Larting joint ripping and treatment.


Labrum is a type of cartilage that surrounds the ball connections. Labrum is both on the shoulder and in the hip joint. Labrum forms a ring around the edge of the bone rosette of the joint.It helps to guarantee a compound resistance, deepen a socket, but unlike bones, it also allows flexibility and movement.Blank injuries on the shoulder are much more common, and the treatment of laboratory injuries were investigated more carefully.Due to the recent development of arthroscopic methods to surgically control a hip joint, the recognition and awareness of reproduction tears increased.

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As a tear emerges in Caderalabr?

There are two common thighs of styling tears: tearsDegenerative and traumatic injuries.

The degenerative tear is a chronic trauma , which comes as a result of repeating the use and activity. Degenerative timing tears can be seen in the early stages of high arthritis .

Traumatic thighs The tear tear is usually an acute lesion as a result of sports lesions, autumn or accident. Terrés tears can be seen in the episodes of the dislocation of the dislocation of the hip or subluxation .Therefore, they are generally associated with sudden and crooked maneuvers that cause immediate pain in the thigh.


HIPS The labeles tear can be difficult to diagnose.Many of the symptoms of parents’ tears in labrari support are similar to the symptoms of groin deformation, links the hip syndrome , sports hernia u Other sports injuries of the hip articulation.Also, only because tears can be seen in Hip-Labirum in MRI, this does not mean that tear is necessarily the cause of pain.

Typical symptoms of the hip of the lipsticks include:

  • PAHO’s pain
  • Pressing and affection for oysters on hips
  • hip limitations

the supplierYour doctor can use specific exam tests to help ensure the cause of your hip pain. X-rays Thighs are usually normal, but should be verified to evaluate other possible causes of pain.MRI MRI is useful in the Labrum assessment, but it may not always be possible to show Labrum.The injection injection liquid on the hips of the joint during the RMA can help show the label tears much more clearly.

Many health providers will also use diagnostic injection to refine the location of the problem.To perform the diagnostic injection of the hip board, your health care provider will insert the needle into your hip connection while viewing the X-ray monitor to ensure that the needle is in the correct position.Then, the hip articulation is injected with local anesthesia. If the injection completely facilitates the symptoms of pain, it is likely that the cause of the problem was in the combination of the thigh.If the pain persists, the investigation of the cause of the problem should go to other possible diagnoses.


The hip processing of tillage tears is quickly developed quickly. Just a few years ago, this injury was rarely recognized.Now it becomes increasingly common when listening to the athletes who have their ‘thigh’ to make your handling of tears.

In general, the treatment of timbread tears generally begins with some simple steps.The typical treatment of the early thigh of the labrales includes rest.


Labrum Torn on the thigh can cause inflammation around the connection.Allowing inflammation to calm down can alleviate the symptoms of the labor pause gap and allow Arocca to be events.

Anti-inflammatory medications

Anti-inflammatory drugs can be useful for descending some inflammation in the joint.If inflammation disappears, symptoms can be resolved.


Physiotherapists can use several methods to improve the function of the thigh amplifying and balancing the muscles around the hip joint.

Cortisone injection

cortisone for injections is useful not only as the treatment of timplaces, but can also be performed simultaneously as a diagnostic injection.Work tear, the hip-arthroscopy procedure can be considered. At the time of hip arthroscopy, its surgeon places a small camera in a hip joint to see a labrador tear.Its surgeon can also evaluate the cartilage of the joints, important links and other structures.

Treatment Labralnoy tears generally consist of the release of the torn Labrum.In some more tears, in an accessible area of the joint, Labrum repair can be carried out. The recovery of hip arthroscopy depends on the degree of work that must be filled, generally lasts from 6 to 12 weeks.

Downnsides to hip arthroscopy

Hip-arthroscopy became very popular, but surgeons simply dance on this procedure and constantly process their methods.Although the cuts are small, there are potential complications of this procedure, which must be taken into account before treating a surgically labrador tears.Hip arthroscopy with respect to Nova to most surgeons, and although the first results showed that it can be a successful treatment, it is still being developed.

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