Marie Antoinette Syndrome (died died)


Although it may sound like something of a fairy tale or a ghost story, several people really argued that stress made his hair completely white overnight.In fact, the nickname given a peculiar occurrence comes from one of the most famous examples in history.

According to the revision published in the magazine of the Royal Society of Medicine in 2008, early score returns to 83 ads with history in Talmud 17- Scientific One year old, they said that she worked so much, her hair turned.

One of the most multiple sources comes from XVIII France. Marie Antoinette was only 37 when she was sentenced to death in 1791. As a legend, there is a night before she runs the guillotine, her hair turned white.History is already so long that when others have made such claims, it was called Antoinette’s syndrome.

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Interestingly, the unrelated French queen was not the only famous historical figure to make such a requirement.Mary Queen Scotters and Sir Thomas More also said they did their executions with an unexplained white hair head. / P>

Even if it is reported on the cases of Marie Antoinette Syndrome it was not enough in methic Metal literature continue with intriguing doctors and researchers. With the help of historians of these specialists managed to solve some enigmas for fascinating conditions that can not exactly what it seems.


Marie Antoinette Syndrome is characterized by Sudden, several unexplained and generally a constant bleaching of hair on the head or another part of the body.

Unlike natural gray hair, which occurs when people become larger, the Marie Antoinette syndrome is reported in people of all ages, including relatively young people.It is also indicated that the condition differs from the natural process of goodbye in synchronization: most cases affirm that they will occur suddenly (often, apparently, during the night), and not gradually.

Doctors tend to consider Marie Antoinette’s syndrome, since stories define it as a myth.However, when medical professionals face cases similar to today’s condition, it is generally known as dying perishes (Latin for sudden gray hair).

A 1957 review of the literature in the whitening of fast hair, as long as several jokes, although some have Professional doctor witnessed.The story had common themes, including traumatic and / or potentially deadly unexpected events (fires at home, accidents or sudden death from a loved one).

Some people had other symptoms at a time when their hair was left white, like hair loss or bleaching stains on your skin.It was believed that several people had certain conditions, such as alopecia or vitiligo .

The coolest accounts of the syndrome had more gradual than a sudden start.For example, in 2009, researchers at the University of Zurich wrote a brief note about the patient in women with Arata Alopecia. The 54-year-old hair turned white for several weeks.However, in contrast to the legends and other cases, the woman was healthy, and not under extreme stress, and she did not survive a recent injury.

, while the case is unusual and was an inexplicable medical point of view, doctors did not consider it as impossible as possible because it did not happen during the night.


Academics suspect that the appearance of Fasting gray hair in famous historical jokes was more likely due to very simple causes.For example, before its execution, Marie Antoinette was imprisoned and had no access to cosmetics or hair paint.

In other cases, strong hair loss it is possible to blame.Even people who are relatively young (in adolescent and 20) can have gray or white hair in places. If the painted hair had to fall or slim, the hair, lack pigment, would be more visible and would facilitate.

It is also important to understand how hair pigment works. The cowards get their color from melanin. A type of melanine determines what is dark hair, while the other gives shadows (usually red or yellow).Staff, as people become larger, the body makes less melanin.

There may also be another key factor. This leads to gray hair. Mouse studies suggested that cells responsible for melanin manufacture can also obtain hydrogen peroxide (which is commonly used for bleaching hair).

The enzyme called catalyase can destroy the hydrogen peroxide and avoid its effect on the pigmented threads of increasing the least, until we begin to be Old melanin, the body also produces less catalas when we increase.It was proposed that a combination of smaller melanin and greater hydrogen peroxide is a mechanism due to what the hair becomes white.

When, and to what extent, someone begins to go gray, depends on several Different factors, including genetics.In 2016, researchers defined a specific gene responsible for gray hair.

While people often joke about stress that give them a gray hair, scientists think that This can play a role.In 2011, a group of researchers published the results of Mouse’s research , which suggested that DNA damage caused by chronic stress can have an impact when a hair can start gray.

To all of stress hormones to free radicals been involved As a potentially damage Process Sedians However, this does not explain so that a little hair can go blank,Since in the accounts perish perish.

thread hair, which are visible in the head of the people (calls the hair axis), do not contain living cells.Next, the hair in the head is not considered vulnerable to the direct consequences of physiological stress.

Although this stress can make changes in the process before the hair hair appears (during lamp / hair growth cycle follicle),What does not seem to do not seem to be completely explain the mechanism of hair change in the Antoinette Marie syndrome. / p>

Arato Arata is also associated With hair stories that come out suddenly white.One of the main reasons for the connection is that people with alopecia can lose their hair in response to stress (which is considered an immune response). Made, hair loss can be so extreme that causes bald patches.

In 2013, another review of the medical literature Subittage suggested that alopecia can be a possible explanation of the phenomenon.The reviewers pointed out that many authors noted that only pigmented hair was affected by the State, while white hair seemed to spitt. If the white hair is not lost when a patient with alopecia goes through a sudden failure period, which could explain why an outdoor hair can go to white .

There are also cases when only a human hair becomes completely white (for example, a patch or only one side of the head) or hair in other parts of the body turns white (hair for hair and tabs) .

For example, in 2015, researchers published a report case on a 48-year-old man, who had gray hair on one leg. He did not have pain, without bleaching the skin, without hair loss, and he was healthy.The doctors did not trust the case, although they suspected that it could be an early sign of vitiligo.


The characteristic characteristic of the perisms Subitte is the sudden appearance of white hair, which may be obvious for both the patient and your doctor.

The diagnosis is mainly clinical, which means that the doctor’s examination is a patient and asks questions about what is happening at the moment they noticed changes in his hair.For example, a doctor may ask about used shampoos and other hair products, medications and additives, potential environmental impacts and food allergies .

The medical professional also wants to determine if someone has a state of health, especially one that can affect hair and skin. As already mentioned, conditions such as alopecia and vitiligo can be associated with are sent.

ask about other symptoms, such as hair loss, skin discoloration,Or signs of autoimmune disease can help the doctor diagnose the main status that can explain the change in hair color for hair.

While the doctor can ask someone about his stress levels, the patient may be the first to bring it when they explain the circumstances surrounding an unusual appearance.

For example, the patient may indicate that his hair change occurred immediately after the traumatic event occurs or began to change rapidly after the unexpected death of the spouse.

No evidence that can determine what caused hair hair to go to white. In most cases, the doctor will not be able to say safely why (or how) happened.However, if the doctor suspects a specific medical condition, it is the cause, there is evidence that can execute to help them make a diagnosis.

For example, there are many different types of blood tests that could be familiar with the changes in what led to the main disease.These tests also help doctors assess the general state of human health when verifying conditions, such as anemia and malnutrition.

  • Hormonal and thyroid levels
  • Blood, electrolytes and chemistry
  • inflammatories or other specific markers for autoimmune diseases

If the doctor suspects that people will change,It may be the result of a specific allergy, you can send them to allergolok for additional tests. You can also consult other specialists, such as dermatogrog to , you can consult to help determine the cause of white hair.


Most adults will have a little white hair on their heads when they reach the middle-aged age , but when a person begins to go gray and the white they get,It will be unique for each person.

It is considered normal for some people to begin to notice the white hair until they are still less than 20 years old.In fact, the Caucasians, as a rule, begin to begin to become gray in the 1930s , while Asians and African-Americans begin when they are closer to the Middle Ages.

Study pointed , which begins to go gray at the beginning of prior prior, does not necessarily mean that someone has more Gray hair.Other factors, such as the biological floor and even smoking habits can also affect the bleaching rate.

If someone is diagnosed by treating treatment, such as alopecia, there are several different approaches for treatment, including steroids and anti-inflammatory medications.

Changes in hair, including color and quantity, is normal (and for most people, inevitable) part of the aging process.Usually, it does not require any type of medical processing, but if someone is concerned about the changes in hair, there are innumerable cosmetic products available.

For those who experienced a fast, unexpected or early hair whitening, the easier accessible processing is a hair dye.The products are available in semi-permanent or permanent shapes and are found in almost any color.

The hair coloring parameters vary the price and quality of a professional classroom to low-cost brands that can be found at any grocery store or pharmacy.There are also alternatives such as Henna, which does not contain chemical products (for example, bleach), which are distributed in most traditional hair.

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Stories of people who receive a white hair Whole in night, enchanted medical sciences, historians and the general public, centuries.Meanwhile, cases like Marie Antoinettes, Stark White Hair in his executions, feel myths (or at least better for the lack of cosmetic services). There were cases of unusual hair color changes, which were difficult to explain.Most adults will have a little white hair when they reach the middle age.Similar factors, such as genetics, ethnicity and even lifestyle habits, can affect a person’s age when they begin to go gray, as well as a head that will have a head when they increase.

While changes in hair color, thickness and amounts are usually a normal part of the aging process, in some cases, these changes can be a sign of the basic state of health.In fact, many cases of Marie Antoinette purified syndrome may have been caused by Arata Arata or Vitiligo. There is no specific test for the diagnosis of unusual or unexpected appearance of white hair, and there are no specific treatments.However, there is a wide variety of cosmetic products that can be used for hair color, as well as treatment for conditions that can affect hair.

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