Morphine: forms, use, side effects and administration.


Many people are surprised at use, forms and side effects of morphine, especially since morphine sulfate is perhaps the most incorrect understood, and the greatest fear of all Medications used to treat pain.It is generally used in hospice and palliative care for the treatment of people who approach the end of their lives, different problems arise that when morphine is used for surgery or in undesirable conditions .This article explores how and why using liquid morphine (as well as other forms) at the end of life, as well as the possible side effects you can expect.

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The morphine liquid is often available in the hospice kit for That family or friends can relate to their favorite favorite. It is important to keep in mind that you can always communicate with your nurse or medical care if you have questions about the use of morphine.


Morphine can be used for more than one symptom near the end of life.


In Palliative help and hospice Morphine is one of the most used pain preparations, because it generally treats pain effectively, and is generally well tolerated.In addition, morphine is easily accessible in most regions and is generally profitable.

Lack of breath

Morphine is also Cash when the treatment of breathing lack of breath, a symptom experienced by a large number of people at the end of life and, sometimes,more annoying than physical pain. Morphine can reduce anxiety associated with lack of breath, but actually improves breathing, expanding blood vessels in the lungs and Deep breathing.Other medications in the Hospice Kit can reduce anxiety, but it can actually worsen the lack of encouragement.

Side Effects

Morphine usually suffers well, but it can also cause some problematic and even serious side effects.

General side effects

Relatively common,But not generally emerging side effects include: / P>

  • diarrhea
  • diarrhea
  • drowsiness
  • frustration

If your favorite one person is experiencing any of these symptoms,It is important to talk with your state union or health care provider. Often, these side effects can be monitored or softened with other procedures, so your favorite person can continue to receive drugs from the drug.The examples include the use of Drugs Anuseum for nausea and vomiting or softeners of the chair with a laxative for constipation or without it.

Grave lateral effects

All serious side effects of the use of morphine Immediately inform your health and may include:

  • slow, superficial,Or irregular breathing
  • blue or purple color on the skin
  • Heartbeat fast or slow
  • hallucinations (visible things or auditory voices that do not exist)
  • blurred
  • weak
  • rash
  • itch
  • the complexity of the switch
  • > swelling of the hand, hands, legs, ankles or lower legs

is important Keep in mind that many people seem hallucination at the end of life. Tomorrow morphine or not.

Forms and Administration

morphine is supplied in several ways, including a liquid or tablet that makes it an analgesic of choice in many situations at the end of life.Morphine forms may include:

Oral morphine solutions

Oral morphine (liquid) solutions are used Commonly at the palliative base survey and hospice environments, and often included in the ‘Hospice Kit’,Granted near the administration, if or when necessary.


Relatively easy morphine liquids and They can concentrate for large dose administration of the drug using smaller amounts of liquid.In addition, some people can not swallow pills due to their illness, due to a decrease in the level of consciousness or due to the side effect of morphine sedation.In these situations, people can usually tolerate a lower amount of liquid needed to facilitate their pain and / or make them feel comfortable.

Time at the beginning and how long it takes

Solution of oral / liquid morphine, usually starts working quickly for 15 minutes Andlasots about 4 hours ,Although some people can detect it that they require morphine more often.

delicious delicious morphine, which are more noticeable in a contrast liquid form with the shape of the tablets.Since the concentrated liquid is generally actuated in small amounts, it is recommended to mix the morphine not with other liquids. The care of people tolerates the drug alone or ‘harassing’ with a drink in its choice.

The administration method

The oral morphine solution should only be administered with a measuring spoon or a dropper provided by the pharmacy.

, because it is highly concentrated, it is important to get a dose as accurate as possible.

If you are not sure of the correct dose, ask your nurse or other health care provider to show it.Some hospice nurses carry a ‘sample of a morphine bottle’ (without the medication) with them, which allows them to demonstrate how to create the correct dose and use the dropper.If you have any questions in general, ask your hospice nurse to show you how it is done.

Tablet or morphine capsule

Tablet morphine Phuffs are supplied in the fast and extended release format.

Rapid release tablets

Tablets for rapid production work similarly to the oral / liquid morphine solution, in the fact that They have a relatively previous start of action,But the last total for four hours. Fast release tablets can be crushed and mixed with an apple or pudding for people who experience difficulties with swallowing pills.They can also be crushed and managed through Nasogastric (NG) TAA Nasogarric (NG) .

Extended release tablets

Extended release tablets (ER or XR) can be taken every 12 hours or even once a day.The improved release morphine is used only for people who experience continues from a moderate to severe pain. You should always review your health or pharmaceutical workers provider before crushing the ER tablet or ER open capsule.

cautious word with the extended release of morphine

with some advanced compositions,The functions of the capsule as a way to slowly release the medications that will be absorbed over time and crushing the tablet can lead to the dose. It is too high and toxic.

Other methods of delivery

In addition to liquid and solid shapes, morphine It can also be administered as injection in the muscle (intramuscular injection),As an injection in a fat tissue just below the skin (subcutaneous injection), or through intravenous infusion (IV).Although these delivery methods are generally not the first option in palliative care or in a situation of cuidering, morphine, introduced in these alternative methods, can be effective pain relief.

morphine can also be delivered in the form of a suppository (inserted in the rectum) for people who need a longer dose, but who You can swallow the morphine in the form of a liquid or tablet.If this is a delivery form, your health care provider recommends that you ask your nursing provider or medical care to demonstrate how to manage the suppository.

Meds information word

If you have concerns about the use of Morphine for pain or lack of breath)), It is important to talk with your Mountain Lord or health care provider.All different, and your hospital team can help you find the best methods of shapes and delivery to control your favorite symptoms.Taking care of a loved one at the end of life can be difficult, but it is one of the most loving and rewards that a person can do.

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