LDH test for the detection of melanoma and metastasis.


LDH is a blood test, which measures the dehydrogenase lactate number (LDH), enzym√°, in your blood. Chemically, LDH works to convert PORVAT to breastfeeding on your body. You may be familiar with lactate, like this is what accumulates in your body after hard workout and makes you feel hurt.

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General description

In general,LDH is measured to verify tissue damage in such areas such as your heart, liver, kidney, skeletal muscle, brain and light, which, if they are injured, increase the level of LDH in the blood. If approved melanoma , your health care provider can use this test to help determine if your cancer has a or metastasis Common for organs outside your skin and lymph nodes .LDH is usually not ordered for early melanoma. He holders of medical care found patients more reliable with a metastatic disease.

Your health care provider can verify your LDH levels as part of the initial melanoma settings, especially if you have an improved disease.LDH levels have consequences for prognosis and can be used to monitor the response to therapy and monitoring of disease recurrence.

The most common areas for cancer, which are usually a liver or light. Although LDH is not specific for melanoma, it can be a useful test to diagnose or monitor the post-gorurical treatment of skin cancer. The configuration system for melanoma also uses the results of any LDH test for a division of patients with Floors IV.

How the test is performed

To determine your LDH levels, your health care provider attracts blood from your vein or your heel, finger, fingers or discharges. Laboratory then rotates the blood quickly to separate the serum, the liquid part of your blood from blood cells. The LDH test is carried out in your blood serum.

Before removing blood, your health care provider may ask you to stop taking certain medications that are known to affect LDH.Preparations that can increase LDH include alcohol, anesthetics, aspirin, clofibrate, fluorides, mitrasyicine, drugs and procanamide.

What results of The average test

Normal values may vary according to your age, sex and the specific method used in the laboratory.The normal control range is generally from 105 to 333 months (international units per liter). The total LDH volume is often divided further into five components (called isoenzymes) LDH-1, LDH-2, LDH-3, LDH-4 and LDH-5, which are specific for certain areas of the body and expressed as a percentage of the total.

LDH Level can be improved in many conditions, and not just a metastatic melanoma.Taller than-Normal levels can also indicate: / P>

  • heart attack
  • Various types of anemia
  • Low blood pressure
  • Hepatic disease (for example,Hepatitis)
  • muscle injury
  • muscle dystrophy

falsely greater results can happen if the sample of blood was processed approximately at extreme temperatures, or if the sample is difficult to assemble.

What studies show

Previous studies have shown that a high level of LDH can predict survival in patients with advanced melanoma. For this reason, LDH was included in the 2002 contrast system for melanoma. Patients with stage IV and LDG melanoma have the worst prognosis .

In addition to the fact that patients are classified with stage IV disease, the LDH test is not insufficient or sensitive to detect melanoma before they get into lymph nodes. The investigation followed patients with melanoma for 2.5 years after surgery.The results showed that the LDH level was not a good marker for ‘metastasis in transit’ (stage of Mlanc IIC, which extended beyond the lesion of the skin, but not to the lymph nodes) or distributed to the lymph nodes local.In the study, the LDH test only determined accurately far metastasis in the minority of patients. A test for another blood protein called S-100B appears as the best marker than LDH and can be included in future configuration systems.

If your health care provider ordered a test for LDH, or even if the results are returned, and the level is high, I do not know PisaHigh level LDH does not mean that their melanoma is metastatic, it is only the ‘head up’ for your medical care to find out the situation in the future using CT, PET or MRI Scan or Sentinel Linfy -Node The biopsy brings together you have any questions or problems to interpret the results of LDH tests, be sure to discuss them with your health care provider.

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