New YouTube policy Delete vaccine video


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  • experts say that the prohibition of YouTube can help combat the proliferation of disinformation of health.
  • It is important to really review health information with reliable sources before trusting or dividing it with other people.
  • In this digital, deceptive era and false content can be distributed as a forest fire online.In the distance of the entire pandemic, the uninformed of the vaccine is called without restrictions on social networks and video libraries.

    This is September, YouTube announced that they expand their medical missilel policies to cover a wider scale of the harmful content of the vaccine on their platform.Since 2020, the company has shot more than 130,000 videos, which violated its vaccine policies against Covid-19.

    The new policy now intends to eliminate the false and inaccurate content over the current vaccines currently approved by the health authorities only than Vaccines COVID-19, as well as vaccination as a whole.

    Many concern you that the new policy can not make a big difference, since the video with false information continues to attract millions of views.However, it is likely that the prohibition will help reduce the speed of dissemination of disinformation of medical care to armies.

    YouTube plays a role in dissemination of misinformation Health

    It is important that the sets are recognized and become the function that they play in the spread of contentFalse and deceptive. Revenues show that more than 40% of people use social networks as a source of health information. / P>

    According to Vivek h Vice Admiral, MERTI, MD, MBA , Usageneal surgeon, disinformation of health can cause confusion, sow distrust and bring damage to the health of people.

    As an emergency doctor doctor on the line of cross-cutting lines, it is for the patients themselves, who are now with Covid-19 Rapide with the credentials on the Internet, Emmanueel Ohuabunwa, MD, MBA , Associate Professor in Emergency Situations at the Southwest Medical Center, reports to obtain information medications.Therefore, support the social networking companies that perform their parts to protect the lives of patients with whom we serve.

    Studies show that YouTube was a source of misinformation for public health crises, such as the H1N1 pandemic, Ebola Flash and Zika flash.Approximately one quarter of the video is provided for these diseases for deceptive content, and most of them have provided independent users.

    During the current Covid-19 pandemic, the video containing false information, also garner millions of types on the platform.

    Although people who distribute disinformation on YouTube are likely to move to another platform, the prohibition remains in the right direction, says Ohuabunva .

    ‘, when large companies commanding a large market share, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, make concerted efforts to combat disinformation, inevitably obscure the activities of smaller players, “he adds .

    There is also a high prevalence of disinformation on Facebook and Twitter, which are often separated by low trust sources that are confirmed on social networking platforms. .Program in RTI International and Editor of Massive disinformation and audience , reports information from medicines. They are looking for information they can use. They go to the sites where there is the information they find convincing.Some of the largest social networking platforms are places where people are transformed regularly and, therefore,The decrease in disinformation in these places can be translated directly to a smaller number of people who disinform arise.

    What does it mean to you

    Internet penetrated with health actions, so it is important that you review any claim or stories before dividing them with others.Always consult with reliable and reliable sources, such as public sites or health care facilities.

    Verification of facts using reliable information sources

    Some people who share misinformation can do so inadvertently.Although the intention is to help others, allowing them to know about important data, without consulting the accuracy of the information before sharing, it can cause greater damage that it is important to learn to identify and avoid disseminating the disinformation of health.

    The missing tends to play in the emotions of the peoples, such as anger and fear, says to the headlines, how to click here, so they do not want to see.So regrets, in so moment, people are susceptible to their emotions in contrast to a more thoughtful and methodical approach.

    Inaccurate and deceptive information is often framed in a sensational and emotional method, which is level with cognitive prejudices, suggesting that people exchange their urgency.Platforms in social networks also have a significant impact, which allows emotionally charged stories to extend easier than emotionally neutral content.

    If you read what seems too good to be true or in which you have a strong emotional reaction can be useful for additional sources of Information to make sure they argue that the declaration,Says Southwell

    Experts say that people should do so, referring to a handful of trust sources and reliable sources of information that include:

    Fortunately,Many of these organizations are now on social networks and use their platforms to combat disinformation, says Ohuabunva. I urge readers to follow these platforms.I also encourage medical workers to use their platforms to strengthen these votes when we work together to make a pandemic in the past.

    The information in this article is current as the specified date, which means that the new information may be available when reading it. To get the latest Covid-19 updates, visit our Coronavirus news page.

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