Inhaled steroids for asthma options


inhaled corticosteroids , also known as inhaled steroids , are drugs used for long term control of asthma .Generally , they preferred to treat people with asthma who need more rescue inhaler has to offer .

inhaled steroids to help prevent asthma symptoms of the while including wheezing , shortness of breath , coughing and chest tightness. These inhalers are not effective for the treatment of an acute asthma attack .Instead , they must be used daily symptoms or asthma control for a long time .

When used as prescribed ,inhaled steroids may be :

  • to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks ( exacerbations )
  • need reducing inhaler rescue
  • Improved pulmonary function
  • airwayreactivity
  • Steroid Prevention of asthma related visits to the emergency room ,hospitalization and death
  • Improved quality of life

    Your doctor may recommend inhaled to treat if elcualquiera of these factors apply :

    • You need agonist inhaler (eg , albuterol ) for more than two days a week .
    • Symptoms of asthma occurs more than twice a week .
    • Asthma interferes with daily activities .
    • You need oral steroid (eg , prednisone ) more than once in the past year .

      The types of inhaled steroids

      physicians prescribe steroids to the defactores individual basis such as the severity of asthma andgeneral health :

      Some steroid inhalants containing only a corticosteroid , such as:

      Others contain a steroid plus beta long plazoagonistas ( BCH ) , type bronchodilator which is effective for 12 hours.Izvestnaya as combination therapy , these inhalers typically prescribed for persons with symptoms of poorly controlled asthma.

      The total misunderstanding

      corticosteroid drugs are sometimes confused with potentially dangerous anabolic steroids used by some athletes , but they are very different drugs.When prescribed and taken in accordance with the instructions , corticosteroids are very safe .

      As work inhaled steroids

      asthma is essentially an immune response system hyperactive to something in the environment .

      you contact a trigger for asthma ( allergen such as pet dander , smoke, etc. ) , versions of the system that cause inflammation in your (airways ) .This them It reduces and makes it difficult to breathe.

      inhaled corticosteroids reduce this inflammation. They also reduce the amount of mucus in the bronchi. As a result , the airway clear and open , allowing normal breathing .

      corticosteroids to reduce inflammation in several ways VO First, get the immune system to stop the attack .

      Levels breeding hormones

      In asthma , the airways inflammation can become chronic . level every day under that during the asthma attack , but the constant state of inflammation is that a lot of response is needed to challenge his breath.

      Your body hormones that regulate the immune response and inflammation , as well as steroids are synthetic versions of these hormones .When taking a corticosteroid , your body detects high levels of the hormone and stops producing ‘ , effectively taking the foot of the accelerator pedal .

      Blocking allergy response

      Another important factor allergies , which often occurs in people asthma and are also caused by the immune system hyper – sensitive .

      Steroids blocked late phase immune to allergens that reduces inflammation reaction , reduces excessive bronchial responsiveness , and block inflammatory cells in the immune system .

      Excess mucus associated with asthma comes directly from the bronchial tubes as part of the inflammatory response , thus reducing inflammation may help reduce mucus also .

      This inflammatory response is essential to achieve long term control of asthma .

      Effects of the combination of components

      agonists , which are both long and short term inhalers , asthma through relaxation of smooth muscles airway . Anticholinergics , also used in inhalers long term , blocks the action of neurotransmitters associated with bronchial spasms and constriction .

      Selection inhaler corticosteroids

      inhaled steroids are available in three different types of devices :

      • dose (MDI ) : strong>Small container soderzhitlekarstva pressurized and an aerosol propellant . Pressing down the package and the propellant drug delivery through the plastic nozzle in the lungs . Examples include Asmanex HFA , Flovent HFA and Alvesco .
      • DPIs ( DPI ) : device may be similar to the MDI or be oval or disc , but does not contain propelente.La preparation is a dry powder to let go take a deep and rapid breathing.spi indicated for the treatment of asthma include Flovent Diskus the Pulmicort Flexihaler , Qvar RediHaler and Asmanex Twisthaler
      • Pulverization : . Nebulizers convert liquid medicine into a mist that is inhaled .They enter electric or battery versionswith management mouthpiece or mask eithera .

        choosing an inhaler , oneof the main reasons many of the drug leaving the nebulizer is actually deposited in the air passages lungs.In general , as a rule , IPN to provide a more active drug MDI This does not necessarily mean that the therapeutic effects of MDI are less than the interface Username . they do not exist .This can only be a problem if you are using a separator.

        Here, DPI as Qvar RediHaler , which provides 50 % of the active drug in the lungs , it may be less affected by the separator in the MDI as Asmanex HFA , which provides only 11 % .

        For comparison , sometimes nebulizers may offer results that are superior to any type of inhaler . However, its use is limited by the fact that the machine is expensive and not portable .

        In addition , some corticosteroids , including Alvesco and Asmanex can not be delivered by a nebulizer .However , sprayers can be the best choice for children , people who can not work comfortably or safely inhalers , and those who need large doses.

        Dosage and Usage

        inhaled corticosteroid dose varies widely depending on the particular drug , the age and the severity of symptoms of asthma .

        People with asthma who use inhaled steroids symptoms normally controls were instructed to take one to two inhalations one or daysometimes twice.

        However, the updated guidelines for treating asthma,published in December 2020 the National Institutes of Health reported that for some people with mild to moderate persistenteel daily use of an inhaler may not be necessary If you use an inhaler control asthma every day,talk to your doctor about how new guidelines could affect treatment .

        It is important to follow the directions exactly like you just space should be for the treatment is effective dose .Also, take more medication than prescribed can cause unpleasant side effects you have . Duration

        This is worth repeating : the long-term medication for not daily use inhalers rescue, which he used to finish the asthma attack.Inhaled corticosteroids are used regularly, most likely, for many years .

        Ask your doctor before you stop the medication for any reason.

        Side effects

        generally speaking , inhaled corticosteroids have a relatively low risk of side effects, particularly when compared with oral corticosteroids .The most common of these affects less than 5% of people who use them.

        Some side effects arise when drugs and / or propellant contacts the tissue in the mouth and throat .Another system , ie derived from drugs circulating through the body.

        mouth and throat

        This is a common side effects of oral corticosteroids are often easier to control , or even completely eliminated.

        • yeast infection ( candidiasis ) : This fungal infection the mouth can be prevented by a spacer ,rinse your mouth after usoo by using a lower dose (OK with a provider of health care ) .Molochnitsa can be treated with antifungal drugs

        • hoarseness / dysphonia .The possible effects on the voice can be prevented by using a spacer or a temporary dose reduction to give the vocal cords a chance to rest .
        • cough reflex and bronchospasm : The use of a spacer or inhalation can slowly help to prevent it. If you are experiencing an attack , using a rescue inhaler can also reduce the risk first .


          systemic side effects are possible but rarely inhaled steroids . The risk is generally higher than the highest dose .

          Poor growth is a challenge for children with asthma who use inhaled kortikosteroidy.Kogda growth deteriorates , typically is less than half a pulgada.Aunque it is worth noting this is especially rare in normal doses.Children who come from the drug usually get a day at altitude.

          Talk to your pediatrician if you have concerns about your child’s growth .It is also important to note , however, that poorly controlled asthma can also have a negative effect on growth

          Other systemic side effects may include : .

          Again , they are less common in typical doses .If you already have a high risk for any of these things , worried about them , or suspect that you are experiencing one , talk to your doctor .

          severe systemic symptoms can occur when the daily dose is high1,000 to 1.500 micrograms ( mcg ) to dayincreasing risk of side effects mentioned above ,Plus :

          • Weight gain

          • Insomnia
          • Mood swings
          • skin thinning

    • ul>

      most fall under this threshold.In comparative terms ,High doses of corticosteroid without spacer is defined as :

      • Alvesco : 320 ug / day
      • Asmanex : 440 ug / day
      • Pulmicort Flexihaler : 400 ug day
      • day
      • Flovent Diskus 440 mcg / day
      • Qvar RediHaler : 672mkg/ Day Pregnancy and breastfeeding

        Show Estudioscorticosteroides Inhaled not increase the risk of defects birth and are safe for use in low doses during pregnancy.

        general medical care provider , is that the amount of inhaled steroids is excreted in breast milk is probably too small to have kakoe-no effect on the infant , so also is considered to be safe for use of these drugs when breastfeeding.

        Your doctor may recommend one another preparation based on the level

        the word of the MEDS Learn

        you have a lot of factors when choosing the right corticosteroidfor suAlgunos of them they may be based on known differences between the drugs ; others may be based on personal preference or other considerations ( eg health coverage and assistance programs available patient ) .

        The right of the inhaler is the one that works for you .It is often necessary to try some to see how they work, or if you experience any side effects.

        While your first instinct may be to choose the latter drug , remember the new is not always better .opt for a drug that controls your symptoms with low doses and fewer side effects.

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