Myofascial trigger points and tense headaches.


– Is it a soft knot at the top of the upper part of the back, neck or on the shoulder of the guilty for your headaches ? Let’s see this interesting phenomenon.

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.> Tube a knot, located in a tugascular area. The node or node can be clearly under the skin and pressed gently when pressed or when an external pressure is applied .

The activation point can also be painful at rest (this is called the trigger’s active point). The latent point of the trigger, on the other hand, does not give spontaneous pain, but it can limit the range of human movement In this area or cause muscle weakness.

In addition, when the pressure is applied to the tense node. Muscular group, which holds the node contracts. This reduction or spasm creates contraction muscles that can be felt or seen.

Miofascial trigger points formation

It is not completely clear how the activation points are developed, but the experts suggest that the damage of muscle tissue is likely to be likely.Sports injuries, post-bride scars and even events in the workplace that repeat stress in certain muscles (for example, sitting at a table with limited support support) can be guilty potential.

Although there is no specific laboratory or visualization to diagnose activation points, the health care provider can generally diagnose it with a complete physical examination. , which, as they say, may be required Visualization and analysis of blood to eliminate pain conditions that mimic the points of myofascial triggers on the neck, shoulders and The muscles of the head.While it is not an exhaustive list, some examples of these conditions include:

  • Voltatrita
  • Language of the cervical disc

<> Fibromyalgia also causes bid points (not being confused with activation points),But there is no difference associated with the associated value of pain.

Link between the miscarm and tension points of headaches

When the activation point is in the muscles of the neck, shoulder and head,It can take Alo that can lead to a pain mentioned or common that creates the same pain as the tension headache . In addition, some experts believe that long-term pains admitted from myofascial activation points can touch the central nervous system, which makes it more easily excited or more vulnerable to the nerves of pain .

This suggests that the activation points on the neck and shoulders can lead to a conversion of episodes to chronic headaches at a height of in some people.

, while the exact connection between the myofascial trigger points and the tension headaches are still unknown, and something discussed in the medical community is,I hope that the most scientific research can joke the connection in the future

Treatment of points of myofascial triggers

A type of therapy,Sometimes it is used to treat headaches associated with myofascial trigger points, it is a type of massage, CameroƩ by massage from the trigger point. This massage focuses on weakening the compressed and tied muscles.

The study in 2015 examined the effectiveness of the trigger launch massage to facilitate tension headaches. In this six-week study in Clinical pain of the magazine, 56 participants with stress headaches were randomized to spend 45 minutes of Massage trigger.Week or 45-the Massage Minute placebo twice a week. The release of the activation point focuses on the main muscles at the top of the back, neck and lower head.

for placebo.The study was two blind values as the participants, and ultrasound techniques did not know that the ultrasonic device used was not functional.

The results

The results of the study showed that the participants had a decrease in headache from the initial level (before starting the start of the study) regarding massage and placebo.However, there was no statistical difference between the two groups, however, the trigger massage did not find it better than the placebo.

However, the self-assessment of the participant of his alleged pain revealed a greater decrease in pain by the massage group compared to the placebo group. The intensity of the headaches and the duration did not change in the massage group or in the placebo group.

The results of the investigation showed:

  • held a reduction in lower headache in terms of treatment,So for placebo
  • greater pain decrease for the treatment group
  • there are no changes in the intensity of the headaches or the duration of the processing or the placebo



Do these results mean? It is difficult to say, since placebo worked as well as a real massage.It can assume that the simple intervention that passes helps the headaches, although it is likely that the mechanisms differ between the placebo and the massage of the activation point.

It can also be an individual process that means that the massage can work for some, and not for others.The refusal should experience a massage for himself, while he no longer knows the link between the headaches and the moments of the myopacial points of the trigger.

In the end, more studies learned about the role of the ligning point massage in reducing headaches. Useful.

Word of the information received from Meds

Accurate connection between the pains of Head by tension and myopaco Trigger points are still not clear.If you think that the trigger point can be a culprit in your headaches, try to release an activation point under health care care, it can be a reasonable approach.

Discussion with your medical care.

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