List of colors and months for cancer ribbons


Cancer ribbons are a great way to raise awareness, but sometimes people aren't sure what a particular ribbon color is for. There are many of them!

If you want to learn more about cancer ribbon colors, here is a helpful table that lists the types of cancer and some of the awareness months associated with them.

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Cancer related ribbons colors and months

Light purple or lavender colored ribbon is often used to represent all cancers in general. Sometimes many different ribbons are put together to represent all types of cancer.

Unusual or rare cancers can be represented with a black and white zebra print ribbon. Zebra means a common medical saying: "When you hear hooves, look for horses, not zebras." In a field with horses, you are more likely to see horses, but sometimes you can see a zebra.

Some people living with cancer find that there are also "zebras" (rare cancers), and when all these rare cancers are put together, they are actually quite common.

It is important to note that a particular cancer can be represented by more than one color of ribbon, and this can vary depending on where you live. Certain ribbon colors also represent certain non-profit groups that advocate for a particular type of cancer. For example, the white or pearl ribbon is used to represent lung cancer and turquoise is the color of the initiative of the American Lung Association .

In addition, there are months dedicated to certain types of cancer. For example, June is National Cancer Survivor Month and others are listed below.

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If you or your loved one has cancer, or just want to raise awareness about cancer (or all types of cancer), wearing a colored ribbon may be your first step. Your support for cancer education and compassion will not go unnoticed.

Frequently asked questions

  • Each type of cancer has a specific month dedicated to raising awareness about it. For example, Breast Cancer Awareness Month falls in October.

  • Lung Cancer Awareness Ribbon – Pearl, Clear, or White.

    November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

  • The black ribbon is used to represent melanoma and skin cancer . However, black and white ribbons, such as a zebra print, represent rare or unusual cancers and diseases. This includes carcinoid syndrome and neuroendocrine cancer.

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