Lovage: Benefits, side effects, dose and interaction.


lovage ( offficalum officinaleale koch.) It is an herbal additive, in the Mediterranean region of southern Europe. Part of the APIACEAE family, other names for the Lovage include Ligoticum levisticum (Linn.), Old loving English, American, love, Italian love, Link of Cornwall, Maggi plants and smells.

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Lovage is a perennial plant that is easy to grow due to its solid properties. It belongs to the same family as the carrots, parsley and Dill.The dark green leaves on the Lovagsky plant resemble the cilantro and the Italian parsley in shape and color, and their stems are often equal to the stems of celery (in appearance and, in aroma). Enamored, very strong and warm and aromatic smell.

Thelovaplant pieces, most commonly used for medicinal purposes, include their leaves, stems and roots.Lovageis is generally converted into essential oil and can be used in infusions, implications, partially (preparations made by filling fresh or dry herbs in water to extract their water-soluble ingredients), vinegar, Elixirs and lollipops.

single medicinal, love can be eaten as a fresh vegetable or is used when cooking to improve fragrance and add nutrients to food.Sus announced benefits include the improvement of urine and having antibacterial properties.

What is love?

Lovage can work as a diuretic due to aquatic-called actions.This means that the grass can stimulate the urination (and help remember the bladder and kidneys, increasing the withdrawal of the urine) without losing vital electrolytes (such as sodium).It is also believed that the plant contains a soothing agent called eucalyptol, which can help reduce irritation in the lungs and contribute to the healing of certain types of respiratory disorders (as pleurisi).

Medical use

Although there is not enough clinical research data for the Support more claims for health benefits.Offlovage, the plant has traditionally been used to treat many health states, including:

pre-Study of backup copies of some of the advertising benefits for herbal additive health,ComoComo urine health and antibacterial properties:

  • annexepection and effect (helping for hostel power)
  • anantibacterial Effect
  • Inflammatory anantyefect
  • AnaPappetito stimulator effect
  • AdiaPoretici (for sweat stimulation and helps reduce flanks)
  • aemerenagog (helping regular menstruation)
  • A2016.A rare hereditary condition associated with the bladder and the lover) found that people with hereditary cystinuria. .

    A2012 Studypublished by the European Medicine Agency, found that the data was sufficient to support the claims, which as an effective agent as an effective agent in the increase of the urine to wash the urinary tract under minor conditions. However, the data on acute (short-term) toxicity and chronic (long-term) toxicity, carcinogenicity (cause cancer) and reproductive toxicity and development toxicity.Denial of the absence of long-term security data, the use of components did not recommend research authors.

    ostudyfound, which was found that essential oil, strengthening the active antibacterial properties that another 25 essential oils that were recorded in the study.

    Possible side effects

    In general, there are very few known serious side effects of outrovage. A common side effect includes a condition called tofotodermatitis.This happens after the grass is eaten or used on the skin, and can lead to the skin to be more sensitive to sunlight and other ultraviolet light shapes.Use carefully with an amateur before going to the sun: Make sure Use sunscreen and protective clothing.


    LovageshightHight can not be using children or takes during pregnancy or attending if you do not remember to do About qualified medical worker.

    Beauselovais is considered a diuretic (substance that increases the performance of the urine), is carried out with care with the problems of the heart or kidney.Due to its volatile oil compounds that can be irritated to the tissue, its use should also be avoided by individuals with acute inflammation of the kidneys or the affected renal function.In general, LovaShightHight can not be used by anyone with a medical condition without the first consultation with the health care provider.

    There is some kind of sodium effects on the body. An increase in sodium can affect. Order blood pressure.Do not hesitate with blood pressure problems.


    Those who take dietitius (medications to help reduce fluid in the body, increase urination) , as chlorotiazide (diuril), chlofalidone (Talitona), furosemide (Laziks), hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ, Hydhodiuril,The microzide), and others should not be able to handle the lime of its diuretic effect. Perhaps in diuretics can lead to a loss of too much body fluid.The loss of too much body fluid can cause an unfavorable reaction, including symptoms, such as dizziness and low blood pressure.

    Those who take anticoagulants such as heparin, warfarin (Coumadin), Rivaroxaban (Xarelto), Dabigatran (Pradaxa), as well as others in this class of drugs,They should be avoided using the use of the notification of plantfurakumarins deo that can interact with anticoagulants. Enemy Inturanocumer The effect of the hepatic enzyme, which can deactivate common medications.Therefore, if you accept any type of prescription or an excessive medication or add-on, check with ahealthcarevider before shipment.

    Dosing, preparation and storage


    , When you should check with your doctor before taking any dose of Lovage, common The doses include the following,As a general rule, in general, you should not go beyond 2 to 4 weeks of use in series:

    • 4-8 grams daily
    • as tincture taken at doses.From 5 to 2 milliliters, three times a day
    • ASA tea, prepared from 2 to 3 grams of Glovager and 1 cup of hot water (left to soak by 15-20 minutes), it invited three times a day

    You can use set sheets in salads or apply as tea (using dry leaves).In fact, the leaves are considered one of the oldest salad greens; They can be used in soups, salads, stew, prints, reservations and more.

    offlovageare Stems often order and eat as a sweet gift.Other parts of the plant are included in food and applying awnings in some alcoholic beverages, spices or flavorings. The seeds can be based and can be used as a spice on the baking.

    You can delete the essential oil from all parts of the plant in the wave, including roots.

    The butter with the roots are yellow or brown, depending on how dried roots during the distillation process.The distillation of steam includes exposing the roots or leaves at extremely high temperatures to extract oil. The oil of the roots is resinous by nature, with a very strong flower smell and only a touch of smell similar to celery.The loving oil extracted from the leaves has a thinner consistency than it is released from the roots and emits a sweet and spicy flavor.Oilcanal of lovalesesential that will be used on many products, which include:

    • swaps
    • massage oils
    • liquors
    • >>
    • Non-alcoholic channels

    In the desentey oil on the skin,The dilution of the oil must be 1 percent or less. Test the test on a patch to test an allergic reaction or skin sensitivity before using it in the body.


    double, remove it leaves and storage them in a container, which is sealed and hermetically. .. FreshLovagecan is stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container until the week.The haircut of the grass for long periods is possible by blocking the leaves and then placing them in the plastic freezer and in the freezer.

    What to look for

    Whilelovaise Hardy A growing plant that can survive for eight years, it is not recommended to use parts of plants that grow for a long time, because the plant loses its power with age.Therefore, plants must be divided, and the new roots are restored every year to help you save your energy.

    Word, the word information of the word meds

    Hatlovageis grass, which is considered relatively safe, and some studies preliminary found it to be effective in dealing with certain conditions,It is important to remember that in mind, something, interact with other herbs, medications (including excessive preparations (including excessive drugs), and how to use it,and the recommended dose must not exceed (or any other herbal additive)) should not exceed the soft drinks to consult with a health professional before using ‘use’, in particular, in which a group of additives based on of herbs,Especially for individuals who take medicines or have some kind of medical condition.

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