Intramuscular injections of progesterone in oil.


As part of the in vitro fertilization process, you can come daily progesterone .Not all reproductive endocrinology or fertility practices use this form of progesterone, and, in those cases, in that same Provermay has a vaginal progesterone insertion.

If your health care provider requires progesterone through an injection, you must do in intramuscular injections , a process that for some women can be difficult and tedious.

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The purpose of the injection

Before starting work,It is important to understand why it takes this medicine. Primary pregnancy hormone of Progesteroneis, as well as daily injections help your body prepare for pregnancy.

Knowledge that it can help your chances of success can make a discomfort a little easier to carry. And remember that it is only temporary.

It is important to warn your health care provider to any allergies to the food you may have. Progesterone is usually aggravated in sesame.If you have any allergies to peanuts or sesame, make sure you mention your health care provider so you can register progesterone in olive oil.

Performing injection

If you are currently taking progesterone injections, and it is difficult, the following tips can help simplify the process.

Keep the oil in a warm place, and not in the refrigerator. The oil can be overlapped when it is in a cold half that can be complicated or entered more.

Before turning on, change the needle after applying medications in the syringe.The careful needle that does not fall after passing through the rubber tube from above the vial, actually makes the injection less painful.

As soon as you have chosen an injection site for intramuscular injections , you are likely to be your buttocks, hand or hip ice to place the skin before cleaning it with alcohol.

Do not forget to turn the injection Sites . None enter your medications in the same place repeatedly. You can increase your chances of damage to fabrics.

Make sure you have truck your muscles before choosing the site.Sometimes, progesterone in oil can accumulate in your muscle, causing ganglia or small blows. The increase should not go to one of these shots and should be about an inch. In addition to causing pain, the introduction of progesterone will not be absorbed.

If you find that it is difficult to enter, ask a friend, a family member or a partner to help. If this is not an option, call your health care office and make the textbook.

After the injection

As soon as you enter, use the heat pad or heating to heat the injection site.Since progesterone is contained in oil, it can take some time for progesterone to be absorbed in your muscles. The heat will heat up and the slim oil, helps increase absorption.

You must also massage the area after the end of the injection. Stress your muscle can also help absorb progesterone.

Always a monitor for any side effects and report on anything about your health care provider.

If you really have difficulty finding daily injections or notifying any side effects, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about the transition to the alternative form of progesterone.Most health care providers are ready to discuss other options.

Frequently asked questions

  • Intramuscular progesterone injections (sold under the trademark and others) have different uses:

  • The intramuscular oil of progesterone is delivered by injection into the large muscle, as a general rule, buttocks. This is usually introduced independently.When used for IVF, daily injections start three to five days before the transfer of the planned embryo and continue until the 9th week of pregnancy.

  • General side effects of Progesterone intramuscular injections include:

  • In addition to intramuscular injections,There are several methods of delivery progesterone for FIV:

    • crinone (vaginal gel)
    • Cickest and Milprosa (vaginal passage)
    • prolutex (subcutaneous injection)
    • Uttergestan (oralapsules)

  • Intramuscular progesterone seems to work, as well as for FIV as other forms of progesterone. There are advantages and disadvantages. Talk to your doctor.

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