Parts of the lower limb


The lowest finitude refers to part of the thigh body to the fingers. The lower extremity includes hips, knees and ankles, as well as hip bones, legs and legs.

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Many people belong to the lower extremity as a Leg. In fact, the leg is part of the body between the knees and the ankle joints.The correct way to describe the lower extremity is the lower extremity. This may seem insignificant detail.However, when medical information is transmitted between hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals, it is important to use the same language. In the anatomical terms, the body is described as follows.

Lower Fatitud

  • Thigh: Segment between hip joint and joint joint < < < / li>

  • foot: segment between the knee joint and connectionfrom ankle


  • Arm: Segment between composite shoulders together with the board
  • oarearr: segment between the elbow gasket and the girl

    Parts of the lower end

    Sery, which knows that the foot does not matches all the lower extremity,These are different parts:

    • Blood supply : The lower extremities come the femoral artery.Blood returns through the subcutaneous veins of the surface and deep veins, which include front, tibial, tibial rear and linear tibial tibial veins.Profound venous thrombosis in deep vein is a dangerous state when the clot forms in these veins. .The sedal nerve extends from the pelvis on the back of each leg and is divided into the peak and mobile nerve to control the legs and legs.Damage to a medium number nerve can lead to the falling legs, loss of sensation at the top of the leg and the inability to raise your leg. The compression of the spinal nerves can cause pain due to radiation along the seeded nerves known as sciatica .
    • Bones and connections: The lower extremity joins through the hip articulation to the pelvic bones.The hips, or the hip bone, extend to the knee joints and fits with the help of the pistol . The bone legs include larger legs (bone tire) and a more fliet little.They are connected through the ankle joint with the help of bones of specific stores, which include features, calcaneus (heel cake), cubeides, sailors and cuneiforms.They are connected through metallic joints with up to five feet method bones, which, in turn, are connected to the fingertips, which have interfloaving together.Bone fractures and injuries are common with the joints of the lower extremity. The replacement of the knee and hips often make when the joints degrade with osteoarthritis.
    • Muscles : Muscles The lower extremity includes the body stronger and long, since they should be in a walk And stand in a vertical position. These muscles move the thigh and foot and control the leg.They include Gluteus Maximus, Medius Medius, iliopsoas, the muscles of the adductors, the thighs of Sartorius and Gracilis. The thigh muscles include a surface of four captures of the front and the tendon muscles placed on the back.The calf muscles include an explosion, saline, Perixus longus, Tibalis Anderior, Flexor Digitorum Longus and Extender Digitorum Longus. Achilles Tendons is an outstanding cable attached to the dice of the heel and is the largest tendon.
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