IT2 Cancer of positive and negative breast: aggressiveness


Human growth receptor 2 (HER2) proteins are on the surface of the breast cells and participate in the normal growth of cells.Too much, the HER2 protein, however, can cause a type of breast cancer to grow and spread it. Equip-positive breast cancer has abnormally high levels of receptors, while NHELT negative HER2 breast cancers.

There are several differences between HER2 positive and their negative breast cancers, including tumor risk factors, its biology and its expected aggressiveness.The State of HER2, as well as the state of a tumor hormone and other factors, helps determine the forecast and options for the treatment of breast cancer.

her2-Positive breast cancer is 30% of all black breast cancer

Why the receiver status is important

The Breast cancer is not the only disease,And researchers now have the ability to destroy breast cancer in different subtypes based on the state of the tumor receptor.Among the variations between the different types of breast cancer are proteins on the cell surfaces that are involved in the growth of the tumor. Storm proteins are associated with genetic material from cancer cells.

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, using the breast estrogenocancer receiver positive, estrogen joins certain receptors in breast cancer cells,Stimulating proliferation. Similar way, HER2 receptors on the surface of breast cancer cells are stimulated by the HER2 protein, contributing to the growth and propagation of breast cancer.

It is important to take into account, however, that all the cell of the milk jaw are cancer and the recipients on their surface are nocturnal.The difference is that breast cancer cells in 2, positive breast cancer have 40 to 100 times more receptors than negative breast cancer cells or normal breast cells. In positive cases, the abundance of fuel receptors: cancer.

, knowing the status of the HER-2 receiver, your healthcare provider can carefully choose the best treatment to stop breast cancer on his tracks.Options that HER2 target receivers are unsuccessful if their status is different, exactly what you need if you are positive.

Breast cancer discussion guide

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How do you behave 2 positive cancers ?

HER2 positive tumors can behave in different ways in several ways.

Assessment of aggressiveness / tumor

Breast tumors are given a tumor diagnostic time Based on cells under the microscope.This issue describes the aggressiveness of the tumor, and 1, being the least aggressive and 3 more aggressive.

Positive tumors have an occultation of a tumor of three. These tumors tend to grow faster than low class tumors. Distribution to lymphatic nodes

HER2- It is likely that positive breast cancers are distributed to lymphatic nymph .Therefore, the diagnostic stage may also be greater than by its 2 negative tumors that can affect survival.

Risk of recurrence: Early and afternoon

The study showed that HER2 breast cancer positive (stage I and stage II) is in two or five times,Most likely, repetition is the repetition that negative tumors.EREDERITY small HER2 tumors positive (less than 1 centimeter, or half inches diameter) with negative lymph nodes have a much greater risk of recurrence against tumors, which are their negative 2.The treatment HERCETTY (trastuzumab) can reduce this risk twice.

ROCURANCEMAY The breast cancer pattern is also different.Small tumors are also more likely to have a metastatic recurrence (unlike local or regional recurrence) if they are 2 positive.

Even though your receiver tours is more likely2 positive receiver and estrogen are repeated early that the positive negative cancers receptor, late recurrences (for example, 10 years later or even lower on the road) are much less common.

With the positive breast cancer of the estrogen receiver, cancer is more likely to be repeated in five years than in the first five years , and the risk of recurrence is still stable every year at least 20 years after diagnosis.On the contrary, those who have positive tumors and reach their five-year brand, is much more likely to be ‘of clear’ and remain recurrent free.


HER2 – Positive Tumors More It is likely that the metastasis that negative tumors depend on the .It is believed that the risk of metastasis in general, especially the metastasis of the brain. . Brain metastasis. Your positive positive tumors tend to distribute the first during the disease to the axillary lymph nodes, lungs, liver, bone of the ovanous marrow and Kidney glands .

.The risk of the brain, the liver, <> bones and pulmonary metastases in their positive tumids also affect whether the tumor is also affected by the positive or negative estrogen receptor.

The risk of metastasis may also depend on the relevant factors. For example, the risk of liver metastases of breast cancer up with its 2 positive tumors, if people also smoke.

Of course, there are exceptions to these results, and it is important to keep in mind that each person and each cancer of Mom, unique.

Who is at risk?

All women have HER2 genes, whose code for HER2 proteins, which are involved in the growth of breast cells.When too many copies of the HER2 gene represent the application of the application of genetic material in a cell or mutation of the production of results of HER2.

Some people are very likely than others who have their 2 positive breast cancer.Two studies, studying lace and ways , studied the characteristics of people who, most likely, will be positive or negative She2.What they found was that:

  • women who have tumors with excessive expression of HER2 and that are a more likely estrogen receptor that negative aspects are younger,With less likelihood of use of hormone replacement therapy, and more likely, and Asian or Spanish.
  • HER2 Positive tumors do not seem to be associated with alcohol or smoking.And, unlike estrogen receptors, positive tumors, physical activity seems not to have a protective impact against the disease. Men with breast cancer less prone to women have their 2 positive tumors. . That invasive breast cancers who believe that some researchers are associated with the process of tumor development.
  • Some types of breast cancer may be less likely to be their 2 positives.For example, it is rare for the mucosa (colloidal) breast cancer , medullary carcinoma or tubular chest The HER2 status may vary depending on the genetic risk factors for breast cancer.For example, MRCA1 breast cancer is less likely to be its 2 positives.

Definition of your HER2 status

Biopsy of the breast is used to determine the state of HER2.Biopsy can be sent to laboratory tests with the immunohistochemical test.

The results of the immunohistochemistry test demonstrate various levels of positivity. For example, a tumor such as 0, 1+, 2+ or 3 + can be reported.Tumors with a higher number can be called such as having a superexpression .

According to the American Cancer Society,The results of the immunohistochemical tests should be considered as follows:

The effect of its positive in the survival rate of breast cancer, of course, is the main concern.Unfortunately, statistics can be deceived without taking into account other aspects of their diagnoses, including the stage of cancer during diagnoses, and if it is also an estrogen tumor and / or a positive receptor of progesterone.

is in mind, it can also be tested for progesterone and estrogen receptors. Negative triple breast cancers negative for HER2, estrogen and progesterone, and positive triple breast cancers are positive for all three.

Incorrect diagnosis

It is also important to mention the heterogeneity of the tumors; I.E., A part of the breast tumor may be your positive 2, and the other section is negative.The results you get will depend on which section of the tumor were tricious in biopsy.

iddiagin, in which the positive tumor A2 is diagnosed as negative, can lead to the absence of optimal therapy (purpose), is erroneously diagnosed as HER2 TRIE, if your Tumor of HER2 -Negative, can lead to the use of medications aimed at HER2, which can also be ineffective to you. (However, keep in mind that some of its 2 negative tumors responded to Hectina, which is the treatment used for its tumors 2 Positives.)


It is also important to know that the HER2 state can change. The tumor that is initially positive HER2, can become a negative HER2 if it is denied or applied.Similarly, a tumor, which initially negative HER2 can become its 2 positive if it is replanted. The HER2 state should always be repeated re-translate after the relapse.

Processing parameters

The treatment selection is significantly different for HER2 positive and its 2 breast cancer, both for early stage and metastatic (stage IV).

Tumors of the early stage

Before developing specific methods of therapy for your positive breast cancer, such as Herceptin response treatment for people with it 2-X Positive breast cancer was not as good for those who indicate negative diseases.

objective therapy for your positive breast cancer changed the prognosis, and now the results of the treatment are essentially the same as for its 2 negative tumors (although the tumors of 22 positive They tend to be more).These medications have changed the forecast for stage I to be stated from their 2-positive breast cancer of the poor to the good ones.

Herceptin reduces the risk of recurrence and improves the 10-year courses for those who take place with stage I to stage III of the disease.However, there is an increased risk of recurrence and metastasis with the HER2 positive state, and the survival rate is somewhat lower than for negative receivers, but estrogen receptors, positive tumors.

Cancer of HER2 Metastatic positive

There are also differences in the best procedures for HER2 -Esceps and treatment of a positive HER2 metastic tumor .As in the case of the tumors of the early stage, its therapies aimed at CER2 often improve survival, while anti-grain therapy is usually ineffective.These tumors can also respond differently to treatment, ranging from chemotherapy to immunotherapeutic drugs .

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While in general, the prognosis of your 2 positive tumors tends to be something poorer than for those who are the estrogenole receiver positive acceptance,But also the widespread acceptance of HER2 therapy is important in the amount of survival, as well as reducing the risk of recurrence.And with new newest procedures, who were approved in recent years, more and more people survive the Her2 positive breast cancers than ever.

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1 + Her2-Negative
2 + Embrobal (the subsequent observation with the fluorescence hybridization in situ is generally recommended.)