Orchiopsexia procedures: What to expect


Orchiopexy is a surgical procedure that repairs an incomplete egg direction , or avoid removing eggs.The procedure includes the movement of the eggs of the abdominal cavity or the groin, the author in which he is at this moment, at the time in the scrotum (SAC to the underneath).The doctor will then fix surgically the egg to the scrotum with a stitch stitch. ‘

Learn more about the order why someone needs, as well as the potential risks involved.

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What is cryptorchidism?

Cryptorchidism -This is a term that describes a hidden egg (or both eggs), which have not descended or longer to four months. Babies presented, cryptorchidism describes one or both eggs that do not descend at the appropriate age.When both eggs are affected, it is called bilateral cryptorchidism, and the state restoration procedure is called bilateral Orchiopseys.


Absence of one or both testicles in the scrotum occurs at birth about 1.8% to 8.4% of full children. In the previous new body, this number can be up to 30% according to a study published in the Medical Journal of Germany .

The moment of the baby reaches a year, the incidence of cryptorchidism decreases from 1% to 2%.It is worth reasoning that health care providers are not immediately chosen to execute Orchiopsexia, but rather, wait a certain period of time to observe the state and find out if it is corrected spontaneously without surgery.


The diagnosis of cryptorchidism is manifested by the missing egg in the scrotum.

The question is whether the eagles remain in the stomach, they are in the groin, or is absent in general.

According to a urological study, the visualization (for example, x-rays or scanning of TC) is not a useful diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of cryptorchidism.

The author of the study explains that if the indecisive testicle can not be palpable (felt), the next course of action to diagnose the terms of evaluation by a specialist, as a general rule, a pediatric urologist , and later,Possibly orchoplexy operation. This if the eggs did not occur after the child’s age is six months.

Many Experts is said to be anorchiopex should stay from six to 12 months.What does the investigation say?

In a study, the urologist Dr.TocTevid Kurtz suggests that patients with HCC uninacked testes are diagnosed after six months, must be transferred to a correction specialist, therefore, the operation can be done within a year after that.This allows the tests to spontaneously descend if they are a dose of arret, simultaneously facilitating early intervention.

Kurtz continues to explain that early intervention is aimed at reducing the risks associated with untreated educationless testicles.

The risks of raw raw eggs can include egg and infertility cancer.

Other research studies have found that an early operation in positive effects.However, an evaluation found that people obtained a significant reduction in the probability of a child’s paternity in those who were treated by bilaterals (both sides) with testes without faithful.

It was not that they were in people in the studio that had a single naughty egg.

Orchiopexy is considered beneficial for long-term fertility for those who administer a unilateral lost egg and received the procedure until the second birthday.


The incidence of eggs inflicted for babies with certain conditions.

Conditions of high risk of cryptorchidism

  • low birth weight
  • defined genetic disorders

An example of one of those genetic disorders that put a person at high risk PARDER-WILLI (syndrome, which causes obesity, intellectual disability and fertilization).

Although the incidence of cryptorchidism increases with certain syndromes, this is usually a condition that appears without other genetic disorders .

Treatment delay

Orchiopexyis reviewed a voluntary procedure, but there is a risk of serious consequences, leaving crypttorocidism without treatment for too long.These include: Research

found that children who had a procedure performed up to 10 years have decreased, such as the risk of egg cancer to the general population.

Senior Boys and Adults

Even though orchopsexies applies more frequently to young children, the procedure sometimes is needed for older children and men.In these cases, the testicle descends as usual, but with the introduction intermittently in the groin zone.

The egg hole can lead to pain and discomfort of some cases when this happens, the testicle can be twisted blocking the blood supply with sperm. This is an emergency scenario called twisting eggs.Orchily will be made to avoid repetition of torsion testicles, or it will appear first.

In many cases, independent Yazvie can also be fixed with the Orchiopsexia procedure to guarantee the prevention of tears of tears in both testins.

During surgery


The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes for most patients.This generally includes ambulatory surgery, which means that most patients go home on the same day.Adults who received general anesthesia should ensure that they have agreed their home at home, as they will not be able to ride at least 24 hours after surgery.


The surgical procedure is performed using general anesthesia , which makes all the Body go to sleep and help to relax the muscles and reflexes completely.In addition to general anesthesia, caudal anesthesia can be administered to block abdominal pain, lower back and lower trunk area after surgery.The local anesthetic firing can be administered at the place of queue anesthesia if the surgeon considers it preferable.


Very small carving in the PAH area to find an egg.Make sure it is great. Many times there is a bag of accompanying hernia (a bag that is pushed outside the abdomen) that the doctor should be applied until the end of the orchoplexy.

Next, the pocket is created below the skin of the scrotum and the egg is placed on the scrotum.Finally, the surgeon will close sections with stitches that dissolve naturally and should not be removed.

Before surgery

The preliminary operation must be accompanied by the operation. They often include intermediate time not used or drinking before the surgeon (the surgeon will give written, specific instructions).

In addition, the instructions for nutrition and water will differ according to the age of a child or an adult reception operation.

After surgery

This is normal for the patient to be confused, a fussy or nausea after surgery. The patient can wake up crying.However, these effects will wear out after anesthesia is absent from the child system.

For parents whose son had a procedure, the most important work is to keep calm and keep a child or a calm and relaxed child, as before and after surgery.

Postoperative instructions generally include lifting that is not found and without stressful or intense workouts for approximately two weeks after surgery.

Downloads (instructions at home)

Feel fuel can be there so soon As the patient arrives home, too. It is normal and, ultimately, it goes.

Single clean fluids It should be administered within a few hours after operations (including cameras or cameras, Kool-Aid and Gatorade without dyes).If clear fluids are also allowed, within two hours or a softer food diet, such as bananas, rice, toast, soup or apple. It is necessary to avoid fatty products.

Pain control

Anesthetic medications will be assigned to the HealthPan supplier within the first two days after surgery (usually thyleneol or motive For children A.Five years). Children under the age of five can be given a recipe for Thilenol with a focused pain.

Rear Visit

The after surgeon visit or the primary health care provider will be scheduled for approximately four to six weeks after the procedure.

Short care

The download instructions will include how to change the sterile band Around the site. Antibiotic ointment usually applies several times a day in the cutting area.Bathroom sponges (with mouse) should be done within four or five days after surgery. There should not be full diving water.

Activity After surgery

, the health care provider will advise at the activity level, but there will be limitations. The bicycle and swimming are usually prohibited for a week.Children generally allow you to return to school within two or three days after surgery.However, participation in contact sports and simulators is not allowed a later meeting with the surgeon (usually after four to six weeks).

When calling a doctor

Contact your doctor immediately, if symptoms occur, including :

  • Fever more than 101 degrees
  • folor-Smelling plums section of the section
  • tenderness or pain near the cut, deterioration of gravity
  • in swelling or redness near the section
  • nausea , Vomiting, diarrhea or constipation,that do not improve

MEDS information word

It is important to keep in mind that these guidelines They are about what the Orchiopsies includes, they are common.The surgeon will discuss specific instructions, and the written list of download instructions will generally be considered during the office visit at the date of operation.Parents whose child has a procedure or an adult must be delivered, which is carried out by the procedure. It is important to follow the instructions of medical care, even when they differ from the information from other sources.

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