Mortifying lymph nodes and breast cancer.


armpit is a medical term used to describe your armpit. Within armpit, there are lymph nodes , filtering toxins and pathogenic microorganisms of the body.When a breast cancer occurs , these axillary nodes can start smell when filtering cancer cells and try to neutralize them.Due to its proximity to the thorax, the axillary lymph nodes are one of the first sites that health providers will be studied in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Function of the Meso nodes

Lymphatic lymph nodes are part of a lymphatic system consisting of lymph fluids, lymphatic glasses and lymph nodes, as well as spleen, almond and adenoid.Lymph nodes: Groups of small organs that store white blood cells called lymphocytes that help deal with infections and diseases.

If breast cancer occurs, health care providers often review the armpits to see if the axillary nodes swell.About 75% of the production of Solmph fluid breasts flows towards the axillary lymph nodes, which makes them important in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

If the blood and display of the test offer cancer, the axillary nodes can be removed surgically to see if the cancer is called the biopsy of the axillary node.Biopsy can help your oncologist determine if cancer is present and the process of formulating the disease begins.

Biopsy of the axillary node

The general procedure used to determine the presence of cancer is called the Sentinel node biopsy .The term ‘sentinel’ refers to the first moment in which the disease arises. Sentinel is generally carried out ambulatory at the center of the hospital or specialized surgery.

The process begins with an injection dye that helps the health care provider find the appropriate removal nodes.The first node that absorbs the dye is called sectinel node; This is the first in the chain of lymphatic nodes in which cancer cells are filtered.Since this is the first, with greater probability, it will offer a more precise result than that which is further in the pipe.

This node is sent to the laboratory to see if the cancer cells are in the node. .If the Sentinel node has no cancer, it is unlikely that its other nodes do not have it either. In this case, the additional operation is not necessary.


If the cancer is present, an axillary dissection will be carried out to eliminate additional lymph nodes.Auxilus settlement will determine how many lymph nodes in cancer. This will help determine how much treatment is necessary to attract cancer in sustainable remission.

For women with invasive breast cancer, this is generally done simultaneously as a mastectomy. Typical axial dissection time between two and about twenty nodes can be removed on average. The number of nodes is one of the key criteria to determine if the cancer is early (step of 1 to 2a) or more advanced (step 2b to 4).

During the dissection of the armpit, it will be put under general anesthesia with a hand raised on its head.This is a relatively fast and painless procedure.

Non-centered dissection can cause side effects. The header between them is lymphedema, swelling hands, hand, chest or body due to the violation of the lymphatic vessels.The estimated risk of lymedem after the unit is 14%. This can increase 33% if radiotherapy is used .

There may also be a loss of sensations in the mammary gland or mobility, limited mobility of hands and muscle weakness. Most of these symptoms temporarily and improve over time.Women generally request to avoid lifting heavy objects during recovery. Many women do not experience side effects of subsection.

During recovery, it is important that your health care provider knows if you experience abnormal symptoms, such as a high temperature similar to this, or an increase in pain, swelling and redness.

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