Lasek vs. LASIK: What is the difference?


LASEK and LASIK – Two similar projection procedures that have important differences.

If you were told you are not a good candidate for LASIK, you can be happy to know that LASEK can be useful for you.Although LASEK and LASIK procedures produce similar results, there are advantages and disadvantages of both.

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General description LASEK

Epithelial KERATITESIS or LASEK laser -This is the procedure for the correction of vision, very similar to LASIK.As LASIK, LASEK is used to correct Beake Activitucted , astigmatism , stigmatism and

While LASIK uses a laser to change its cornea, cutting deeply to the ocular balloon outer layer,LASEK is cut alone as deep as the epithelium (external corneal layer).

The first part of the LASEK procedure is very different from the LASIK procedure.During LASIK, a thicker tissue valve is cut from the cornea fabric with a microcratic blade or other laser. With a LASEK surgeon makes a thin, shallow cut in the upper layer of external cornea (epithelial layer).The surgeon applies an alcohol solution for about 30 seconds, which acts to weaken the epithelial layer, which allows it to rise and fold in one direction. The laser is applied to a thicker half of the cornea (stroke).Then, the surgeon gently doubles the epithelial layer again on top again in the form of a tissue bed.


Both LASEK and LASIK are usually safe and effective, but LASEK patients report on the best long-term results.Although the initial recovery is longer than LASIK, LASEK patients report less postoperative discomfort. There is also a decrease in the risk of infection and a decrease in the frequency of criminal heat of the cornea after a loop.

With a LASEK procedure, do not mind the possibility of cutting irregular valves, as in Lasica. Some people who pass through the laser have a faster restoration of nervous feeling in the cornea.Since the ribs of the cornea play some role in the feedback mechanism that preserves lubricating its eyes, a smaller incidence appears with a dry eye, a common complaint after LASIK operation.


The main disadvantage of LASEK is a slower healing time. Although generally soft, some people seem to have a little more pain than those who have suffered LAIK.Most surgeons must also use a contact lens bandage during the first 4-5 days after the LASEK procedure.


If your Eye Doctor has determined that she is not a good candidate for LASIK, LASEK can be an opportunity for you.As LASIK surgery includes a deep cut on the corneal fabric, LASEK is a good option for people with thin, flat or irregularly in the form of horns.

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