If you use general cholesterol medications?


If you take a Cholesterol reduction medication , you know that the monthly cost can be folded, especially if the one who accepts is in general (inexperienced) form.And its total costs can grow even more if you take medications for other conditions, in addition to your high cholesterol, such as diabetes.

but even if you are worried about the cost of your cholesterol, remember the important reason why you take it, and do not stop without taking it if your medical provider says that everything It is in order.High cholesterol has no symptoms, but it does not take medications to prevent cholesterol of ‘symptoms’: it takes it to avoid the symptoms of heart disease.Leaving drugs and allowing cholesterol to increase at the cholesterol level, can put it at a significantly higher risk of heart disease and even heart attacks,The cost is much more for the treatment that the price of remaining in terms of reducing cholesterol.Negative

good news is that a series of descending medications that reduce the drops are available as less expensive generic.These general cholesterol medicines include:

  • simvastatin (zocor)
  • ATORVASTATIN (lipitor)
  • Rosevostatin (Crestin)
  • Lovastatin (mevacor)
  • Pravastatin (Pravachol)
  • Gemfibrozil (LOPID)
  • flavastatina (liesol)
  • cholestramine (questran)
  • fenofibrate (Antara, Fenoglide, Lofibra, Tricor, Triglide)

If your medication is not available In general (or even if it is, it still has problems with payment),You have several options that can help you save money.


What you can do, to save money

Talk to Your doctor about the least expensive parameters.) Give a coupon of a narcotic company to buy a brand of medication. At a lower cost.

Ask about reducing the tablets with a higher dose in half. Maybe you can buy a medicine on the form, twice then, cut the tablets twice to take them. (Note. For example, it is impossible for each cholesterol reduction medication.) For example, if you accept simvastatin 40 mg every day, your health care provider can assign Simvastatin 80 mg, with the dosage indicated in half taken per day.

There’s nothing in common? Call the medicinal company. Some medications have a recipe support program that can allow you to obtain medications without complaints or minimum costs. A glance at your pharmacy: Some offer discount programs for medications.You should also know that the prices of medications may differ from one pharmacy to another. Check to find the lowest price in your area.

Ask, can you take revaluation products (OTC)? If you accept the recipe for omega-3 fatty acids (Lovaza) or the advanced release of Niacin (NiĆ”ban) to reduce cholesterol, talk to your doctor’s doctor of your OTC.

You should know that fish oil oil and Niacin OTC are not equivalent therapy equivalent to your recipe counterparts. However, if your health care provider says you can take one or more of them, they can help you reduce cholesterol levels, placing a smaller dent in your pocket.However, keep in mind that, although they are widely available and cheaper than prescription drugs, OTC products can not be suitable for all.

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