Paradox as a state of sleep and disorder.

paradoxical is a word that can be used excessively in the realm of dream medicine: refers to the state of sleep, the insomnia experience, characterized by the incorrect presentation of sleep,and even the treatment of behavior for insomnia.The paradoxual sleep is one of the two main states of sleep and is distinguished by the presence of rapid ocular movements (REM).Get the facts at this stage of sleep and sleep disorder, known as paradoxical insomnia. In addition, find out how the paradoxical intention of treating insomnia.


What determines paradoxical dream?

It is also known as REM SLEEP or DREAM DREAM ,Paradoxical children several stage of sleeping with intense head activity in the front brain and in the middle brain. It is characterized by dreams and lack of engine function with the exception of the muscles and diaphragms of the eyes.This happens cyclically several times during sleep and prevails in the morning, but it often contains the smallest part of the sleep cycle.

During paradoxious sleep, our muscles are relaxed so that we do not have our dreams.If this fails, MEM SLEEP PIRS PIPS DEFORDER can be developed.

Paradox is that, although the brain is quite active during sleep, it consumes large amounts of energy, the body remains completely inactive.

What is paradoxical insomnia?

Insomnia is defined as the complexity of falling asleep, and is often exacerbated by the efforts associated with sleep.Paradoxical insomnia is a rare state in which people do not fall, how long they fall asleep, and how long they really slept. They may think that they are only falling asleep for a couple of hours, even if they slept for seven or eight.People with this disorder are extremely aware of their surroundings during sleep, assuming they can often move between light, sleep 1 stage 1 and vigil.

The next day they feel deprived of sleep.Melatonin, excessive preparations containing diphenhydramine, as well as sleep prescription preparations (such as assembly or moons) can withstand the symptoms of paradoxical insomnia.

In typical cases of insomnia, if you are trying to fall asleep, it will not happen. But, what if you try to stay without sleep? The use of behavioral equipment called paradoxical therapy of sleepy intention.

Behavior changes can improve insomnia

There are many behavioral interventions that can be effective in the treatment of chronic insomnia .They are shared as part of a structured program called Cognitive therapy for Insomnium (CBTI). Some of these changes, trust in changing how the situation thinks or perceives, a component known as cognitive therapy.One of these options is a paradoxical intention.

What is the paradoxical intention?

Paradox is defined as an operator that may seem superficially absurd or auto-Absorbable, but when it is examined or explained, it can be reasonable or loyal that refuses of such paradoxes in the insomnia is that, it will be later, it could actually fall asleep faster and sleep better.You can use the efforts surrounding your dream, which often perpetuates insomnia, paradoxically with your interests.

Paradoxical intention is a form of cognitive therapy in which you will learn to resist the fear of removing and a potential side effect. You can learn from a psychologist, psychiatrist or doctor who is studying at Medicle Medicine .The paradoxical intention helps to facilitate the ‘improvement’ to fall asleep.

As part of this, you can objectively evaluate the consequences of the bad night’s sleep in the daily function.This cognitive restructuring can facilitate some concern about how to go to sleep immediately at night. Also, you can try to run out of sleep to fall asleep faster.

As a paradoxical intention to treat insomnia?

, not trying to force yourself with a feeling of sleep, instead, instead, stay passively without any effort to fall asleep.With training, stop ‘try to sleep’ (which never works). The silent wake becomes an acceptable alternative.Cognitive distraction, including respiratory techniques, progressive muscle relaxation and managed images can also be useful.

Paradoxical intent can be achieved, remains awake, as long as it does not feel drowsy, and then lie down.To give up the bedroom and turn off the light and save the sleep environment as a place that promotes recreation and sleep (without events, such as reading, watching a television or excessive light or noise). Lye quietly with closed eyes.Instead of focusing on sleeping, try to run out of sleep. It is amazing that you can find that it falls asleep faster in these conditions.

Disability of sleeping anxiety, so it is gradually facilitated as you learn to wake up peaceful as an acceptable alternative when you are on the bed.

Paradoxical intention can be especially useful in people who have insomnia, which is characterized by the complexity of falling asleep at the beginning of the night. It was demonstrated that it was effective and does not have the risks of side effects.

Using paradoxics in Sleep Medicine

Then, the adjective paradoxical use can be used in three different ways in relation to factory medicine.He described the state of sleep, which is best known as Rem Sleep. This refers to the type of insomnia, in which sleep is incorrectly interpreted as vigil.Finally, this is a useful behavior technique in which the intention becomes a paradoxically effort to remain flowing, and does not fall asleep. It is independent of how it is used, sleep understanding can be strengthened by defining this type of terms.

Word Get Information Medes

If you You need additional help with your insomnia, find a CBTI specialist in your area and finally put an end to your insomnia.It can also help obtain an evaluation using a meeting certified by the doctor doctor who can organize more tests and treatment.

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