Lip cancer: signs and symptoms.


Cancer of the lips is a type of cancer oral that occurs when the malignant cells develop in the mouth.Dentists often trap the first signs of the disease, symptoms may be similar to less serious diseases. However, lip cancer can also have any symptoms at all.

Because they are in the visible region of lip cancer usually detected early . As a result , treatment is often successful .According to the American Society cancer , lip cancer when caught before it spreads to other parts of the body ( metastasis ) , the survival rate to five years is 92 percent .

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Common symptoms

as you can see from the revision of the list,The most common signs and symptoms of cancer lips can be quite obvious , but also can be confused with other interests such as cold or dry skin,or even ignored :

  • A part or thickened area on the lips
  • white or red patches on the lips
  • pain, injury ,or ulcer ( on the outside of the lips or inner folds within the oral cavity ) , which does not cure
  • bleeding, pain ,or numbness on the lips
  • A knot in the throat or inflammation of the lymph nodes
  • Always be sure to keep up with dental cleansing and exams;Your dentist will be looking for signs of mouth cancer in these visits.

    Risk Factors

    with this in mind , it is especially important for people with known risk factors to be very vigilant about medical monitoring if symptoms occur .

    Lip cancer is more common in senior men , those who ceiling , and people who immunosuppression.

    cases tend to occur in the lower lip , as it gets more exposure to the sun the main cause of lip cancer .In fact, Australian study found that 81 percent of lip cancer was reported over over 25 years, took place in this area. Those who develop lip cancer as a result of the influence of the Sun, also at a higher risk of developing the second form skin cancer.

    Use lip balm that contains a sunscreen and re-apply frequently in frequent form if a lot of time passes outdoors (for example, for work).

    Using both Alcohol and snuff (cigarettes , cigars , chewing snuff , pipes ) dramatically increase the risk of cancer lips and ,So it is important to kick tobacco habit and reduce excess alcohol consumption.


    If you have a strange visible or a defeat, your doctor will explore it visually.He or she wants to know how long he has had, if he gets worse, and if you suspect that something can be the cause.

    In the end, only a biopsy can eliminate lip cancer. You can obtain an address to the Practitioner of the Orejera nose for this procedure. Under local anesthesia , a medical worker can biopsy in the office. The pain is minimal and generally decreases for one or two days.

    In addition, or complicated cases may require general anesthesia or sedation. Children who require a biopsy can also be administered general anesthesia for their safety during the procedure.

    Differential diagnosis

    It can help you know that there are many common causes of lip injuries, such as New feeding biting the lip, or take any type of medication.

    Unrelated conditions, such as , can cause ulcers from the mouth can be developed in time of life.

    Hand, foot-and-mouth disease can also cause ulcers from the mouth; It occurs more frequently in children under 5 years of age, although it can affect the elderly.

    A the consideration, your doctor will work to eliminate these problems before a diagnosis of cancer.


    As with any condition , early detection is a key factor .If you notice usual anythingOut, it is important to consult a doctor. The treatment of mouth cancer is similar to other types of oral cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the most common treatment options .But remember that you should take time this process one step . Although symptoms can indicate cancer from the lips, which can be due to something much less worrying. Only a doctor can say that.

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