Miste Urachal: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment


A Aurrachal is a collection of fabrics and fluids between the bladder and the abdominal button (navel). The cyst is formed in the remains of the URBAS, the structure is usually present in the fruit, which is generally closed before birth.

Some children do not take the closure. If this happens, the anomaly remains (for example, a cyst or sinuses).

People can live comfortably with a cyst in full view all their lives, not aware of it, since they generally do not cause any problem. However, the drainage of the cyst can cause discomfort or other symptoms.

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The presence of the cyst of Horskulus does not mean you have symptoms.The cysts in ACE or abscesses generally lead only to symptoms if they are infected.

Symptoms of the Urachal infected cyst include:

  • Stomach pain
  • fever
  • Abdominal masses
  • > Pain or Burning with the Iphone
  • Frequent people Urinary tract infection
  • Blood in the urine

Lastysignefaction of the cysts can cause more extended symptoms, such as the redness of the abdomen and swelling, extreme fatigue, vomiting and abdominal pain intensive.

Rarely, the horrskuli cysts allow urine to drain the navel. In newborns, usually drainage is caused by the task in the cavity that connects the bubble and abdomen button (Urethra Sinus.This can lead to a damn body healing after birth.

Drainage of the polysole cyst causes a constantly wet belly button with a yellow liquid emanating from the abdominal stem.If it is not often cleaned, redness of the skin and unpleasant odor.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of an infected infected coffin, you must evaluate a medical professional. Without treatment, infected cysts can lead to serious health complications.


In the first trimester of pregnancy, Uricus is a channel between the bladder and the bubble of the bladder of the fetus , which allows the urine to merge the fetus.

In the third trimester, the channel of the stamps and becomes a medial umbilical link. If the structure remains open, there may be the result of the horseshoe cyst.

Urakhilian anomalies are rarely detected, by the way, during the visualization of scanning and opening. They are twice as often as men than women.

The exact reason of the violations of the APlex is unknown, but it is likely that many factors contribute to their developing.

The Ratar cysts are a congenital state of (present at birth), therefore, there may be a genetic component. Some studies also proposed that cysts arise due to the incomplete development of the ACE area.

Various types of HOTS violations can cause symptoms after birth,Including:

  • Patent Urachus (the rest between the bladder button and the abdominal button)
  • Sharachal Sizus (There is a connection between the abdomen button and the rest of the non-spolled abdominal area with hytenz.)
  • diverticulum (without closing between the abdominal button and the bladder)

Any type of defect of a horse defect can become infected. Chiste infections are considered more often in children from 2 to 4 years.

Uroopev disorders do not necessarily cause symptoms or require treatment. In many cases, they do not remain unnoticed and never cause any problem.


The presence of cyst Horskic is confirmed using visualization methods, such as Ulttsounds , (MRI), as well as calculated tomography (CT).These explorations allow health providers to determine if the cyst is present and problematic.

If your health care provider confirms the presence of the HorSelles cyst, and has symptoms of infection, you will need more medical care.Your health care provider will ask you about your illness, perform a physical exam and may request laboratory tests before appointing treatment.


If you have a Urachal cyst, it does not cause symptoms, you do not need to make any specific action. The treatment would be urgently, only if the cyst is infected.

In this case, it is required, antibiotics . The extraction of horses cyst infections can be treated with medications that take into the mouth (oral antibiotics).However, if the infection is serious, it is possible that you may need antibiotics through a vein in your hand (intravenous).

The cyst of the sometimes infected equilibrium line must be eliminated surgically.Surgery may be recommended if the cyst causes excessive drainage, irritation, discomfort and / or reinfection.

The elimination of horSelles cysts prevent future infections and reduces the risk of horse cancer (rare bladder cancer).

Similarly, the drew breasts of the hosh can be removed and close (cut) through a small section of the abdomen or with laparoscopic surgery.

Rarely, there were cases in which horsepower disorders are resolved spontaneously without treatment. Since this result is not so likely, and Horskuli cysts can cause problems, you should discuss the best course to treat your situation with your health care provider.

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If you have a cyst of the COLSELINE, you can live all my life without feeling problems. You do not even understand that you have one.

however, if the cyst is infected, it can become a serious medical problem.

If you have symptoms of an infected cyst of a strength horse cyst, including sudden or heavy abdominal pain, seek immediate medical attention.

Adequate treatment is necessary to prevent further complications or problems associated with a cyst.The refusal to infections can be processed by antibiotics, but in some cases the health care provider may decide to eliminate cyst cyst.

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