Ingroxza: Uses, side effects, doses, precautions.


ingests (valbenazine) is the first drug approved by the control of food products and medications for the treatment of adults with <> Dyskinsia Tardive (TD) .TD is a serious side effect from the long-term use of certain medications, especially antidepressants or antipsychotics.

Ingraza is a Vesicular monuamine type inhibitor (VMat2).It works by changing the neurotransmitters, chemicals that transmit signals in the brain. VMAT2 molecules help transport and recycle neurotransmitters in the brain.The inhibition of them will lead to the depletion of brain chemical products, such as dopamine, which are crucial for engine control.

VMAT2 inhibitors are used to treat other medical conditions, such as Huntington’s disease .This medicine can reduce TD symptoms, but this is not a medication. The preparation requires a prescription from the doctor and can only be available when choosing pharmacies.

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Ingroxza is an oral medication that is available in Quality capsuleIt is used to treat uncontrollable facial movements, language or other parts of the body caused by TD.

TD can be the result of a long use of certain medications used to treat psychiatric disorders, nausea and gastrointestinal disorders. All in these medications will definitely develop TD.However, depending on your risk factors, how long it is in medicine, and the doses you are, it is likely to be more likely to develop a state.

Before receiving

Before the appointment, your doctor will appreciate it for your condition, liver function and any potential interaction of medications.If you have hypersensitivity to ingestion or any medication component, this medication is not suitable for you.

It is extremely important that you take this medication per day and do not miss any dose if possible.You also need to know possible side effects before starting this medicine.

Notify your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It is not clear if IngResza is present in breast milk.The manufacturer does not recommend breastfeeding during therapy or up to five days after the last dose.

In general, it is important that you carefully follow the doctor’s instructions and check with your pharmacist if you have any questions about this medication.

What was used to treat solemn disconia against ingestion?

Before ingesting, reaching the market, there was no well-studied processing for TD.The management strategies included the use of medications or additives, such as tetrabenazine, clonazepams or ginkgo biloba .

Precautions and interaction

There are some clinical problems,Associated with the adverse effects of this medication: / P>

  • Imbecile cognitive features: ingrazzla can worsen physics or psychic, so you should be careful with the realization of tasks,That require mental alert, while in this medication, such as operational machinery or driving.
  • Depression and suicide isation: Vesicular monoamine inhibitors were associated with suicide depression and thoughts and behavior.In one study, most patients who reported were not reported on the basis of suicide on the basis, continued not having suicide, at no time while studying. Only four patients reported (two placebo and two in Gerage) who had suicidal thoughts. It is important to follow up on your mood and symptoms when taking igrezz.
  • Parkinsonism : The symptoms of Parkinson, such as drops, marching disorders, tremor, students and reduced muscle movement, were recorded with people who take ingests.The beginning of heavy symptoms occurs more frequently within two weeks after the beginning of this medication or increases the dose. These symptoms can be resolved when therapy is suspended.Your doctor can reduce your dose or stop medications if you are developing clinically significant analysis symptoms.
  • Irregular heart rate : This medicine can affect the heart of the extension of the QT interval , which increases the risk of irregular heartbeat,What can cause sudden thinking or death.It is advisable to use precaution when ingredgence is used simultaneously as a strong CYP2D6 inhibitor (for example, bupropion, fluoxetine, fluoxetine, fluoxetine, fluoxetine, fluoxetine, fluoxetine, fluoxetine, fluoxetine, fluoxetine, fluoxetine, fluoxetine, fluoxetine,Quinidine or terbinafin) or inhibitor of CYP3A4 (such as clarithromycin, erythromycin, diltric, itraconazole, ketoconazole, ritonavir, verapamil or even grapefruit), because it may be necessary to reduce the dose.

If you are a person who can not easily break this medication, also known as a deficient Metabolizer CYP2D6, your doctor can reduce your dose.

It is better to avoid using ingesting if you have a congenital long QT syndrome or arrhythmias associated with a prolonged QT interval.If you are at risk of a prolonged QT interval, your doctor will have to perform an electrocardiogram of (ECG) before increasing your dose.

Other VMAT2 inhibitors

As of 2021, in addition to IngResza, two other VMAT2 inhibitors have Available in the United States: Xenazine (tetrabenazine) and Aushedo (deutetemabenazine).Xenazine is indicated for the treatment of Huntington’s disease and has the use of Ousted to treat Ostens and TD.

Two randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled tests, Kinect 2 calls And Kinect 3, Provided data on the safety and effectiveness of ingesting.Unlike previous VMAT inhibitors, Ingrazza showed efficiency with limited profile side effects.


For tardive dyskinesia, the initial dose is 40 mg once a day in the mouth, and a week later, the doctor can increase it at 80 mg once a day.Based on the response and tolerance, patients may continue taking a dose of 40 or 60 mg once a day.

The product is available in three strengths: 40 mg, 60 mg and 80 mg.The medication does not need to be adjusted, even if you have problems with kidneys. However, if you have severe liver problems, your maximum dose will be 40 mg per day, since the drug is divided by the liver.

When calling your doctor

in case of overdose, call the dill of the poison control at 1-800-222-1222 or review your site for more information.If your favorite person is in critical condition, for example, if it collapsed, they had a grip, having problems with breathing or can not be awakened, call 911.

How to take and store

This medication can be taken once a day With eating or without food, as indicated in your doctor.To maximize its advantages and improve the observance of drugs, take it at the same time every day. If you missed the dose, take it immediately when you remember.If this is the next planned dose, take only a dose of the dose and do not bend, as it will experience more side effects.

Tell your doctor if your condition does not become better, or worsen.Your doctor may start the low dose and gradually increase your dose to reduce the risk of side effects.

This medication should be stored in the original and closed container well.It is better to store it at room temperature and in a place that reminds you to take medications daily. It should keep it away from excess heat and humidity, for example, in the bathroom.

From the point of view of the elimination of unnecessary drugs, speak with your pharmacist or discard it in one of the administrations on the application of the Drug Law (DEA).Since many of the containers are not resistant to child care, it is recommended to keep them in a safe place (the one that appears and leaves the view) to ensure that pets, children and other people can not consume them.

Many stations of the police station also blocked the fall of boxes that people can reduce non-used, damaged or expired medications and not for needles. Tauna also provides this service.

FDA The FDA Secure Removal Medicans Web Site or DEAS The National Reception Website, the recycling website contains additional information about your disposition If you do not have access to the program for return.

Side Effects

Ingroxza can cause side effects. The most common side effects: Somnolence, fatigue and sedation.Other less common side effects include abnormal march, anxiety, anxiety, insomnia, vomiting and weight gain.

ingesting has some rare, but serious side effects that may require extremely medicinal treatment, such as urticaria, skin rash, swelling of the face, lips or mouth, or fast heartbeat or irregular.There is an unusual problem, taking this medication.


INGRESZA has many medications, so it is important that you inform your doctor and pharmacist that Other prescribed and impractical preparations, vitamins, food additives and herbal products,That you accept or plan to take.

Some medications will affect the dose of ingrow, such as carbamazepine (anti-political medication), phenytoin (anti-Other medications), clarithromycin, digoxin (serdic drug), fluoxetine, irrazole, ketoconazole, paroxetine, quinidine and rifamphood (antibiotic).

If you are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors, such as isocarbazazarbaziness, FeneCarbozazazazide, Fenelazin, Selegilin and TrannylsipRomin for the treatment of your depression, panic disorders or alarm disorder, your doctor will not start in ingery.Medications can lead to increased risk of toxicity and adverse reactions, including serotonin syndrome. The 911 call immediately, if you experience these symptoms by taking these symptoms drinking ingestion with another moai.

If you take herbal products, especially the John variety, your doctor must change the dose from the moment of ST. John will reduce the level of ingrows in his body.In general, if you start new medications, talk to your doctor and pharmacist, so you can provide you with your expert leadership that gives you the best help.

Frequently asked questions

Can I fill my ingrapet at any pharmacy?

No, it is available in the Special Pharmacy Elections,As it can be done with your insurance company for a recipe for more information on where to complete the medication.

How much is Isgrezza?

It depends on your dose and your recipe insurance benefits.The average proposal of one month for most patients of 30 capsules can vary from 7,107.84 to $ 8,685 by 80 mg.

Is there any medicine help program ?

Neurocrocrene offers a patient’s help program.You can visit your website or call 1-844-647-3992 for more information. Your doctor should provide you with a valid prescription, and you must provide a test of home income for qualifications.

Can I stop ingest if I can not tolerate side effects?

Communicate with your doctor before stopping the medication, since the sudden termination of the medication can make your symptoms worse.You can consult your pharmacist or a doctor about side effects, and can help you manage your symptoms.

My friend or relative has a snic dyskinesian.Can I share my Ignitzomi with my friend or be dear?

You do not have to share your medications with anyone for several reasons.First, your insurance will only pay for a certain amount of medications each month, so it does not have enough if you share the second, the function of each liver and the severity of your state may be different. They may require another dose.Also, he wants the medical worker to be seen before making medications.

If I have to go to the hospital, should I drink ingestion with me to the hospital?

Since the medication is expensive and is available only in certain pharmacies, bring your domestic medication to the hospital or other objects if they do not take it.You can take several days ask for a medication and manage it in the hospital. When you go home from the hospital, be sure to ask the nurse to return the medications on the day of the tall, otherwise, will destroy it within the month of your category

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