Intestinal test syndrome: symptoms, causes, diagnosis and


‘The stage of intestinal syndrome is a gastrointestinal contradictorio intestinal condition that some suggested contribute to a series of problems with the health of the whole body, such as an irritable intestine syndrome ,Skin rashes, Chronic fatigue syndrome and mood disorders.

The term ‘Intestinal Leech Syndrome’ It is usually used by alternative medicine practices.However, doctors and other health care providers sometimes use the ‘intestinal leakage’ phrase to explain the highest permeability of the intestine (intestinal hyperpromabonibility).

The cause of intestinal hyperpromabomability is not clear, but sometimes people have certain states, such as an inflammatory intestine or .

‘Fugitive intestine’ of intestinal hyperminomy and ‘intestinal leak syndrome’ has some related people, but the latter is not recognized as a legal medical diagnosis.

Medical or other health care provider using the term ‘intestinal leakage’ to explain intestinal hyperproduction, should not be confused with an alternative professional,Using the term ‘Leech Kishev Syndrome’ as the main reason for a general symptom.

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Alternative and medicine Additional practitioners often use the term’Intestinal leakage’ to explain useful and systemic symptoms (solid).

Symptoms may be present from childhood or start in aduling.In general, they are described as oscillation and can influence the diet, stress, level of inflammation, infection or surrounding toxins.

In addition to the gastrointestinal symptoms (eg, abdominal discomfort, pain, gas , stomach disorder, constipation, swelling, diarrhea), symptoms outside the digestive tract were also attributed to the ‘ Intestinal syndrome,’Including:

  • allergic and autoimmune reactions, , like asthma, skin counters and swelling / Li>
  • Articulation and muscle problems , such as chronic pain or muscle pain,Chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia
  • Non-vichiatric conditions , including problems of Memory, DROPS Mood and Campaign
  • Skin conditions ,As psne and psoriasis
  • Infections , such as frequent respiratory infections, Vaginal infections , Bladder infection appealing / Li>

Supporters of the value of the leak syndrome, clarify that A person with a condition can upload some, but not necessarily everything, from these symptoms.


One of the main contradictions surrounding ‘Intestinal Leech syndrome ‘, Is the proposed association with autism.Although there is a study that is studied by a cerebral blind connection and autism, there is no final evidence that one of the intestines cause autism.

Medical organizations, such as the American Medical Association (AMA),Do not feel the association scientifically proposed in a scientific manner and does not support the use of any unconfirmed procedure (even for the ‘intestinal leak’) in people with autism.


Many of the proposed theories for ‘intestinal leak syndrome’ are similar to those that explain the greatest permeability in the intestine;Both seem to include intestinal absorption and inflammation.

The study showed that the intestine can be hypersmore, but it is not enough evidence of the support of the theory that the presence of a weak intestinal barrier can lead to specific symptoms or health states.

Unstable connection

Nutrients are usually Absorbed body through capillaries (tiny blood vessels) throughout the digestive system.The gastrointestinal tract is lined with cells that are attached to narrow connections.

In the correct operation of the connection, the materials are freely admitted flowing freely from the intestines to the bloodstream.

It was proposed that recharge bacterial and other factors may interfere with the structure and function of dense connections in the intestine.

Inflammatory response

With an increase of Intestinal permeability was proposed that molecular substances come from the digestive tract in the body and cause an inflammatory response. / P>

In the same way, supporters of ‘drying leak syndrome’ believe that if bacteria , toxins and other leaks of intestine material in the bloodstream,The effect is systemic and can manage the development of special health states.

also proposed that certain risk factors affect ‘Leech Kishev’ syndrome ‘,Including:

  • Gi infection
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
  • Intestinal imbalance ( Instal insbbrailant )
  • Diet, Deficiencies,Poor intestinal health
  • medications
  • alcohol
  • environment

Of course, infections cause inflammatory intestinal infections or diseases of an increase in intestinal permeability,Or if the increase in permeability in the intestine makes someone more prone to these conditions.


Symptoms, often assigned to ‘intestinal leak syndrome’, are common in other medical conditions, so your health care provider wants to test,To eliminate these reasons.

Diagnostic tests are guided by the symptoms you have, your medical history, as well as what your medical workers notifications do a physical examination.

For example, if you have an edema or joint pain, your health care provider may order blood tests to look for inflammation . If you have pain in your stomach, you may need a visualization test, such as ultrasound.

If you have intestinal hyperproduction, your health care provider can use the term ‘intestinal leaks’ to help you explain it. However, this does not mean that they are diagnosed with the ‘intestinal leak syndrome’.’

Most medical workers do not consider that’ intestinal leak syndrome ‘is a valid clinical diagnosis. However, practicing alternative medicine may be more likely to use the term ‘GTA syndrome’ to explain your symptoms.

Urine test

The Urine test To help diagnose the increase in permeability however, the intestine is not considered constantly reliable.

For the test, take a solution that contains the ‘typically manitol and lactulose molecule probe. The urine samples are performed at certain intervals, and the proportion of lactulose and mannitol is calculated.

It was proposed that the presence of high levels of both molecules indicate greater intestinal permeability.

The establishment of diagnostic criteria for ‘intestinal syndrome leakage’ remains contradictory, has a diagnosis of the State itself.Alternative practices can diagnose if human symptoms are improved with changes in the diet or probiotic additives.


The main way to solve the symptoms associated with the ‘Intestinal Leak Synthesis’ makes changes in your diet.These dietary strategies are aimed at to change the intestinal bacteria , often with probiotics . Anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics were also proposed.


Dietary approaches for testing of intestinal test syndrome vary.Some focus on the use of fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce inflammation, while others limit complete food groups.

People diagnosed with celiac disease, generally need to stay at the gluten-free diet to control the symptoms. of the state.While some people with celiac disease may have an ‘intestinal leak’ as a result of intestinal inflammation, having an ‘intestinal leak, does not mean you need, or the gluten and wheat should be avoided.


Probiotic additives can help to balance bacteria in the intestines. Probiotics are also found in many foods, such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi and other letters .

Companies can sell supplements or products that claim to be treated or cured The ‘intestinal syndrome’ or correct the imbalance of intestinal bacteria directly for consumers through the postal orderor Internet stores.

You must be careful of any product that makes such claims. There is no research in support of these complaints, and these products are not regulated.Health care providers and medical organizations issued warnings on the safety of products aimed at the treatment of ‘GTA syndrome’.’

Anti-inflammatory preparations, steroids, as well as antibiotics were investigated as possible procedures for intestinal hygiene, but there is no final method to treat or cure a state.

Similarly, they have not been shown that these methods solve a broader concept of ‘intestinal leaks’.For example, in a small study, it was shown that in a small study, the medication is called Lubiprostone (which was approved for the treatment of constipation) to reduce the Telectic MONONRATE in the urine of the participants.However, this did not change its symptoms.

Word Get Meds information

Study, with respect to ‘intestinal leak syndrome’ is scarce and contradictory.While the practice of alternative medicines often attributes a series of symptoms to a State, it is not considered a clinical diagnosis of the medical community.

‘Intestine of leaks’ is sometimes used to explain the permeability to the increase of the intestine, the phenomenon, which may exist in inflammatory intestinal conditions or celiac disease.

However, this is not what is understood under the ‘intestinal leak syndrome’, which is the term is used mainly in alternative and additional medicine.

If you have digestive symptoms, talk with your medical care.The symptoms attributed to the ‘leakage of intestinity’ can have many reasons. Your healthcare provider can perform tests to call them rule, and recommend how to manage your symptoms, including changes in diet or medications.

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