Hypoglycemia and headaches


When we think about what is about what is about how it is what to do what point what point what point what point what is the precaution is our health often because they looked at our waist or worry about ourWaist or worry about cavities. However, sugar levels in our bodies can also affect our headaches.

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Understanding hypoglycemia

To better understand how sugarDischaly the headaches, we’re going to talk first about hypoglucemia . Gypoglycemia occurs when the body the glucose (or sugar) level falls below 70 mg / dl.Not only can it cause headache, but it also causes confusion, dizziness, stem, hunger, irritability and weakness.

If your glucose levels are not returned at a level of 70 to 100 mg / dl, then the symptoms can be damaged to turn on the numbness . Poor concentration, poor coordination happening and even coma.

There are several causes of hypoglycemia. One of the reasons will be held, since the body can not receive enough rocky to maintain the correct levels.

Hypoglycemia is also common in people with diabetes and can arise when you need a lot of insulin or diabetes medicine, take a medication at another time than usual, waiting too long or Do not eat enough,Exercises on another day of the day, or drink alcohol.

Hypoglycaemia can also occur without diabetes.It can cause excessive consumption of alcohol, chronic kidney disease, overproduction of insulin by pancreas or other endocrine problems.

Doightches Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia headaches are generally described as a sensation of boring and pulsating pulsation in the temples. The pain can occur with other hypoglycemic symptoms, such as blurred vision, increase the frequency of heart rate, nervousness, fatigue, irritability and confusion.

Hypoglycaemia can also cause migraine migraine .In fact, some suffer from Mastraine Migraine / p>

I wonder what migraine of the headaches caused by hypoglycemia can not Be accompanied by typical migraine symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound.Instead, it is likely that migraine is accompanied by hypoglycemia symptoms mentioned above. Although this is not a firm and fast rule.

( Prevention of hypoglycemia headaches induced

To avoid your hypoglycaemia headache, all the best drops of blood sugar.

If you have diabetes, it is important to follow the Medicine Management Plan established by your health care provider.Be sure to review the regular record with your health care provider so you can trace it for any change that may affect your treatment plan.

If your hypoglycemia is not caused by diabetes , it is important to change your diet to prevent low levels of blood sugar.The health care provider, as a rule, assumes that people suffering from hypoglycemia eat less, more frequent dishes and sandwiches during the day. In addition, it is recommended to see no more than three hours between meals with food.

A well-balanced diet rich in protein and fiber will also help maintain blood sugar levels. Finally, products that contain sugar and alcohol should be limited, especially in an empty stomach.Regular physical activity is another important management technique.

Treatment of headache caused by hypoglycemia

It is important that people with hypoglycemia have a blood sugar monitor and sandwiches with them at all times.If your blood sugar level fails, it is important to return your glucose level of 70 mg / dL and 100 mg / dL, as fast as possible.

If you are hypoglycaemia, follow the Rules 15/15, to feel better:

  1. If your glucose is low, or if you can not prove, but feel as it consumes 15 Grams of carbohydrates.You can use glucose or gel surface tablets, type 1/2 cup of juice or non-diet refreshments or eating 5 desperate for life or 3 sweets in the perspective. It is important that you choose food, which is almost a clean carbohydrate.For example, protein in peanut butter environments, for example, decreases the rapid absorption of carbohydrates you need when hypoglycaemia.
  2. Wait 15 minutes. If you are still under, repeat step 1.
  3. if you are still under, call 911.
  4. If your glucose has improved, eat a little snacks. This is when these peanut butter cheese cars are useful.

If you are worried about your symptoms or headaches, do not have one of the previous quick corrections, check with your health care provider and hospital trip.It is very important not to lead you in the presence of a hypoglycemic episode. If there is no one who can take it, then call 911 .

Sometimes hypoglycemia will make a person come out or lose consciousness.Make sure you try to feed the unconscious person with hypoglycaemia, as it can cause a suffocation. Keep your friends and family reported how they can act quickly to help him with a hypoglycemic episode.

Word Get information on how to get Meds

If you have diabetes and experience episodes Hypoglycemia, it is important to see your health care provider. Hypoglycemia is serious and can be potentially deadly.Your health care provider can appreciate the reason for your hypoglycaemia and change your treatment plan , respectively.

If you do not have diabetes, but the suspicion of hypoglycaemia may be the cause of your headaches, vendorvendering medical care for appropriate diagnostics .If this is so, changing your lifestyle and eating habits should be treated with your headaches.

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