Muscle Pain on Statin Users: Symptoms, Reasons, Diagnosis


Statins is a group of cholesterol reduction preparations.Although very useful for many people who work in the management of hyperlipidemia, like all medications, statins are supplied with the risk of side effects.The so-called muscles associated with the symptoms of the statin (SAM), including the mialgia (generalized muscular pain) and myopathy myopathy (diseases that cause weakness of the museum) are remarkable.

Muscle pain associated with statins can be easy and inconvenient or significant enough to affect everyday life. In rare cases, the effects of these medications in the muscles can be serious.

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SAMS may vary depending on frequency and severity.Below are the three most common forms of muscle pain associated with static:

  • Myalgia: This type of muscular pain usually feels like soft pain on the shoulders, weapons,Hips or hipsMyalgia also often comes with a gentle sense of weakness.
  • myostite: myosit, the type of myopathy, cause pain and inflammation of muscle mass and inflammation, as well as elevation at the CK level (muscle enzyme) in the blood .The presence of CK in the blood is an indicator of damage to muscle damage. .The threatened state was characterized by the destruction of muscle tissue, which causes the release of the content of muscle fiber in the blood, potentially causing damage to kidneys.

Muscle problems associated with statin therapy generally start within a few weeks after A few months after starting treatment.While statin, connected with Malgia, Mositit and Rabdaliz, when stopping status, rhabdomyolysis can lead to irreversible muscle damage.

In addition, the study 2016 has been demonstrated with the autoimmune micropathies of statin are also a side effect of statins. This serious massive mass disease is rare and occurs in the proportion of patients.


While there are several theories as to why statins can cause muscle pain, no one has been confirmed.

The study showed that the Atrogin-1 gene can be a source of muscle pain in those who take the status of . This gene is included in the initial stages of the muscles, which is associated. With diseases like cancer , sepsis and AIDS.) (When the Atrogin-1 gene is not active, no muscle residues occur).

The study also showed that people who take Mevacor (Lovastatin) have higher levels of amproin-1 than those who do not take drugs.When the medication is removed from the cells, it does not cause damage to muscle damage. In the future, this can allow your medical care if you are at risk of pain associated with static muscles.In addition, scientists may be able to manipulate this genome or another involved to prevent muscle damage caused by statins.

Another theory is that statins can potentially interfere with the production of COQ10, coenzyme in the muscles. CoQ10 helps muscles to use energy they need to function properly.The proposed studies to make the additions of COQ10.

high dose of simvastatin (Zocor Brand Zocor) Apparently presents an increased risk of muscle pain than Medications for preparations.The risk seems to be significantly lower with lescol (flagastatin), probation (governor) and the crest (Rosavastatina). In this way, it is recommended that the Simvastatan dose be limited to 40 milligrams (MG) per day, which can reduce risk.of muscle problems.

Risk factors

Approximately 5% to 10% Of patients who take Sams statin experience or clear muscle pain. Your risk of SAM experience by making states increasing, if you:

  • over 80
  • woman
  • There is a smaller body frame
  • Drinking excessive alcohol
  • has certain conditions,Such as hypothyroidic agents
  • problems on preliminary muscle
  • consume a lot of grapefruit or cranberry juice )

Statin-The accompanying problems with muscle muscles are more likely to occur in people who are energetically involved in sports, especially if they begin to do so at rapid speeds, and not slowly increase the intensity.

is also more common in people who host other medications, including Lopid (gemfibrozil), as well as steroids, cyclosporine or niacin.

In addition, the investigation also showed that people with a deficit vitamin D tend to experience problems with the Muscle problems with statins more often than others.Some experts reported that the vitamin D administration of these people helps to facilitate these symptoms.

People who have muscle illness AMIOTROPTAL SIDE SCLEROSIS (ALS) ALSO Susceptible to raising the risk of muscle pain during the adoption of statins.

Diagnosis and treatment

Millions of Americans STATEBIDO TAKE AT AT ASPECTIVE TO ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR LIPE PROFILE Lipoprotein density (LDL) Cholesterol and triglycerides with increased high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol. They also reduce the probability of stroke and heart attack.

Due to these advantages, the decision to terminate the adoption of statins due to muscle linked pain is carefully considered.

If you started statins and experience muscle pain, consult your health care provider. It is likely that, in fact, the medication that causes its discomfort, will consider the opportunity and other reasons .

It is likely that your doctor will also check your blood for an improved level of the creatine kinase (CK). When the statins are detected, they will be detected immediately.

However, if your only pain symptoms and / or minor increase in blood levels CK, your health care provider may decide that the benefits of continuous statin therapy exceed the disadvantages of Minuses.They can offer a treatment stop for a while until the problem decides whether it will not be allowed.

Sometimes, switching to another style of the statin can solve the pain associated with side effects and muscles, so your doctor may recommend that in search of relief.

Although there are no pain relief mechanisms for pain associated with static, you can also find that bidding exercises and stretching can help.

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Even though statins Tested to help reduce cholesterol, they are supplied with different risks and side effects.In addition to muscle pain, they can include liver damage, digestion problems, high blood sugar levels, memory loss and confusion. . You and you should never stop accepting prescription drugs without your doctor in order.

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