Minipfill – Procetein – Only birth control


Tablet to control the birth rate

tablet). Each propinations only in progestin contains a small amount of progestin (which is a synthetic form of progesterone hormone). Tablet These not have estrogen .

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Only progestin The birth control tablets mainly prevent pregnancy,By changing the consistency of your cervix. The forecast thickens its mucus, and makes it much more difficult for sperm swimming.

Minipfil can also work, worrying the lining of your uterus. It would be less likely to implement.Tablets only in progestin can also stop it from ovulation (this is approximately half of women who use them).


Because MiniPseill contains less than the test than the combined birth rate, the influence of progestin in the mucus of its neck lasts only approximately 24 hours.That is why it is important to take pills only in progestin only at the same time.

, which, as they say, is a test: only control over birth fertility is very ferrochight . The minijume is 91% to 99% effective.This means that with typical use of only 9 out of 100 women become pregnant during the first year of use. Ideally, the use of less than 1 will be pregnant.

Before the Admission

Since mini-errors do not contain estrogen, they can be a good alternative to women who can not use combined hormonal contraceptives.These include:

  • cigarette smokers over 35 years old.
  • Women with a blood clot history.
  • Women with high blood pressure.
  • Women who experience extreme migraines headaches or a migraine with aura.

minipill and bed

Only the fertility of the Fertility for the sinus Mothers since progestin will not negatively affect milk production or damage to breastfeeding.In fact, studies have shown that Minipseill can help increase milk production.

Precautions and contraindications

Women who You should not take a minifolincule:

  • Active liver disease
  • Vaginal bleeding not diagnosed
  • breast cancer,The known or suspicious pregnancy
  • is known or suspect


minipfill Only in a 28-day package. The 28 tablets contain progestin (without placebo tablets).Take a tablet every day during a four-week cycle (package). In the way you get a permanent dose of hormones.

This means that you will have your period while you are still taking ‘active’ tablets.If you start the tablet only in the progestin on the first day of your menstrual cycle (and you generally have a 28-day cycle), you will most likely get your period during the first week of your next package.

But only about 50% of women who use mini-mini-installation regularly, therefore, there can be no way to predict when its period can occur. Prizestine – only birth control.

Promestin – Single against Combined Tablets

Even if both types of tablets are considered hormonal contraceptives , there are some differences between two to account.

progestin -Only pills, only
Combined tablets

The amount of progestin

The Progestine number on a typical tablet only in progestin is 0,35 milligrams (MG) Norethindrona or 4 mg Chospirenone. Typical combination tablet contains norethindrone 0.4 mg or upper and extruded 3 mg.The number of progestin in the test, only the pills only lower than the dose of progestin in a combination of combination combination of fertility control combined .


Progestine: Only the birth rate of the fertility of the tablet is slightly less effective than a combined tablet.

Side effects

Diging more common bleeding Side effect on a tablet alone in progestin and the greatest end of termination. Other side effects may include acne, mood swings and weight gain.

Ease of use

Some women say that foreigners are just more difficult to use than the combined pills. This is because pills only only in progestin should be taken at the same time every day., Because combined birth control tablets consist of progestin and estrogen, it has a little more flexibility if it does not take an exactly tablet at the same time. Photo

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