Papalem: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatment


papildema is the term used to swell one or both optical nerve discs.The optical nervous disc, also called the optical nerve head of the head, is a small oval shape, in an oval form on the back of the eye, observing the place of entry into the ocular balloon optic.Papotee is a sign of some diseases that affect the brain. The conditions that cause papalem can cause serious damage to the winter nerve or the brain, which leads to a loss of vision or damage to the brain, if it is not treated.


Often Papitea is found as part of a Long study of the eyes, which would have if you see the optometrist, an ophthalmologist or a neurologist.This is a diagnostic recognition that your health care provider can see with rapid non-invasive control of your eyes using a specialized eye examination device.Your professional would also verify that you see if you have papirie and complaints that may be associated with one or more medical problems that can cause optical disc edema.


Papildema is not an illness itself, but this is a sign of the disease.The conditions called papalem can lead to some symptoms, especially if there is a lot of swelling on their optical discs.

The symptoms associated with the papal, may include:

  • Vision or loss of vision: This is due to physical pressure on the nerve Visual that controls your vision.Some people with optical nerve compression are experiencing a blurry vision or loss of vision of one or both eyes. In contrast to many other neurological conditions that cause the symmetrical loss of both eyes,Papalema is associated with vision loss alone in one eye or the asymmetric loss of vision in both eyes fail
  • Headaches: The papilela is often associated with the headaches and the pressure of the head because theConditions would swell the optic nerves, it can also cause pressure inside the skull, causing pain.The pain can worsen and improve how the head changes, although each person with a papal can have another position of the head associated with comfort or pain.
  • Pain for one or both eyes: Increased pressure, which produces papiem, can be further concentrated next to one or both eyes, causing pain that is the most serious eye, And not all the head.
  • FATIGA: The papĂ­deem often It is associated with extreme fatigue and drowsiness .


There are a number of conditions that cause passes.Swelling itself is caused by the accumulation of spinal fluid (CSF) or physical pressure emanating from the brain or from inside the eye.The CSF is a liquid surrounding the brain and spinal cord and does not communicate with blood or liquid in other parts of the body.When a soft mosn fluid accumulates, it can lead to pressure in the skull or visual nerves, as it can not ‘avoid’ skull or spine, which leads to Papatem.

Conditions that can cause passes include: / P>

Brain tumor

Brain tumors can be developed in different areas of the brain,causing physical compression or obstruction of the CSF stream in the skull. Physical pressure or CSF pressure can lead to the swelling of the optical disk or to appear tumors.

Meningitis or Encephalitis

Brain infection ( Encephalitis ) or that interferes protects the brain ( Meningitis ) can cause inflammation, which leads to the swelling or pressure of the passing fluid produces.

Main trauma

If you have a head injury , You may experience bleeding, bruises or swelling of the injured areas of your brain.In general, the head of injury does not cause sticks, but it can, if the injury near the eye or when swelling along its brain is heavy.

Bleeding in the brain

Cerebral hemorrhage is bleeding in the brain, and it can happen if the blood vessel explodes or Due to cerebrovascular injuries or accidents .Often, cerebral hemorrhage leads to swelling or excessive blood in the skull, which can manifest itself with the papal.

Idiopathic intracranial hypertension / pseudo-cerebri skin

Condition caused by too large liquid production or liquid Obstruction in the brain can happen as a result of antibiotics.Using high doses of vitamin A, or without a certain reason. Pseudoturizer cerebri is given this name, because Papalem can be like symptoms when someone has a brain tumor, but it happens without a tumor or a mass in the brain.This condition can lead to a constant loss of vision due to constant pressure on visual nerves. The liquid must generally be removed with a lumbar puncture, which is also known as the spine.

Cerebral edema

Swelling and inflammation in the brain can occur due to several reasons, as Big Ischemic stroke , without oxygen to the brain, multilateral failure and fluid imbalance.Omes can also occur when the response organs for excessive damage to the brain after a large course or when the fluid and the electrolytes in the body do not have the correct concentration.Papaten can deteriorate or improve depending on the degree of cerebral edema.


The Papildema is a clinical diagnosis that makes its health care provider, looking at its visual nerve with an ophthalmoscope or another team , which specializes when it is entitled directly.This is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure, during which your professional will be seen in your eyes, often placing a close-up magnifying glass, and you will not really touch your eyes.

The appearance of swelling makes your optical nervous disk see if it is seen or increased, and sometimes it is possible to divide (expanded abnormally), irregular blood vessels or cloudy liquid.

After diagnosing the diagnosis of the passes, the study of the display of the brain is generally carried out, such as the MRI or CT scan, it is generally performed to diagnose its main cause.In cases where the study of brain visualization is normal, lumbar puncture should be followed, with the measurement of opening pressure and spinal fluid analysis.


Paper treatment is characteristic of a basic cause and includes procedures or medications that ultimately reduce pressure on optical discs.

Without treatment, the pressure caused by a patioral can cause visual losses and constant damage to one or both optical nerves. In addition, the non-processed increase in pressure inside the head can cause brain damage.

The treatment parameters include:


If you have organ damage or organ damage,Preparations for the control of these systemic health problems can reduce the wrist and avoid irreversible damage to the brain and eyes.There are also medications that can be used to help reduce pressure inside the brain, and therefore, on an optical disk that helps with symptoms.

Puncp lumbar

A The lumbar puncture is generally considered a diagnostic procedure used to evaluate the brain fluid.With a pseudoral cerebrity or high intracranial pressure due to excessive fluid, the lumbar puncture can be used as a therapeutic process to remove the fluid to release the pressure. The lumbar puncture, also known as the spine, includes the needle placement at the bottom of the back to assemble the fluid from the spine.It is a slightly inconvenient procedure, but it is safe, and recovery usually takes several hours.

Some people develop a headache after lumbar puncture, since the body adapts to a decrease in the P pressure after the elimination of liquids.But if you have a pairita, you probably experience your headaches after the procedure, not a new headache.However, its health care providers may not perform lumbar punctures if you have a mass in your brain, since the CSF current and pressure changes can lead to minor changes in the position of the dough and possiblyThe dangerous scrolling of the brain itself.

Stop taking medications that cause pressure

If your papier is caused by An increase in intracranial increase The pressure depresses drugs,You must stop taking this medication and include it in a medical reputation as an intermediation that can not tolerate.As a general rule, stopping the medication prevents the deterioration of the problem, but this is not enough to solve the problem after it is already developed, and may also need a lumbar puncture to reduce the accumulation of CSF.


If you have a repent papiroma to increase the intracranial pressure chronically, you may need a source of origin , known as the derivation of a fenceloperitoneal (VP) or light,It is shuntaxirgically to maintain the normal volume of liquid and pressure. P.p.The derivation is generally necessary for people who had a brain tumor, which caused a blocking of fluid flow in the brain,While the lumbar derivation is most often used for patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension / Pseudoturk Cerebri, which failed the clinical mind.


If you have a tumor u Another anatomical reason for your papalem, you may need it to be eliminated surgically, to facilitate pressure and prevent the constant loss of vision and brain damage.

Word Get information Meds

If you Or your son Papillire, there are many possible reasons. In general, your health care providers will perform a series of tests to help determine what papieme causes.If symptoms occurred, such as loss of vision or blurred vision loss, you must have an urgent treatment.

Most of the time, the papile can be processed effectively, but a re-processing may be necessary .Be sure to keep regular tracking visits with a professional who examines your eyes, even after having been processed effectively for Papalem.

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