Pain after drinking alcohol.


If you have experienced a pain with alcohol consumption, what can it mean? The pain after drinking alcohol was associated with Hodgkinsky lymphoma. In general, however, there are usually other causes of pain.

Drinking too much can cause a family surf and the general feeling of unhealthy. It can also cause irritation or pain in the area on the stomach, esophagus , pancreas, gallbladder and liver.There is a long list of disorders and diseases associated with excessive use of alcohol.

This article discusses these conditions, some of which can be quite serious.This will help you be familiar with the symptoms of these diseases, and the causes of pain associated with the use of alcohol.

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When someone has unusual pain in response to alcohol, there are several possible reasons .The list of conditions includes Hodgkin lymphoma , but also something called carcinoid syndrome. Simple old genetics can also be at work.

Alcohol and allergy intolerance

Alcohol and allergy intolerance For most unusual responses that occur after drinking alcoholic beverages.

Allergy ‘The true alcohol’ is considered rare. It is used in families. Like other food allergies, it can transport the risk of a severe allergic reaction, called anaphylaxis .Sometimes, allergies are actually due to the ingredient in drink, such as grains or preservatives, and not alcohol itself.

Alcohol intolerance can make people feel unpleasant symptoms after drinking alcohol, including washing skin, nausea and vomiting, headache and fast heartbeat .This is caused by the lack of an enzyme that violates alcohol in the body, called alcohol dehydrogenase. This is more commonly distributed in Asian populations.

Other causes of alcohol allergies and intolerance may include:

Carcinoid syndrome

Karcinoid The syndrome is also quite rare.It includes the type of a slow-growing tumor called the tumor of carcer, which exempts serotonin. This is a chemical dish, which, in turn, can produce the symptoms of this syndrome.These include:

  • stomach pain
  • red red, faces and chest
  • diarrhea
  • heartbeat / li>
  • Hheezing

These symptoms can be caused by alcohol in some cases.

Some cases of alcohol intolerance are associated with the use of certain medications. They include Antabuse (Disulfiram) and Flagyl (metronidazole).

Alcohol pain in the Hodgkin lymphoma

Approximately half of people with lymphoma will be increase of lymph nodes .These nodes are generally not painful for the touch, although they can root.

Some people have affected lymph nodes can become painful after drinking alcohol. It seems often more often in people with Lymphoma Hodgkin .

This is not one of the key symptoms in the diagnosis of, is quite rare.

There is a long history of this association between alcohol and pain in Hodgkin’s disease.1966 Review described 747 patients with alcohol caused associated with cancer disease. Hodgkin lymphoma was 40% of cases. Two other reviews in 1994 and 2013 Discuss the association, but There are few other studies in books.

The pain mechanism associated with alcohol

Scientists do not know the Cause of pain associated with alcohol in Hodgkin’s disease, but there are several theories.Some believe that pain is associated with the expansion of blood vessels within the lymph node caused by the impact of alcohol in the bloodstream. Aviadil acts on the chemical dish called Prostaglandin .The theory of the authors, then there was the fact that the process associated with prostaglandin. . Div>


Some people who use alcohol consumption with drinking.Most of the time, this pain is associated with alcohol intolerance or alcohol allergies or other beverage ingredients. Other health problems may also be at work, and some of these conditions may be more serious.They include Hodgkin’s disease and carcinoid syndrome.

Example case

In 2013 , Dr. Andrew Bryant and Dr.John Newman from the Medical Center of Vanderbilt University reported on this 31-year-old man who came to his clinic. The person had a strong pain in his chest, which started a few minutes after taking two to three alcohol sips. This reaction is repeated for approximately three months.

The patient did not experience pain when other liquids or solids are swallowed, and his pain was facilitated with Low doses of ibuprofen.In this patient, the lymph nodes of the box near the right light, the heart and the diaphragms (mediocked lymph nodes) have influenced Hodgkin’s disease.

were other symptoms, in addition to thoracic pain.I had periodic fevers, nocturnal sweatshirts and general alert. Nonsense is a term that means simply not to feel good. The visualization and biopsy of one of the abnormal lymph nodes led to the diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Symptoms of Hodgkin’s lymphoma

People with Hodkin lymphoma can develop several symptoms. The most common scenario during diagnosis is to increase lymph nodes and nothing else.

Other symptoms of Hodgkin lymphoma occur less frequently and are called lymphoma symptoms .They may include:

  • weight loss
  • fever
  • itchor
  • itchor


Some people experience pain after drinking alcoholic beverages. Once, for this to happen.When it happens, the pain can be a sign of a permanent health status.

Some cases of Hodgkin lymphoma were associated with pain with alcohol consumption.Symptoms can also be associated with carcanoid syndrome, or people of Asian ethnic origin are more common to genetic mutation.

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If you experience pain or have unusual symptoms after drinking alcohol, assign a meeting to talk with your health care provider.

As with the conditions, such as gluten sensitivity, it may take a time to reach the bottom of your symptoms. It is possible that you want to start a food diary while waiting for your destination and tune your body to mark Any other symptom.

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