Know your needle huber for access to the port of chemotherapy.


Team of your pain with some cream cream

HABER needle should be used to access your chemotherapy port.Huber Shut Ticker Point will be less painful that a good, abnormally molds skin and pure silicone. This type of needle does not delete the kernel from the skin or silicone, so it will cut off your port, and your skin is gently cured when it is emitted the needle.

If you want to avoid the pain of the needle, use some ‘cream cream medications, they are often used for a gel for lidocaine or emla gel soon as your needle is in your port, Do not rock or turn, because it will damage the silicone partition.Since the palocaine gel, creams or patches can take 30 minutes more or less to be fully effective, It is important to talk With your nurse to your clinical infusions you can apply a patch,Cream or gel 30 minutes at 60 minutes to your destination so that your infusion starts immediately when it arrives. (Your oncologist can give you a recipe, but many of these products are available, as well as in the meter) .

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