Natural means for palsy bell



is the type of temporary paralysis , which affects the muscles of the face. It is believed that the state is associated with damage to the nerves and can be treated with alternative drugs or approaches.Most cases will leave independently, but treatment can help symptoms solve faster.

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Paralista de Campana , generally,It appears suddenly and reaches a peak around 48 hours after they start. In most cases, only one side of the person is paralyzed. The condition may vary depending on the weak muscle weakness for a complete paralysis.

The distortion of the face is common among people with Bella’s paralysis.Symptoms may also include:

  • twisted
  • excess break in eye eye
  • dry eye
  • > reduction of a century
  • falling to the corner of the mouth
  • drujo
  • dry
  • deterioration


Paralysis invoice: This is usually the specified name when there is no clear reason for the paralysis of the face of the facial nerve .However, scientists suspect that viral infections such as herpes simple (a virus that causes’> cold reinforcements . O Herpes Zostermay cause swelling and inflammation in personal nerves, which, in turn, can lead to Bella’s set of paralysis. . % Up to 50% of the patients who experience it.

Risk factors

The following people may have an increased risk of paralysis bells:

  • pregnant women
  • People with diabetes
  • PeopleSfruit of cold or influenza

This condition is more common between the ages of 15 and 60 Years, but it can happen at any age.


In the treatment of Bella’s paralysis, health care providers focus on the source of nervous damage.This may include the use of antiviral drugs, as well as the use of anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce swelling, is believed to be related to Bella Paralsy.

Clinical practice manual recommends:

  • oral steroids during the first 72 hours
  • Antiviral therapy for some cases together with steroids,but not only
  • eye protection in those cases when age is not closed correctly

, Even without treatment, most cases are improved independently within two weeks. In rare cases marked with extremely severe damage to the nerves, nerve fibers can irreversibly violate.

Tool protection Natural

Very few scientific studies studied the use of alternative medications in the treatment of Bella’s paralysis.However, preliminary studies suggest that the following methods of treatment can benefit patients with paralysis bells:

  • Biofeedback: Biofeedback -This is a practice that includes participation in the management of vital functions, which are generally unconscious (such as respiration, heart rate and blood pressure) through the use of specialized electronic devices.Some studies suggested that biological communication, alone or in combination with people for a person, can contribute to the restoration of Bella’s paralysis, but the results were inconsistent.The 2018 study found that the rehabilitation of the face for a person can prevent people with Bella’s paralysis for the subsequent development of something called oral ocular sinkclass in which smiling leads to closure. .According to the review of the scientific literature, published in 2015. However, the reviewers concluded that existing studies were hampered by a bad design and that the evidence is not enough to recommend this treatment.

Word Get Information Meds

Due to a limited study, it is too early to recommend natural tools for bell paralysis.It is also important to keep in mind that composure and avoidance or delay of standard medical care may have serious consequences.If you are considering the use of natural tools for Bell’s paralysis (or any other state), first consult with your health care provider.

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