactory nerve, which sends messages to the brain of the cerebral cortex, which allows it to recognize and react to these odors.

The sensation dysfunction of its smell can occur due to problems with the receptors, the areas of nervous or cerebral cutting (hippocampus, orbitorontal cortex and tensions) that integrate these messages.

Each cause of hyperosmia is associated with a deficit somewhere along this path.For example, hyperosmia in epilepsy is caused by the amended activity in the cerebral cortex, while hyperosmia associated with upper respiratory infection is caused by a problem with the detection of the surface of the smell in the nasal passages.Super packagers

– an enlarged hippocampus, which is an area of the brain, generally associated with emotions and memory, as well as an orbital of the crust, where odors are consciously recognized.


Hyperosmia is usually diagnosed according to your symptoms. In general, this is not the only symptom of any medical condition.However, when you experience the symptoms of hyperosmia, it can be a track that your base cause acts.

For example, if you often like food before your migraine, it can be an indicator that you should take medications.If you are trying to get pregnant, you can experience the smell of the cafeteria at work even before having a positive pregnancy test.

Of course, try to maintain this symptom, not necessarily diagnose.Waiting for the official test, you do not know exactly what causes your greatest capacity to smell.

Diagnostic tests

Your healthcare provider can control diagnostic test to make sure you have hyperosmia.The University of Pennsylvania Omite University (Upsit) is a test of 40 items used to diagnose stock defects caused by diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Your account in this test can be compared with the average rate if you have a greater sensitivity to odors.

Differential diagnosis

There are several conditions that may seem hyperosmia.You can benefit from treatment if you are experiencing these similar conditions.

Obonias Control Syndrome (ORS) is a rare state in which people are paranoid with respect to their own body odor. It is characterized by an unusual and unjustified concern about the smell of your own body.

This may be associated with a situation of life, such as experience or proof of shame or the humiliation of the body smell.It may also be associated with the true smell of the body, which is too soft for others to detect, but can detect due to its own high sensitivity to the smell.

Other similar condition, Parosmia is a perception of modified odor, in which some odors are constantly determined incorrectly. This disorder is associated with a reduced hippocampus volume and other areas of the brain, which controls the sensation of odor.

There are all types SENSORY diseases , which are modified by perception or perception of things that are not there. The hallucination of obony is a fixed belief that smells some kind of odor that does not exist.

The hallucinations are a sign of psychosis, which is a very serious disorder that requires treatment with prescription antipsychotics. Psychosis can arise due to brain disease, or it can be a side effect of medication.


Hyperosmia is addicted to a certain extent. It is likely that you do not want medications for your hyperosmia.

If you have allergies, migraine or if you are pregnant, your other symptoms can be more relative to you. If you have a lack of lupus, MS or vitamin B12, the treatment of your basic disease is the best way to minimize your hyperosmia.

However, if hyperosmia avoids the quality of your life, there are several medical approaches that you can accept to facilitate this problem.

Excessive medications (OTC) and prescriptions can help control nausea and vomiting, if it is the Most anguished aspect of your hyperosmia. In most cases, the introduction of OTC preparations, such as dramamine (Dynamugat), coil (mellyin) and benadryl (diphenhydramine), are sufficient To control your nausea and vomiting.

Be sure to consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using anthometrics, as they may not be safe for you if you are pregnant or accept other medications.The most common recipe strength anti-timetics include composition (prokhlorezine), raglan (metoclopramide) and zofran (Odasetron).

Nervous ablation

In rare situations, hyperosmia can be such a serious problem that an operation may need.This will reduce the function of an olfactory nerve, to smell the smell that does not prevent you from eating or taking the fact that you eat so much that your health is at risk.

This option should be discussed carefully with your health care provider to determine if your treatment method is for you.

If you have hyperosmia, there is a series of practical steps you can take to manage your condition.You may need to use a mask if you work on the configuration with a solid odor failure

You can also attempt to disguise offensive odors, chew or suck candies or mint.

Some people can not be close to certain odors in general and can not work in a hospital or factory that contains inductive smells by disasters.If this is your situation, you may need to make changes in your work or domestic environment to eliminate your smell of exposure.

Word of the Meds information received

Hyperosmia is quite common, but rarely is a serious problem.If you notice this as a symptom of repetition before the problem of imminent health, such as exacerbation, migraine, allergic attack or capture, you can take medications on time to minimize attack effects.

For the most part, hyperosmia is really useful when dangerous situations, such as fire or pampered foods.Some experts believe that hyperosmia is a useful feature, it is not a problem, as it can help prevent serious injury or illnesses.However,

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is not very. In studies, the condition is often described as extremely rare. , With the exception of pregnancy or as a result of certain conditions, such as migraines, hyperosmia is often considered as psychosomatic that I do not It makes a physical source.

  • Precise physiology Unknown, but there are theories, one that high hormone levels human gonadotropin (HCG) can play a paper.The other is that people can be more aware of the smells during pregnancy and more react to them, and they really do not feel more acute.

  • There is a method at home for this is called olfactory preparation.You will need four oils,that you can find in stores in the field of health: / P>

    • Phenylethyl alcohol (pink )
    • eucalyptol ( eucalyptus )
    • citronlallal (lemon)
    • resinous (carnations)

    twice day,Spend five minutes, exposing your nose every smell. Self in 10 seconds, wait 10 seconds and olyte the next one.

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