Location of allergies: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment.


flush, also known as a fungus, is the multicellular body type discovered throughout nature, as well as inside.If you have allergies to the molds, it can cause symptoms of hay fever as nasal secretion, cough and headaches.

The allergic reaction to the molds occurs when the body has an immune response to the impact of mold.The diagnosis can take time, and the identification of the source of the form can be complex. Preparations can help facilitate the effects of allergies to the mold.If possible, delete the form or avoiding how the source is located is the best way to control allergies.

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You can develop forms of allergies at any age.Symptoms can start immediately after exposure. For some people, the effects are saved all day, especially if you spend long periods of time around mold.

Because the forms may be present in some buildings, you can feel sick only at certain times, as after a few hours in a molded building. This is often described as ‘sick construction syndrome’. However, other problems can cause Ling Syndrome light syndrome , including deficient ventilation, dust and uncomfortable temperature.

Allergy-shaped form generally causes respiratory symptoms.The effects of mold allergies include:

  • cough, sneezing
  • Telling, itching or nasal secretion
  • itching, aqueous eyes
  • throat
  • wheezing if you have asthma. Symptoms may include wheezing and difficulty breathing.

    Form allergies are similar to pollen and dust allergies.One of the differences between the allergies to the molds and the seasonal allergies, such as pollen, is that you can experience allergies to the molds that cover several seasons or last throughout the year.

    Forms against mushroom

    Form is the type of mushroom. Grebel infections differ from the allergies of the mold and can affect the skin, legs , lungs or even brain . While anyone can get fungal infection on the skin (for example, athlete’s feet), fungal infections that invade body bodies, as a rule, affect people who have a Immunological problem.

    flush is a living organism, but the form of allergies is not an infection.


    Mold allergy starts at inhalation disputes.Spores are small particles that are formed as a reproduction of the form, and can easily pass the air to your nose, causing an allergic reaction.

    FRS can grow outside or in a tree or other construction materials, and in general it needs moisture to flourish.

    Anyone may be subject to form, but some people are more prone to the allergic refusal If you have asthma or other types of hay fever ,Is there also an allergic reaction to a mold?

    Mold impact

    EN colder climate, the molds can be found in the open air,from late winter and peak endings until early autumn (July to October).In the warm climate, you can find mold controversies throughout the year, with the highest level that is at the end of summer until the beginning of the month of autumn.

    The internal form can come from the external environment, and the levels of internal forms are usually higher when there is a high level of outdoor.The contamination molds in the room can occur throughout the year and, often, depend on the level of humidity in the house.

    Floods and water leaks increase the risk internally.

    Types of mold

    There are many different types of molds, and some types are more common in the air.

    Mold-induced allergic disease is often caused by the following types of molds:

    • Alternality: General external form;Allergic In this way you can associate with severe asthma
    • cladosporium: the most common outdoor molds in the air
    • aspergillus: general and exterior general mold.Also associated with allergic aspergilism of bronchopulmon, severe pulmonary reaction,that can take as much is a strong expansion of bronchi in the lungs)
    • penicillium : general allergies of internal mold to which it is not associated with allergies to antibiotics
    • helminthosporum: more often found inToppilistic materials
    • EPICOCCC: Found Scores and agricultural areas
    • fusarium: usually found in the rotation of the plant
    • aureobasidium: common outdoor shape , generally found on paper,Sawn wood and painted surfaces
    • Phoma: Outdoorspecially common during humid periods
    • Smuts: It is abundantly in the areas of agriculture
    • rhizopus and membrane mucous: usually occurs in the leavesDecomposition and wet rooms. Airborne forms of these forms are less common

    Allergic reaction

    Most disputes can be allergen. They cause an inflammatory process in susceptible people.The reaction is mediated by IgE, a protein that quickly launches the activation of immune cells.


    The form of allergy can be diagnosed according to your symptoms, physical examinations and diagnostic tests.

    You can benefit from maintaining the diary of your symptoms and talk about it with your health care provider. You can notice some tendencies that will help you find that you execute your allergic reaction.

    Allergy tests also include tests for skin injections in which you will be exposed to allergen placed in Your skin with a needle to see if you have a reaction.However, however, thousands of types of forms, and only some of them are currently available to test allergies.

    Environmental tests

    No well-founded guidelines to test the mold in the environment.Allergies caused by mold are based on individual susceptibility, and not on the number or types of molds.According to control and prevention and prevention (CDC), the sample of the mold is very expensive, and the situation should be interpreted together with the inspection of the contaminated area.

    If you see or smell molds in your home, cleanliness is recommended (often with professional help to avoid personal exposure).Correction of any water leaks that allow excessive humidity is mandatory to reduce the likelihood of future growth of the mold.


    You can proceed allergies to flow.By eliminating impossible exposure, you can use allergy treatment. Intranasal corticosteroids are effective in the treatment of most of the nasal symptoms of mold allergies. They can also help some symptoms of the eyes.These works are better after they were constantly used for a couple of weeks. Unit antihistamines start working for an hour and can last 24 hours.In general, they do not control symptoms, as well as intranasal corticosteroids, and many people add intranasal corticosteroids to their antihistamine of choice, if they still notice the symptoms of allergies.

    Allergic shots for the treatment of allergy form have not been shown that it is as effective as allergic shots to certain general pollen allergens, but many allergens will assign them,Especially if there are other types of allergens that cause symptoms.

    Allergic Bronchos Asperglyz is a severe pulmonary disease and oral corticosteroids are generally required.

    There are a number of strategies that you can use to help reduce the shutter speed of the form, if you or a member of the allergic family to mold, including:

    • Avoid air press Lights at home,Keeping the doors and windows, closed and using air conditioning equipped with an allergen.Air filters
    • Internal moisture control using dehumidists
    • Fixed water leak in bathrooms,Kitchens and wineries
    • ensure adequate ventilation of wet areas
    • Clean or replace contaminated surfaces with suitable cleaning agents when using the appropriate protective equipment.For large contaminated areas, professional recovery is recommended to avoid the personal effects of the mold.
    • Use HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners or as a pilot air filter
    • limit internal indoor plants and make sure that the presents are free from the pressforms in the leaves and in the potential state

    sometimes,It can take a long time to determine the cause of allergies and eliminate it or avoid it. However, the mold will not lead to fungal infection.Fungal infections are caused by various forms that cause allergies, and also extend differently.

    The message word of the meds obtained

    Allergy form is not uncommon.These allergies can make you feel sick, but for people without asthma, the condition is generally not dangerous. Although they often confuse, the mold is not the same as the impact of asbestos , construction material associated with cancer.

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