Istum thyroid nodules and risk of cancer


issthmus is a bridge of fabrics that connect two lobes of the thyroid gland, located on both sides of the wind of the wind on the front of the neck.A total of 2 to 9% of thyroid cancer is located in Istmus, but the crabs in this area are more often distributed outside the thyroid gland than the cancer found in other parts of the thyroid gland.

The thyroid assembly is a computer that is on or on the thyroid gland. Consciousness is detected at approximately 6% of women and 1% 2% of men. / P>

When the node is detected in the thyroid gland, health care providers should take into account the Possibility of cancer (malignant). In 95% of the thyroid cases, the thyroid gland is benign (inappropriate).

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What is the thyroid gland?

The thyroid gland is in front of the bottomFrom the neck. The iron is formed like a butterfly, with ‘wings’ or actions located on each side of the wind of the wind. These actions are connected by the fabric bridge, known as the location, which extends over the entire branch.

The thyroid gland makes hormones traveling in blood to tissues throughout the body.

hormones made by the body of the thyroid gland produces energy, stay warm and keep the organs vital as a heart and is configured correctly.

Thyroid cancer

The risk of cancer may vary on the basis of whether the nodules are detected in the areas of ISTE or lobs (wings) of the thyroid gland.

Recent studies found that the nodules in the thyroid gland occur an increased risk of malignancy than the assembly node. The nodules at the bottom of the lobes are considered at least the risk of cancer.

The risk of cancer of the thyroid unit is low. The malignant nodules occur around 5% of all the nodules. / P>