Inhaled corticosteroids as asthma treatment options.


The inhabited corticosteroids (IC), also known as inhaled steroids,They are the most powerful medications against the inflammatory controllers currently available to control asthma and are used to reduce the frequency and severity of asthma. Symptoms.They are the current basis of treatment after a person with asthma needs a higher level of attention than an inhaler of life (armored vehicle).

Inhaled corticosteroids help prevent chronic asthma symptoms, such as:

you and your doctor may have in inhaled corticosteroids,If one of the following is applied: / P>

  • You use -Gonist rescue procedures, such as Albuterol, more than two days a week.
  • has symptoms of asthma more than twice a week.
  • you correspond to certain criteria for spirometry.
  • Your asthma avoids your daily activities.
  • you need oral steroids two or more times last year.



Generally inhaled corticosteroids or combined medications,They contain an inclusion of steroids. The following can be better for you depends on several factors, including the severity of your asthma and your overall health.

    Alentiir (Fluticosone * / LI>

  • Alvesko, Omnaris,Zetonna (cickesonide)
  • Ernuity ellipta (flouate flouate)
  • Asmanx (Mometasona)
  • Azmacort (triamcinolone)
  • Dulera (Mometasone * / Formeterol)
  • Flovent, HFA Flovent (Fluticasona)
  • pulmicort,Rhinocort (Budesonide)
  • QNASL,Qvar (beclometsone)
  • symbicort

* Indicates the corticosteroid component

these medications can be delivered through Three different devices:

  • Dose dose inhalers (MDI): consist of an islapping container that contains a medication that fits into a plastic nozzle; The propeller sprayer helps manage medications in the lungs.The chlorofluorcarbon (CFC) were used as a propeller until 2008, when the FDA banned them due to environmental problems. They were replaced by wineooftofoaloalkanes (HFA), which remain in use today. / Li>
  • Dry powder inhalers (DPIS): No propellant is involved . Instead, the medication is in the form of a dry powder, which frees, breathing in a deep and fast breathing.
  • Nebulizer: Membulaters move during liquid medication in four. They come to electrical or battery versions with nozzle or mask.

How to work

Inhaled corticosteroids prevent the symptoms of asthma by reducing inflammation in bronchial tubes or respiratory tracts that carry oxygen to the lungs.In addition, they reduce the amount of mucus created by bronchial tubes.This is achieved by blocking the final immune response to allergen, reducing the hyperspressing of the respiratory tract and inflammation and inhibitory inflammatory cells, such as masts, eosinophils and basophils .


Inhalation corticosteroids are used for the long-term treatment of asthma in people of all ages who require daily management.They are effective in preventing AthMataztac, but requires daily use in regular doses to be effective.

Until now, not all patients react similarly to corticosteroids, they found themselves to improve the amount of important asthma results,as:

Side effects

For excess that inhaled corticosteroids act locally in the respirator, the muscular amounts of medicine enter the rest of the body.Consequently, the risk of a potentially serious side affecting the special attention of people receiving systemic steroid drugs is significantly lower.

In general, the risks associated with an inhaled corticosteroid, very low, but there is one thing you can do to soften them.

Local side effects

Milk (oral candidiasis) one of the most common side effects of ICS, which affects a third of patients.Almost always always occurs as a result of the delivery of ICS on the side of the mouth and throat, which makes the correct administrative team very important.

lower dose with a spacer (chamber inserted between the inhaler and sumouth), and the mouth is properly mounted after inhalation, all help reduce the risk of crusher.TORDO can also be treated with relevant or oral antifungal, such as nastatin.

Other local side effects may include:

  • Dysphonia: Inhaled steroids can affect your voice, a phenomenon known as a dispersion that affects 5% to 58% of medications that take medications. This can be avoided with a gasket and processed, reducing the dose of ICS temporarily and giving your voice ligaments.
  • Reflex cough and bronchospasm: These side effects can be prevented using the spacer and inhaling slower. If necessary, preprocessing with a rescue inhaler can prevent these symptoms.


Although rarity, a series of systemic effects can occur (body ) With inhaled corticosteroids. As a general rule, there is a higher risk with higher doses.Potential side effects include: / P>

  • Poor height: while that children’s poor growth can arise as a result of the inhalation of the use of corticosteroids,Mally controlled asthma can also be the cause. In general, low and medium doses of ICS are potentially linked to a small, non-progressive, but reversible decline in the growth of children.As a result, you and the care provider for your child’s asthma should not only carefully control growth, but try to use the lowest dose of medications you get a good control over your child’s condition.It must weigh the possible advantages of good asthma control with a small, but real possible secondary effect of slow growth.
  • osteoporosis: The low doses of ICS do not affect the density of the bones, but there are more effects, since the doses are increasing.If you have risk factors for osteoporosis or already have a low bone density, you may want to consider taking calcium and vitamin D additives or bone protection, such as bifosphonate (available in recipe ;The names of the brands include Boniva and Fosamax).
  • Lightweight Bruises: Amplifiers and thin thinning can occur in Patients using inhaled corticosteroids.The effect, depends on the dose, so that the reduction of the dose can be useful.
  • Falls and Glaucoma: The low and medium doses of ICS were not associated with Falls in children, but the cumulative , the effect of life associated with the greatest risk of cataracts was observed in adults.Only patients with a family history glaucoma have an increased risk of glaucoma using ICS.As a result, patients in these medications must have ocular periodic examinations, especially if they take high doses or have a family history of elevated eye pressure.

Word Get Information Meds

With inhaled corticosteroids, asthma control is more effectively improved than any other agent used as a processing, it is important to consider,That these drug addicts exempt the attack of asthma already in progress. The rescue inhaler is still needed for these situations.

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