Ment-term provisions and subsequent exercise.


prone describes the position of your body when you lie on your stomach, face down. Technically, precisely when the ventral side of the body is on Earth.This is the opposite position in which you lie on the back (face up) while you are on your back against the earth.

Clinicians, such as physiotherapists , they can put their clients in the lie position, giving orientation therapies or performing certain stretching and back exercises.An excellent example of using the position is lying is a pose cobra yoga . In Cobra Yoga, you learn in the stomach, and then take care carefully, shoulders and a chest chest.

lying and lying and lying. therapy.Such conditions include side, hands and knees, room room or desktop position.

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Prone vs.Activities for activity

In general, starting exercises that you can get from your physiotherapist or doctor, start with exercises in Those that you lie down on the back (on a sun bed).This is because you get the highest possible rear support on the back.After having developed some initial resistance and coordination in the position of the layer, not a long time, if you perform exercises every day, therapist or personal trainer, you most likely progress it in exercises, which occur in the underlying position.

Back exercises in the lying position often adjust extension exercises. This may be contraindicated if you have problems with spinal arthritis or dressing problems. However, extensions are recommended as exercises for some conditions. They may include hernified disc or sciatica .

Reverse exercise , Made in the lying position

Exercises in the lie position can help you strengthen the muscles of the back.Articles To perform extension exercises. The previously mentioned posture Cobra yoga is perhaps the best example of this function. prone presses It is also a way to strengthen the muscles of the back.

You can also strengthen the muscles Heakstring with exercises in the lie position.The strong patelled tendons help to counteract the state, known as the Forelock of the pelvis, which essentially essentially is the inclination forward of its pelvic bone.This front slope often leads to an excessive lumbar column curve, narrow muscles and pain. / P>

There are several ways to strengthen their fallen tendons, lying in the lie position.The use of details, such as a <> Teaband , yoga block or training ball, as you can do the most interesting things.

For example, use the adjustment ball to heat the ball between the ankles and the increase and omit.As soon as your patent tendons and other muscles are heated, you can use the ball as the surface of your support (lie upside down, not the floor) and lift and lower your legs in this way.

The use of the ball instead of the floor can be easy or complex or complicated, depending on what you decide to make, and if you put your hands on the floor to strengthen your body.

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