Hypersomnia: Symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.


Almost everything is experiencing drowsiness due to lack of sleep from time to time, but hypersmia (excessive drowsiness) differs from sleeping.This is because with Hyperpomnia, the need to sleep is not easy to explain with something simple, but not too late, and does not decide without recovering your dream.

Hypersomnia is an excessive drowsiness when the expectation of the refusal is also known as excessive annual light or ED.There are a number of medical reasons for hypersmia, including respiratory disorders, neurological conditions and certain medications.

Medical status, defined as hypersmia, is characterized by hyperesmine due to the problem with brain capacity to regulate the rhythm of sleep. There are several causes of hyperpomnication.

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If you are experiencing excessive drowsiness or if you feel it is easy to sleep even after receiving 10 or more sleep hours per day, you can have hyperpomnia.You can start during childhood, adolescence or adulthood.

Some of the symptoms of hypersignia will help you recognize that this is a sleep problem, such as drowsiness during the day or falling asleep for long periods of time.However, other state symptoms may not be so obviously associated with sleep.

The common symptoms of hyperpomania (and hypermark) include:

  • Somnolence
  • Irritability
  • Concentration of
  • Headaches
  • Inadequate performance at work or at school
  • increases or decreased
  • weight gain
  • that falls immediately after bedtime
  • mess

If you have hyperpomnia, these problems can be saved for several months in a row or even more.Over time, you can start taking these symptoms, and you can not recognize that they sign about the condition of the disease.

For this reason, many people do not become medical attention for hyperpomania.It is no less, it is better to make a point to discuss these problems with your medical care. Promotion of reasons.


There are a number of reasons for excessive drowsiness.The north is considered the cause of hyperpomania when the medical explanation is not defined. Some rare medical conditions used will affect the sleep cycles in the brain, causing hypersens.

Below are the total causes of hyperpomania:

  • Sleeping insecure imposed or inevitable, can be caused by replaceable work, chronic party, chronic pain and much more.
  • Hyperesomnololence due to central nervous system disorders (CNS). SNS disorders include narcepsy , Kleine Levin syndrome (a rare medical condition that causes excessive sleep and other symptoms), or any number of idiopathic conditions that occur without a certain reason.
  • Medical disorders. This may include a thyroid disorder, sleep apnea, Encephalitis (cerebral inflammation) and much more.
  • Psychiatric disorders. Anxiety and / or depression can cause hypersens.
  • Drugs or drug review. Many medications can cause hyper-dimensionality, including sedatives, anti-kvulsi, opioids, antipsychotics and alcohols, elimination of drugs can Cause hypercumber.


If you have hyperpomany symptoms, your health care provider will work with you to determine the root cause of your symptoms.

Your description of your own experience is the most important aspect of your diagnosis. Your health care provider can also order blood analysis or sleep research. General, there are many components for your diagnostic evaluation.

Personal History

Your own observations and observations of all dreams in your room with you, are key aspects of Your diagnostic evaluation.If you regularly share the bed or bedroom with a spouse, a native brother or a room for a room, this person is a description of your sleep pattern at night can be useful.

Another person who is with you while tends to sleep, you can notice changes in your lifestyle, episodes of movement or wake up at night that can not be aware.

Important things so that you can follow up on including how long you had an excessive day scum, how much you sleep at night and during the day, how fast you fall asleep, and with what facility you wake up .

Other problems you want to get in touch if you are anxious, sweating or other symptoms when you are trying to sleep.

It is also useful to be an observer of your daily symptoms, such as changes in mood, concentration, appetite and weight.

Any lifestyle habit, such as a trip, work different turns or care of a child oo, who needs long-term help during the night, can affect his drowsiness ,So be sure to report these experiences with your medical team.


There are several highly fortified handicap estimates according to the self – rewarded questionnaires.The drowsiness scale and drowsiness and Somnolence of Stanford are among the most used drowsiness measures, and its health care provider may ask you to complete the questions to assess changes in your drowsiness over time.

Blood analysis

Since there is A number of health questions, which can cause sleep, often need blood tests to help identify or exclude medical conditions.


A polysomnogram (psg) sleep test invasive, which measures the cerebral rhythm with the electroencephalogram (EEG), as well as measuring the movements of the electromyography muscles (EMG),Eye movements, respiratory speed, heart rate and oxygen levels.

psg You can register the direction delay (how fast it is difficult to sleep), as well as the sleep stages you experience throughout the period of sleep.Features such as a brief delay in sleep (falls into deep sleep too fast) and the greatest efficiency of sleep is common in hyperpomology.

Display tests

You may need a test for display to evaluate The structure of its cerebral or thyroid gland, if there is concern about the disease that affects these regions.

Other conditions

If you are experiencing Hypermindy, before your health care provider is diagnosed with Hypersmia, you want to exclude the most common causes of drowsiness during the excess day.

When there is no explanation identified for excessive drowsiness, it is described as idiopathic hypersmia, or primary, or idiopathic hyperca or primary. However, hypersomnolons are often confused with other similar medical conditions.


It can be difficult to distinguish Sleeping hypersmalls.If it does not sleep well at night or if your dream is periodically disturbed, it is possible that it is not called brief episodes of alarm clock, because they usually last in a few seconds or minutes at the same time.However, short sleep failures can affect no matter if it reaches enough rest at night.


SWEELE SLEEPE Literally means that they lack encouragement during sleep is The most common cause of excessive day lights. Presentative apnea sleep is the most common type of apnea.This happens when your breathing path is temporarily blocked during sleep, briefly interrupting your breathing in a few seconds. This is generally associated with weight gain and snoring.

The central sleep apnea is a breathing disorder, characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep.If you are experiencing breaks on your breath due to obstructive or central sleep apnea, you will be awakened several times during the night for a moment, which prevents your ability to achieve adequate restoration sleep.

To feel updated, you may need to sleep for a longer period of time or the need to assume the NAFT during the day.If you can not get an additional dream due to your graph and your obligations, you can develop symptoms of hyperpomania, such as problems of irritability and concentration.

Diseases of the thyroid gland

Hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone levels) It remains a common cause of drowsiness. If you have hypothyroidism, you may experience hypersmith during the day, even if you have sufficient sleep diagnoses and adequate treatment of thyroid diseases can reduce drowsiness and fatigue .

Other conditions that are often confused with hyperpomnolence include:

  • chronic fatigue syndrome (recently renamed the voltage system does not continue)
  • post-Cute syndrome (a serious head injury that can cause changes in personality, concentrate of complexity and drowsiness)

  • Renal insufficiency (fatigue can occur,When the kidneys do not eliminate toxins)
  • Depression
  • heart disease or arrhythmia (remote oxygen delivery on your body’s fabric leads to a lack of energy)
  • Respiratory disease (problems with the function ofThe lungs reduce the oxygen flow)
  • Side effects of drugs
  • insomnia
  • alcohol

If you are insomnia or a reduced capacity to fall asleep at night? For anxiety,Anxiety, reactive recoil, use of caffeine or physical discomfort, can interfere with sufficient recovery overnight. In turn, it can take the lights of the day.

In addition, alcohol and some medications can cause excessive drowsiness. It can affect some people differently from others.Some medications, such as cocaine and other stimulants, can make a person hyperested, intervening sleep and, possibly, causing excessive drowsiness of accidents, as soon as medicine is used.

Long sleeve

can be a person who must get more than the average sleep number.If it can work well from 10 to 13 sleep hours, it may not necessarily have a hypermind that can simply be what is called ‘long sleep’.’

Be sure to talk with your health care provider about how much you can sleep, and how it affects you during the night, as well as the next day.


The treatment of your daily drowsiness depends of the cause. If you are private, your health care providers can recommend changing lifestyle habits.If you have a medical condition, such as kidney failure, your medical problems must be eliminated so you have more energy and less drowsiness.

If you have a hypersmia of hypersnoline or idiopathic, there are some treatment approaches that will recommend to your health care providers.The treatment of hyperpiminia and hyperpomnolism includes a change in your sleep and potentially accept prescription drugs. Share sleep habits

Supports regular sleep habits are often useful if you have hypermnia. In turn, these methods can help prevent excessive fatigue.

after a regular schedule, consuming the same amount of caffeine every day, and keeps a quiet, quiet and dark parameter while sleeping sleep, can help you achieve a dream more quiet.

A number of medications can Be used for the treatment of narcolepsy and primary hyperscond.These medications are usually prescribed stimulating, and although they can help it awake, they can also create serious side effects, including cardiac problems and psychiatric conditions.

Realize that stimulants are often abused and used, since many people see them as shortcuts to stay beyond for a long period of time or for weight loss.However, these medications have potentially serious side effects, even if they are used according to the guidance notes.

In addition to the potentially severe risks of heart attack, stroke and psychosis, abuse and abuse of stimulants can also lead to legal consequences.

Word of the Meds information received

Excessive drowsiness can make Feel that you miss in life.If you feel drowsy, despite getting enough sleep hours, do not forget to talk with your health care provider.Do not attempt to take responsible medications or stimulants without medical lawyers, it can cause serious fatigue, cycle of hyperactivity and drowsiness, and a potentially drowsiness or behavioral disorder.It is likely that drowsiness is a sign of another medical condition treated. Excessive drowsiness can manage more frequently, and can restore the energy to participate in your life.

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