Listeria : Signs, symptoms and complications .


not all, which are infected with LISTERIA , will have symptoms. However, you are more inclined hospitalized with the symptoms of Listeria than with the symptoms of another stomach, such as the Norovirus or Salmonella .

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SYMPTOMS Frequently

  • fever
  • Diague de Cause
  • nausea and / or vomiting

  • fatigue
  • Muscle pain
  • abdominal
  • meningitis

These symptoms usually appear in someA few days after eating contaminated food, although it is not unprecedented that symptoms show up to 30 days or more after the infection. These flu symptoms often last one to three days.

When the infection extends beyond the state of a guit, called an invasive lesteriosita, it can lead to more severe symptoms that often require hospitalization. This can occur a little longer longer (one to four weeks).

  • hardcore
  • The loss of balance
  • septicemia (serious blood infection)
  • meningitis (EDEMA in brain and spinal cord)
  • Encephalitis (cerebral swelling)
  • OtherinfectionLocated (for example, bones, skin or eye)
  • cramps

These symptoms are serious and more common in vulnerable populations, such as older people, the newborn ,The pregnant women and those who are with weakened immunological systems.Luboriosis (invasive and non-invasive) in healthy people rarely.

Rarous symptoms

Your unusual, but letteriosis can lead to serious consequences, such as multigurine insufficiency and death.

According to the study, the centers published for disease control and prevention, approximately 21% of the cases of reports are fatal. This type of serious consequences occurs almost exclusively at high risk or fruits.


It is more likely that some groups have severe cases of liability.First, include those with weak immunological systems, such as pregnant women, newborn babies, elderly and people living with immunographed diseases.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women (especially Latin American women) are obtained much more often by the letteris that To other adults.However, if they have any symptoms at all, the most pregnant women only have symptoms of light, including diarrhea or nausea, greater pain, fever, headache and discomfort.

The greatest threat due to the infection of the leaf in pregnant women are the serious consequences you can have for your children.

Listeriosis during pregnancy can lead to involuntary abortion, treatment and premature birth.

about 20 percent of women diagnosed in lesteriosis during pregnancy will experience the loss of fetus.However, since many listeria infections are soft or asymptomatic, this speed can be overwhelmed to more severe cases that will be diagnosed more often.

For a high risk that lesteriosis is for the fetus, health providers, as a rule, recommend pregnant women to avoid (or heat bacteria) products who are known are sources of listeria outbreaks,As buds or dinner meat.

Newborn babies

If the mother is infected with Listeria at very late stages of pregnancy, she could extend the Bacteria her new child in the morning or on delivery.

Even if the mother does not have a serious case of Lize, the infection can be particularly dangerous for a newborn baby.

Symptoms in newborns can be difficult to detect, but may vary from a soft riot and poor feeding, threatening the life of the disease.About 3 percent of the newborns were infected into the Listeries because of this. The symptoms of listeriosis in major, children other healthy are rare.


Adults Older 65 years are most of the cases of letters in the USA.

As adults become older, it becomes increasingly difficult and more difficult for their bodies to fight against microbes. The immune system is not as lasting, as before, and many adults acquire chronicles.Health states that can affect the protection of the organs.

Therefore, the elderly are still vulnerable to a wide range of infections, including food listeriaSolo sold more inclined to physical symptoms sick and actual ( adults over age 65 are four times more frequently achieved unless the population )But they are also more prone to severe consequences as a result of the disease.

People with weakened immune systems

Age It is not the only thing that can affect the immune system.Some medical conditions or medications can also make it easier to hurt with Listeria.

On three quarters of people under 65 years of age, who are not pregnant, who hired lemasiosis, have some basic state of health that affects their immune system, such as the Renal disease or chemotherapy.

It is likely that these people are seriously ill or die from Listeria infection.

When calling your doctor (

A wide range of natural and processed foods has been identified as sources of preceding flashes in literacy.Ready to eat cold meat, raw milk and soft cheeses are common sources. If you think you recently ate food, little contaminated listeria, you should call your doctor.In addition, call your health care provider if:

  • will begin to present symptoms within two months with the use of suspicious food, in particular, a disease with hardcore.
  • There is a compromised immune system for age, illness or drugs.
  • pregnant or have a newborn baby.

It is likely that it is not necessary that you can see the professional or pass the tests in Listeria if it does not show symptoms and / or it is not in the risk group.However, let’s say, talk to your health care provider if you have questions about your risk of being seriously LIZE, or if you are not sure if you see it.Antibiotics can be effective against infection, especially for pregnant women to protect their children.

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