Is it safe to accept the Fosamax for the treatment of osteoporosis?


If you have osteoporosis (weak bones, fragile), you may have listened to some negative stories about the osteoporosis of the Fosamax medication.Perhaps, for example, he heard that he does not build a high quality bone that there is a risk of demineralization of the jaw, and that it is more detrimental to accept it.This is a subject of contradiction, so read more to learn more about the fact that scientists know so far on preparation and their side effects.

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What is Fosamaks?

Together with Actonel (Risedonate) and Boniva (IBAndronate),Fosamax (Alandunat) belongs to the class of medications , which are called bisphosphonates. They are the most common preparations for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.These medications work, avoiding the destruction of bones and increasing bone density. They also reduce the risk of spinal fractures and hips.

Health Risks

Fosamax use health risks for a long period of time are not fully clear.There were reports that some people who accept food food developed a serious condition called osteonesis of jaws, a condition in which the bone tissue in the jaw dies, causing pain and a possible disintegration of the jaw.

When the reports began arriving, he created a lot of beeps on the Internet, and it sounds terrifying. However, the condition is unusually in general. The risk is much more significant.People with the type associated with bone, which received food food intravenously (through Vienna.) Some health providers are concerned that over time, Fosamax can make the bone even more crustered, but it has not been shown.

In summary, it is not yet known if it is advisable to receive a medication for good or take periodic drug interruptions.Since the medication is a long half-life, the effects of the drug can last in your body for a long time after stopping accepting it.

Future research, I hope, will help medical professionals to dismantle the answers.Meanwhile, it is important to discuss all the pros and cons of Fosamax with your health care provider to find out what is best for you.

How to continue

Creation of complex health care solutions that can affect your well-being is not easy, so take the following steps to help teach and protect yourself.

  • > Read about osteoporosis. Find out everything I can about the condition.The National Foundation of Osteoporosis provides excellent information for consumers about the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, including safety advice on how to prevent fractures.
  • Consider the additives. It is important that it receives a sufficient amount of calcium and vitamin D, as well as any medication you are taking. Ask your health care provider, whether additives or diet adjustment (or both) would be useful.
  • Learn about other treatment options. Learn more about other treatment options, in addition to the class of medications, which include Fosamax. You must discuss this with your Privacy Medical Care Provider.
  • Meet the side effects of Phosamax. If your health care provider tells you to stay at Fosamax, make sure you learn about products side effects .Although the possibilities of developing any problem with your jaw are small, you must know this possible complication and immediately allow your medical care if you have edema or jaw pain.

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