Normal pressure eye: Test and Treatment


Eye pressure, also known as intraocular pressure (IOP), is a fluid pressure inside the eye. Used as a measurement for the diagnosis of ocular disease, the periodic dimension of its pio is necessary for eye health.For example, ocular hypertension (an increase in IOP) is a clinical indicator of Glaucoma for the purpose of treatment to reduce pressure.

What is the normal ocular pressure?

Intraocular pressure (IOP), liquid pressure measurement inside the eye,What can help diagnose current ocular disorders and give an understanding of eye health. The water pressure deepens death from the eye and the new fluid replaces it as necessary.It creates a homeostatic balance that regulates the pressure on the eyes.

IOP is not a fixed number, but it fluctuates in man, but also from person to man is impossible to compare his pio another person.Passage Ordinary eye exams is crucial for eye health. This includes a complete exam, which includes TaA Tomodetry , diagnostic test to measure PIOP.

Some separate oscillations are normal, but they can also be a sign of deterioration of the disease of the progressive eye. The abnormal intraocular pressure of the eyes may indicate a severe eye problem.

Ocular hypertension (an increase in the IOP) can be a sign of warning of progressive glaucoma and, possibly, blindness. The decrease in the pio can be an indicator for the progressive separation retina and the choroida. In addition, the differences in the eyes pressure between the eyes can be a sign of irrita or disconnection of the retina.

As measured.

The eye pressure is usually measured during routine or emergency exams; however, it was also performed after the eyes injury in the room of Emergencies or at the Primary Medical Care Office. .The front surface of your eye with a shining device with blue, creating a small amount of pressure in the eye.

  • Ophthalmologist measures the pressure inside each eye.
  • The most common type of test in tonometry is called the Goldmann applicator test test.Long considered the gold standard of eye pressure tests, includes the use of a probe resistant to the floor that is gently pressed against the surface of the eye.

    Other contactless methods include a tone handle and an ILEK tonometer.It is considered less accurate, these diagnostic tests use the air pressure, which applies to your eye using a tool that divides slightly to the cornea.

    interesting, there is no suitable one-side pressure, since the pressure of each person is different. According to this reason, the pressure range of the eyes is 10 and 21 mm RT.More recently, the FDA approved the use of the Diatona Tonometer to measure the PIO through the eyelids and the scler. Dialing is a handle as a similar handle with stainless steel tip, which allows the user to touch the lid in the area over the area.Box, on the screen.This device is very important for patients who can not open their eyes and / or have had the previous operation to their eyes.

    Pressure eye and glaucoma

    Glaucoma isartoup of chronic progressive eye diseases that can cause loss of vision and blindness,Get rid of the nerve on the back of your ekitala of the optic nerve . The prerequisite of blindness for patients with more than 60 years of glaucoma will affect more than 3 million Americans with more than 120,000 blinds. Of Glaucoma.

    There are three main types of glaucoma,Including: / P>

    • Open angle glaucoma (most common)
    • EsquinacosureEglaucoma
    • Congenital glaucoma

    while there is no final cause of glaucoma,There is a significant correlation between the precipitated pressure of high precipitation and glaucoma.Dice that does not cause glaucoma, but is a significant risk factor.

    Over time, high pressure leads to the fact that nerve fibers in the retina die, which leads to a decrease in vision.A significant loss of vision and blindness is extremely common if Glaucoma is not treated.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent glaucoma or even cure it, but eyes medications can reduce eye pressure and decrease The speed of the progression of the disease.In addition, any damage from glaucoma can not be changed with medications or reduced ocular pressure.

    Pressure treatment of the Eye

    Pharmacological and nemacological options are available to help reduce and normalize eye pressure.All treatment options are determined by your health care provider after an integrated eye exam and health history.

    Medications used to normalize eye pressure have side effects and interact with other medications.For this reason, it is important to take all medications according to the prescriptions and discuss all current medications, vitamins and additives with your health care provider.

    The most common medications of ocular drops used to normalize eye pressure:

    If eye drops are ineffective,Your health care provider can begin with oral preparations that will reduce the pressure of the eyes. To reduce the amount of liquid production in the eye. These medications are usually carbon inhibitors, such as acetazolamide and methaasolamide.

    Glaucoma surgery is also a common option for these patients. This option will help normalize the PIOP, But it does not prevent you from lifting it again.The fortress is something that should not be taken slightly and only after a reflective consideration and an open discussion with a qualified eye surgeon.

    While the non-ermic options will not normalize the pressure in the eyes, they are additional options .Currently, these options are not approved by the FDA for the treatment of high pressure eye and should be done only after consulting with your health care provider.

    Additional treatments should never be used to replace prescribed medications. These options include:

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