Oxycodon: Use, side effects, dose, precautions


prescribed to help control the pain of moderate to severe pain, the oxicodon is an opioid analgesic drug.It acts on the central nervous system (SNC) of the brain, essentially overwhelming pain pain and stimulates its own body pain system.

oxycodon is sold in many names, including XTampza Er, Oxyfast, Oxaydo, OxyContin and others.The active ingredient in other opioid compositions in its pure oxycodone form is usually a tablet or capsule, although it can be assigned in liquid form.

Although it is very effective in reducing discomfort, this medication gives a range of side effects, has a very high abuse potential, and the previous one can be fatal.The illegal use of opioids, such as oxycodone, contributed a strong increase in the deaths of miscarriage and health problems, which is a public health crisis in the United States.

If you or the beloved, you were prescribed oxycodone, knowing how this medicine works, what effects are, and how to obtain it safely.

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, Like all Opioids, oxycodone, are mainly an anesthetic medicine.Currently, recommendations for the production of food and drugs (FDA) for use are:

  • Chronic moderate pain to severe as in osteoarthritis, back pain ,In addition to some other conditions: health care providers will witness the extension of the Oxycodone versions, such as XTampza Er U Oxycontin, for cases in which other approaches should not be successful.
  • Acute pain moderate to severe that can not be controlled with other methods: Quickly in the forms and some derivatives of this medication can be listed to get help for convenience after Surgery,Some types of cancer or after painful injuries, such as bone fracture.

Before drinking

In light of an opioid epidemic in growth in the United States , health care providers became more cautious in the propitious of oxycodone.They ensure that pain can not be handled by other means and work with patients to make sure they do not develop drug addiction. As such, an exhaustive evaluation is an integral part of the process.

Before this medication is introduced or prescribed, the Disease Control Centers (CDC) recommend practicing,Consider the following:

  • Abuse potential : Health Suppliers perform an exhaustive evaluation to determine that the patient will probably develop a disorder of use opioid (ud),What is the drug dependence? This will mean an estimate of your previous antecedent of the substance and alcohol consumption.
  • Effective minimum dose : opioids, such as oxycodone, it is required when 24-hour control of moderate to severe pain is required.Health providers will work with you to determine the dose, which is as limited as possible and control it throughout the course of the drug, to encourage you with this preparation.
  • Risk factors : Since oxycodone ER has such a common effect on multiple body systems,Practitioners must also factorize the risk factors for the side effects of refusal means an assessment of health status, as well as any prescribed or excessive preparation, as well as additives, you accept.
  • Other controls PARELD : For chronic pain, especially health care providers, they will first study alternatives to oxycodone to control pain.These include TAA Tylenol (acetaminophen) , anti-inflammatory drugs NESTEROID (NSAID) , such as Advil (ibuprofen) and aleve ( naproxen ) or other approaches, such as cognitive therapy of behavior (CBT) and exercises.
  • URINE TESTS : Professionals test urine to evaluate the levels of other medications in the body or detect any Use without opioid restrictions.

Precautions and contraindications

Health care providers are always very careful for the prescription of oxycodone, and there are several factors,Direct use contraindicated:

  • Respiratory depression : from one of the side effects of the opioid respiratory drugs, in which breathing is slower and less effective.Those who already have this condition should not give these medications.
  • not enough bronze asthma : associated with the above, opioids are not safe for unmanaged asthma patients, in which the Respiratory tract for inflammation in the lungs.
  • Gastrointestinal obstruction : oxycodon can also affect the gastrointestinal system, so the conditions that cause the intestinal obstacle, such as the paralytic ileus , are contraindicated.This may arise due to a series of conditions, including pancreatitis , appendicitis , gastroenteritis (animal flu) and other conditions.
  • Allergy : Some patients have increased sensitivity to oxycodone, which will lead to anaphylactic shock , medical care characterized by hard breath, eruption Cutaneous and impact.

, In addition, health care providers should also consider the following, which can affect effectiveness and increase risks ,Related to treatment:

  • aged : oxycodone indicated mainly for adults, although abbreviated doses can be given to children 11 years and greater,With modifications made for those who have more than 65.
  • Pregnancy : Taking oxycodon or other opioids for long periods during pregnancy can lead to newborn output syndrome, in which the newborn Nation is born, and experience.It can be fatal and requires careful management.
  • Breastfeeding : suggest that opioids can be transferred to children during care, so that breasts advise alternatives.
  • Chronic obstructive lung diseases (COPD) : patients with COPD, progressive inflammation of the lungs, which leads to respiratory difficulties, may not be good candidates for oxycodoneFor the highest risk of respiratory depression. This is especially the case of those who have more than 65.
  • Adrenal insufficiency : This is a rare condition, this is when your body does not produce enough cortisol hormones and / or aldosterone.This can lead to treatment and, therefore, will be considered carefully in those who are with this condition.
  • LI> Low blood pressure (hypotension) : If your blood pressure is too low To reduce the volume of blood or as a result of the adoption of some medications,Oxycodon can increase the risk of developing shock, reduction of heart performance at hazardous levels.

  • Intracranial pressure : Some cerebral tumors or damage to the head of the patients are experiencing an increase in intracranial pressure in which it increases in the liquid spinal (liquid,What surrounds the brain) to put pressure on the brain, in itself. When an oxycodon can additionally aggravate this problem.
  • Capture disorders : Patients who experience the or brain prizes can be to generate the risk of developing them when it is Designate
  • Using certain medications : although they can not contraindicate their use, benzodiagenes and medications that act on CYP3A4 receptors in the brain,It can also cause severe reactions when removing together with oxycodone (see below).

Make sure your medical provider knows all medications, additives and vitamins you are currently taking .Despite the fact that some medications have mild interaction risks, others can eliminate the contraindications of use or a thorough revision tip with respect to whether XTampza ER is adequate treatment.

Other opioids

As already He mentioned, Oxycodone is what is considered an opioid or a medication.There are other drugs of this kind,Including:

  • codeine
  • Heroin
  • Herrocodone
  • Methadon
  • morphine
  • Tramadol / Li>

oxycodon is also an ingredient in other opioids commonly prescribed,Incluyendo:

  • Lorcet
  • Rockcet
  • Endocet >

  • Endododan
  • Percodan
  • Primalev


Como Se Indicó Anteriormente,The oxicodon is supplied both in liquid form and in the form of tablets or tablets. Here is a quick interruption of how the dose works on these forms.

tablets / capsule in extended release : oxycontin, Tablet and XTampza ER, capsule, are versions of the extended oxycodone output. While the first round shaped, the latter is already full of yellow capsules to light brown.

Specific instructions depend on your medical care, but depending on the manufacturer, a tablet is recommended every 12 hours (twice a day).

Solution : Liquid shapes of this medication, such as oxyidosis and oxiffs , They are accepted orally.The solution is supplied to two concentrations: 1 milligrama (mg) / milliliter (ml) and much stronger than 20 mg / ml of solution, which is generally reserved for more tolerated patients to opioids.

You will receive a specific guide on how to correctly manage this solution.


Naturally, some conditions Health and other factors may require dose modifications such as forms of liquid and expanded oxycodone.More or less speaking, these are the following:

  • Children 11 and older : The safety of some types of oxycodone, such as XTampza Z , it has not been installed;However, these 11 and more can receive smaller and modified doses of Oxicontin.oxycodon, in any way, an attempt will be made only after the child has already developed tolerance to other opioids.
  • adults above 65 : tends to take more time for people over 65 people to treat drugs and drugs.They also suffer more often from the conditions that affect this process, so the doses generally begin from about half by one third of what a healthy adult is winning. If necessary, it can be slightly increased.
  • Liver deterioration : Although not direct contraindications, those with liver conditions may also have more purification problems of blood flow of blood flow.In these cases, the standard doses can be cut all half.
  • SNS depressants : patients who take sedatives or anti-shrinks, as ambien (zolpidem), valium (diazepam), and others should start with the dose It is 50% up to 75% reduced.
  • / UL>

    Be sure to follow The recipe and its directions from health care providers carefully when it comes to any medication taken and never modify the doses on your own.

    How to get and store )

    You will receive specific instructions from your practicing oxycodone.However, the typical guidelines are as follows:

    • Advanced release capsules , such as xtempza er, should be taken with meals; Try to be consistent with the size of the food taken with the drug.For those who are difficult to swallow, the contents of these capsules can be sprayed in soft products.
    • Extended release tablets , such as oxycontin, should also be taken with food.However, these pills should be taken as entire, and not licked or not wet before administration. I never fell in love, break and do not try to dissolve them.
    • Oxycodon liquid must be stored in the refrigerator.A glass of measurement will be provided; Always use it to measure doses and do not use tea spoons or spoonful. Be sure to swallow what is seen immediately, and not pour for future use.

    And what do you do if a dose passes? The recommendation is that you take medications as soon as you remember, and try to return to your normal dose schedule as soon as possible.

    If so much time expires that you are almost the next planned dose, you can go further and jump one. For medications if you lost them.

    It is important not to stop leaving this medication suddenly, as this can lead to the conclusion that it can lead to a series of symptoms, including irritability, nausea, anxiety, nose, nose, nasal secretion,Anxiety, cramps and many others.

    After it was determined that there is no need to continue treatment, health care providers should concession their consumption.This generally means a reduction of 25% to 50% dosage every two or four days, along with a thorough monitoring.

    It is important that Keep your medications safe and inaccessible for children.Finally, it is absolutely important that you sleep any remaining medication. These medications can be the usual training, and should never share. Excess medications must be delivered to the pharmacy, the police station or other safe place.


    Among the reasons why excessive use of opioids can become problematic is the tendency to users who experience most important side effects andMinors. Although they can be difficult, they can be controlled. Throughout the treatment, stay vigilant to your desire and maintain your health care provider in your progress.


    Usually, it does not guarantee urgent attention,The most common side effects of oxycodone:

    • headache
    • nausea
    • dizziness
    • pain stomach
    • dry mouth
    • sweating

    If these are saved or SE.They make serious, allow your health care provider to know.


    RARER, the most severe adverse reactions that occur between 1% to 5% of cases require immediate medical attention. These include:

    • Opioid dependence / dependency
    • Circulatory problems (fast or irregular heartbeat).
    • Psychiatric problems, such as anxiety, confusion and nervousness.
    • chills, sweating and / or fever.
    • muscle muscle twitch
    • enlarged lymphas
    • reduced fertility
    • Impotence
    • Menstruation problems
    • Neurological disorders (tremor, speech problems, dizziness,abnormal walks, and others)
    • Anaphylactic shock (swelling on the face, throat, language, lips and tips)

    Officeodone overdose can lead to a comma and even death.In these cases, the main danger of respiratory depression, which leads to insufficient oxygen, circulating the body.

    If your favorite person takes this type of medication, it is important to know signs, so you can get help as soon as possible.These include:

    • Very small students, definitely desired
    • loss of consciousness
    • slow, shallow breathing
    • sopocation and bustling sounds
    • body did not respond
    • pale, blue,and / or cold skin

    If you find your beloved person in this state, there are some steps to take:

    • call 911 immediately.
    • Nalfona administration (the medication that highlights the effect of opioids), if any.
    • tries to prevent a person from not awake and breathe.
    • Lying man on his side.
    • Stay close until you reach.


    As previously indicated, some medications and medications can seriously increase complications and can contradict themselves for oxycodone.In addition, a series of other preparations, herbs, additives and other prescribed and excessive substances can also affect the method as opioids as this work.These include:

    • alcohol : When alcohol is mixed with opioid preparations, they become much stronger. It is strictly increases the possibility of overdose and can be fatal .
    • benzodiazepines : cuando se usa junto a benzodiadepins, como Valium (Diazepam) , Xanax (Alprazolam) , así como clon (clonazepam),Oxycodon can lead to severe side effects before and including death. Full muscle relaxing, tranquilizers and even other types of opioids can have this effect.
    • CYP3A4 inhibitors : Preparations acting on CYP3AG receivers, such as Erythromycin , Ketoconazole or Ritonavir can also cause Serious reactions when taken next to the oxycodone.In some cases, respiratory depression can result.
    • drug serotonnergic : are generally prescribed for depression, including selective inhibitors of reverse seizure of serotonin (SSRIS), tricyclic antidepressants, Triptans,The 25-T3 receptor antagonists, and others. The captured use will lead to serotonin syndrome, in which the excess of this brain of the chemical causes a trembling or diarrhea in soft cases, or fever, cramps and heavy muscle rigidity.
    • Monoamine inhibitors (Maois) : Interaction between these medications based In class, as Fenel, tranylsiprow and linininolidges ,It can also lead to serotonin syndrome or respiratory depression.
    • Partial-opioid agonist : Using this class of opioids together with oxycodone, it can significantly reduce the efficiency of the drug or even begin to call the symptoms of Exit.Negotizing
    • Muscle Relaxing : Those, taking a muscle relaxant, such as Baclofen, Carisoprodol, Metaxalone, and others can also have an increased risk of detention exaltation Respiratory
    • diuretics : medications that contribute to urination, such as tiazidas, such as metolaon, hydrochlorothiazide, and others They can do it It is bad to interact with oxycodone that limits its effect.
    • Anticholinergic preparations : Users of this class of the drug, which acts on the chemical acetylly of the brain,You may experience severe constipation and even develop a paralytic ileus when taking oxycodone.

    is just a partial list; Make sure you have a clear feeling of what you can and can not carry along with oxycodone, and let your medical care accept any change.

    Word of the Meds information received

    There is always a thin line with opioid medications, such as oxycodon;For example, it works in pain management, this medication is not without its failures and direct danger.Of course, there, to some extent, in which the opioids of the recipes contributed to the opioid epidemic general, and, without a doubt, that any responsible use includes a possible dependence.

    However, before this crisis, health care providers and medical workers began to better dismantle patients about these medications.They reviewed their recipe approaches to minimize risk and developed the best protocols for the emergence of problems that arise. While it was used safely and with an appointment, no doubt that oxycodone has an important place in medicine.

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