Intralctic spaces and medicinal pumps.


also known as the Subarachnoid space, the IntraSkosoy space is an area full of liquids located between the interior coating layer (PIA MATTER) of the spinal cord and the coating of the layer Central (Arachnoid material).


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Implanted intravenous delivery preparations (IDDSS)

SPOXES INTRATECALS CUSTOWServe as a route of administration for medications used in implanted pain. For example, implanted drug pumps , also known as pain pumps or a morphine pump, can use this route.

Distribution of analgesics in the intactical space instead of accepting a tablet that cancels the need for a body to digest and absorb the medication on the gastrointestinal tract.This usually leads to a more powerful pain control with smaller doses.For this reason, the injection of an anesthetic drug in the intrathec space can provide a much greater pain for pain than other methods of treatment for people with strong and tireless pain.

It is also a non-permanent solution for chronic challenging pain. For our words, if you try and you do not like it, or if you decide to take another approach to treatment, you do not need to continue, the pump can be removed surgically.

The doctor of his pain may assume that he takes into account the internal drug administration system implanted if he has a heavy, long-term treatment, despite treatment with non-invasive or non-surgical methods.

Many medications used in intracocarbon dose pumps should be aggravated especially for this use.

Risks of medicinal pumps

Although the pump that provides medications in the intact space can help reduce pain, this procedure comes with several risks.Infection, leaks for spinal fluid, headaches and malfunctioning the device are one of the main risks of the presence of an intracocopal preparation for pain control.

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