Lazy exercises to fix the amblyopia.


Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, is a common cause of vision problems in children. Most of the time it happens in one eye, although sometimes both eyes can be affected.When this happens in one eye, the brain contributes to the operation of the eye.

Diagnosing ambiously early, ideally up to 7 years, it is vital to prevent the worsening of vision.Detection and intervention can prevent irreversible loss of vision, difficulties with beautiful and gross motor skills, abbreviated school features, disappointment and reduction of self-esteem.It may seem terrifying, but do not worry, the treatment of amabropia is very effective when it started early enough.

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EYE Exercises are one of the therapy methods for the treatment of lazy eye.

conditions,that can cause the appearance of a lazy eye: / P>

  • The Amblyopioneone refraction eye is more strong that another
  • raw trunks ( crossed eyes )
  • cataracts and other visual structures
  • Convergence deficiency Some eyes do not work together during closing tasks

As the exercises help

your eyes with exercises can strengthen a weak eye,Encouraging the best connection between the eye and brain.realize events that require collaboration with eyes for complete tasks can improve the lazy eye.

Efficiency of the eye exercise is under discussions, and should be combined with other methods of therapy to obtain better results.Depending on the cause of Ambyopia, your health care provider may also recommend glasses, corrections and recipes.

Some experts believe that the exercises of the eye should be combined with the correction of a stronger eye, so weak eye will work harder.

Make sure you have a diagnosis before doing exercises to correct the lazy eye. They can cause vision problems otherwise.

Types of exercises

Some generally nice tasks can be done when using a patch on a stronger eye.Examples include:

  • staining in lines
  • dot-to–Dots
  • puzzles
  • computer games

As part of a common treatment plan, ophthalmologist or optometrist can add specific exercises for ocular therapy, to do at home.Be sure to relax between each exercise, closing your eye for a few minutes or looking something away from you, without striving.

Some of these exercises may include:

Soft convergence

For this exercise, you will need a handle or a pencil.

  1. Keep the handle or pen for the length of the hands in front of the face.

  2. Maintenance of a straight head.

  3. Move the handle or pencil to the nose slowly, maintaining the concentration in the handle so that it is clear and single.

  4. As soon as the handle begins to look like it is doubled, stop moving to you.

  5. Attempt to make a double-handle image in one, using the muscles of the eyes, keeping the eyes focused on the handle.

  6. p> After the handle becomes an image, continue moving it to the nose, striving to save it as an image of all the time.

  7. If you can not create an image using an ASA, move it a bit from your face and try again.

  8. is usually that your eyes feel tense during this exercise.


For this exercise, you will need a card points, designed for this activity.

  1. double the knit card, so it forms a wide-angle V-shaped shape.Place one end of the card on the tip of your nose, leans a little.

  2. focus at the point more also, trying to see the point as one, and not double.

  3. When you can see the point as one, the points closest to you should look double. You should see that the points are similar to an inverted V form.

  4. After a few seconds focusing on an additional point as an image, try to look at the next point.

  5. Repeat the dotted line, trying to save the point where you focus as an image.Now you have to see Form X.

  6. If you can not see the point as an image, return to the line to the next point and try again.

  7. no worry if you can not get it immediately; This exercise can in practice.


You may have seen stereograms As a visual illusion in the Magic Eye Book. Simple stereograms are useful for visual therapy options.For this exercise you will need simple stereograms.

  1. Keep the stereogram on the length of the hand in front of your eyes.

  2. On the other hand, keep the handle halfway Road between his face and map.

  3. focus on the top of the handle, keeping it as an image.

  4. , he continues to look at the handle, start slowly to move to you. Do not look at the stereogram behind the wheel.Two images on the map will appear as a double, showing four.

  5. While slowly moves the handle to my face, now you should see three images instead of four.The average image will be completed

  6. , when the average image is completed, try to focus it and do it as can.

  7. That you are progressive, you can try to complete this exercise without an ASA.

  8. especially sure that to relax a few minutes after this exercise.

Videogames that correct the lazy eye

Some video games can help improve amblyopia.While research continues, here are some promising examples:


A small study had adults with amblyopia playing Tetris while with video glasses for an hour per day for two weeks.Half of the participants played a game with one eye.

The rest played the game with both eyes in a diacopulously, which means that several visual elements were shown at each eye at the same time, as with a higher or lower color contrast.

The results of the two-story spoken training showed significant achievements of training on single eye training, although both groups showed an improvement.This study shows that not only Tetris is a fun way of performing visual therapy, and the best thing to do this using both eyes.

Virtual Reality

Studies have occurred More recent Virtual reality can be a fun and efficient option to improve the connection between the eyes and the brain.

Virtual reality was used with games that combine perception and disappoint stimulation. So far, the study is promising, proves to improve the sharpness of vision, vision of contrast color and the perception of depth.

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Some exercises are useful only for certain types of amblyopia.Scroll to your health care providers for your specific status to make sure it does not cause problems and perform exercises that are effective for a lazy eye.

While the lazy eye can be alarming to see, with the early discovery and the correct plan, it is appropriate. Worried about you or your sight, your child can be discussed with your health care provider.

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