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Nuts are structures that allow information on how to give information from the brain to the periphery of your body, and nerves can also send messages to the brain.The nerves take important information about the sensations you feel, as well as the movements that your brain wants your body to do.

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When the nerve function is broken, people may experience symptoms of pain, weakness and abnormal sensation.

The ulnapal nerve is one of several severe nerves that provide higher extremities (hands). The nerve of the ulcer is formed using several large nerve fibers in the area around the shoulder blade, called shoulder division. When leaving the shoulder plexus, the elbow nerve passes through the lever, the supply of information on some of the forearm muscles and hands and provides information about the oath to certain areas of the hand.


Tingling and numbness

numbness and tingling (generally called as vaporization) are signs that nerve signals are broken. It is often due to pressure or inflammation around the nerve. The location of paresthesia is not always the location of the problem that causes nerve dysfunction.

For example, in the case of the cubital tunnel syndrome, the most common place for paresthesia is in question, a ring and a small finger. However, the location of the pressure on the nerve is close to the elbow joint.


Pain can be a symptom of many medical conditions, and the differentiation of pains that emanate from an abnormal nerve function can be complex.Often, the pain associated with a nervous state is also associated with paresthesia, as described above.In addition, the pain associated with an abnormal nerve function, which often experiences as a burning sensation, which radiates along the nerve trajectory. People with pain Nervous often describe shots or electrical pain.


When the nerve function is broken, the brain has the difficulty of communication to activate specific muscles . This can be tested as the weakness of these muscles.In an acute environment, this can be tested as difficulty with specific activities or maneuvers. People with fabric nerve injuries may have difficulty compressing or capturing objects. In the chronic configuration, people who have long-standing nerve compression may experience the cost of the muscles, which are called atrophy .

This is usually an irreversible problem and it is considered to be marking areas where the body has lost its normal muscle mass. It can be seen in people with local nerve injuries such as a waste of soft tissue fabrics.Holding both hands side by side can make signs of more obvious spending.

Not all people with damage or nerve condition that disturbs normal nerve function will experience all these symptoms.Most of the time, people are tired in most of all these symptoms, but they can not even notice others. Other people will have several signs of nervous dysfunction.

Careful exam will help identify signs of nerve dysfunction, even if these signs are not usually the symptoms.

Calls Loln nerve lesions can occur at several points along the course of the nerve. Sometimes injuries occur as an acute injury , in which there is a sudden traumatic injury, which leads to nerve damage.Other times, nervous problems can be the result of a chronic and long-standing state, which causes a gradual deterioration of nerve function over time.

Some of the most common places and mechanisms for damaging the ultrarium local nerve include the following conditions fail

Delicious tunnel syndrome. Elbow nerve for the elbow. The actual disposition of the compression of the elbow nerve in people with cubic tunnel syndrome may vary and described as a compression that emanates from a series of different structures for the elbow.In this place, the local nervous is wrapped directly behind the bone of the shoulder bone along the back of the elbow.

Different structures, including packets, blood vessels and tendons, were described as a source of compression in a cubal tunnel.The cubital tunnel syndrome is classified as neuropathy compression of the upper extremity. This condition is the second most common type of compression neuropathy, after tunnel tunnel syndrome .

Channel syndrome (address paralysis)

The Hyone Canal, also called Unnar Tunnel, is a place on the wrist, which contains the nerve of the elbow. The compression of the local nerve in this place can occur as a result of fractures to small bones doll or cyst ganglia Training inside the wrist.However, one of the most common causes of nerve compression on the heyon canal is the so-called ‘flyer paralysis’,’They are experiencing cyclists when the nerve pinched the bones of the wrist and the steering wheel of a bicycle that leads to pain and numbness.

is It is the reason why many cyclists use soft gloves when capturing their steering wheel.If soft gloves do not properly facilitate symptoms, changing your grip or change on the other style steering wheel, you can often eliminate symptoms of numbness and tingling, which tend to occur when applied.

Funny bone

funny bone is the name that people use to describe Poor injuries to the elbow elbow. In this place, in love, the nervous envelope by the hand of the bone (shoulder) alone under the skin.In this place, there is a very small protection against soft tissue around the local nerve in this place and, as a result, having hit this part of the elbow, against the object, often causes acute pain, tingling and numbness along the nerve Of elbow. This feeling that people describe when they say they hit their funny bone. ‘

Traumatic injuries

Traumatic lesions occur as a result of a sudden, often persistence of the nerve.Some of the most common mechanisms include angry angry (bruises, ribbon and surprised lesions. Nerva’s facilities usually occur after an autumn collision or automobile.

Since the Telski nerve is close to the skin, direct lesion to suitable skin and tissues Soft can cause nerve compaction.

Acarros can be caused by broken glass injuries, knife injuries and other sharp objects. The nerve coery injuries can be caused by injuries when the nerve can not be damaged directly by a bullet fragment, but victims of the strength of the agitation force.


The diagnosis of any nervous disorder requires a deep understanding of the symptoms experienced by the patient, a complete physical examination to verify the function of the nerves,And a complete understanding of the anatomy of the human body to help locate the source of nerve dysfunction. One of the incredible things in relation to the nerves in our bodies is that, with the exception of very rare circumstances, they provide the same models of sensation and participation of the muscles. in relation to each one.

The nerve of the ulcer is very predictable, providing a feeling exactly in the same area for almost all: a small finger and half of the annular finger. Knowing these nerve function functions templates can help you experience the examiner to find the source of the problem.

Signature Tinel

Many test methods are used for isolation and The nerve tested function. A specific test used to explore people with suspicion of nerve disorders is called Tindel’s .The Tinel sign is considered positive when the examiner is tilted directly on the location of the nerve abnormality, and this recreates the symptoms of paresthesia and discomfort along the nervous trajectory,And not in a certain place where you press.

For example, as a sign of a positive shift in a patient with a cubic tunnel syndrome, by clicking on the elbow board directly on the elbow nerve, re-create the symptoms of paresthesia and pain In the ring. and small fingers.

Other tests

Several different studies can be used to evaluate the elbow nerve, as well as evaluate the surrounding anatomy which can cause compression or damage to the elbow nerve.Regular radiography may be useful if there are concerns about bone deformations, osa> scary bone or other abnormal structures that can cause irritation of a federated nerve.

Other modalities of the images, including RMIS and CT scans, are less common to evaluate the problems of Lolly’s nerves, but They can also be useful, especially if there is a possible concern cause,As a cyst, tumor, or other soft dough tissues that may cause compression on the nerve.

High resolution ultrasound is used more frequently, taking into account that it is not invasive and relatively quick and easy to perform. However, the ultrasound exams depend firmly on the technology experience, and not all objects have the ability to learn the elbow nerve with ultrasound. Electric nervous studies include nerve measurement and electromyography or EMG.

, while these studies can be useful for determining the source of the nervous state, they can be inconvenient because they include the needle placement in the Skin and measurement of the electric current along the nerve path.

Nerva lesions are not famous for being complex diagnostic problems to find out.Often, the determination of the location of nerve damage can be very simple (for example, after the penetration of injuries), or it can be extremely difficult. It is important to work with your health care provider and allow it to be developed with a diagnostic desire.Often, the evaluation and treatment of nerve conditions are not a simple unique visit to the health care provider’s office.

Sometimes, several types of health care providers work together to determine the source of nerve damage and help determine the most appropriate treatment of this problem.People with problems of nerve injuries can be considered by their primary health care provider, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists,Partyists or other specialists who will help determine the most appropriate treatment for a certain state.


The only way to achieve an effective treatment of any nervous state is to understand the exact location of the source of the problem. May sound simple, but often the symptoms of nerve problem are not tested in the location of nervous damage. The provision of deciphering the location of the problem often takes some time and testing, but it is important to achieve effective treatment.

Almost all situations of nerve damage, most importantly: find ways to remove pressure and tension on the nerve, which is hurt.

can only be able to avoid specific actions that press the nerve.This may include the use of immobilization to limit nerve movement, and sometimes it includes a gasket for protection to reduce nerve pressure.

If the compression component in the nerve is the result of inflammation, the treatment modalities that processes inflammation can be useful. Sometimes, these procedures include current anti-inflammatory measures ( ice application ),Oral anti-inflammatory drugs ( non-inducing non-inductive drugs ) or steroid preparations (including oral medications or oral preparation injections).

Surgical methods for the treatment of thick nerve problems depend on the type of nerve damage. When direct nerve injuries occur, such as a gap, these injuries are often repaired shortly after the injury.Total, if there is a wide area of nervous damage, the preparation of nerve vaccines can be performed to restore healthy parts of the nerve. In the presence of compression on the nerves, the surgical solutions are directed at not only the pressure relief, but also eliminating the tension of the nerve.

In some cases, it is also like the removal of pressure on the nerve in the minimally invasive procedure. It may include the transfer of the nerve position so that there is less voltage in the nerve.The habitual attitude towards people with cubate syndrome tunnel is to move the nerve from the back of the elbow to the front of the elbow, so that the nerve is no longer under significant tension,When the elbow is bent: this operation is called the transposition of the elbow nerve.Failure

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ULTER The nerve is one of the main nerves of the upper extremity and is crucial to provide information on the forearm and muscles of the hand of your brain,And also the return of information about the sensations of the limb. The anomalies of local nerve function can occur for several reasons. The determination of the source of damage to the elbow nerve is important to ensure adequate treatment.

Often, the location of the nerve damage is far from the location of the symptoms experienced by a person with the problem of the elbow nerve.The treatment varies from simple steps to rule out the pressure on the nerve to more invasive surgical solutions.

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