Pasta substitutes for people with diabetes


There's so much to love about pasta – noodles can take on any taste and create a spicy satisfying feeling. But pasta is rich in carbohydrates or carbohydrates. Eating too many carbohydrates can cause inflammation, weight gain, and high blood sugar levels, especially in people with diabetes.

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If you have diabetes , you can still eat pasta. Just remember to keep track of your portions.

Choose whole wheat pasta, which increases fiber, vitamins and minerals and reduces blood sugar spikes compared to white pasta. On the other hand, if you're willing to think outside the box, there are plenty of other helpful substitutes for pasta.

For example, chickpea pasta contains more protein than white pasta and is gluten -free. You can even make your own vegetable pasta. This article explores some delicious pasta replacement options.

Whole grain, fortified or gluten free

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Whole wheat pasta tastes like white pasta made al dente . However, a 1/3 cup serving of boiled whole wheat pasta contains three times more fiber, making it the best option for controlling blood sugar.

Fortified pasta is another alternative to white pasta. These types of pasta contain egg whites, lentils, and other protein sources added to the flour mix.

They can also include barley and oats to add more fiber and flax seeds. add healthy omega-3 fats . In fact, a 2021 study found that higher levels of certain omega-3 fatty acids could reduce the risk of premature death by 13%.

These forms of pasta contain more protein and fiber for the same number of calories as regular pasta. Both protein and fiber are beneficial for people with diabetes who closely monitor their blood sugar levels.

Gluten-free pasta is available in most grocery stores. These include chickpea pasta, brown rice, quinoa, and other options.


If you have diabetes , you can still eat pasta. There are many ways to replace white pasta and help control blood sugar. As with any pasta, be sure to read the label and stick to the suggested serving size.

Ancient whole grains

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Ancient whole grains are another great alternative to pasta. They may not look anything like the pasta you're used to, but they taste the same rich flavor but contain more nutrients.

In recent years, more conventional cereals such as quinoa have become popular. The less common options, at least for Americans, are farro and sorghum . They are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals when added to your favorite sauces and recipes.

To add flavor, these ancient grains can be cooked in chicken, beef, or vegetable broth instead of plain water. Serve as a side with fish or chicken, or sprinkle with other proteins like eggs or tofu, vegetables, and sauce.

You can also make cereal-based salads, but remember to control your portions to better control your blood sugar.

Spaghetti squash

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Pumpkin spaghetti is often substituted for pasta. It has a mild, slightly sweet flavor, ideal for tomato-based sauces. When cooked, the squash pulp becomes stringy and very similar to spaghetti; hence the name. It can be used as a nutrient-dense, low-carb version of some of your favorite pastas.

There is one more difference that you can also thank. Compared to traditional pasta, you can eat a lot more spaghetti with the same amount of carbohydrates. In fact, 1 1/2 cups of cooked grated butternut squash is equal to 1/3 cup of cooked pasta.

Vegetarian spirals and ribbons

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Use a peeler to make spirals or ribbons with non-starchy vegetables that can be used in place of pasta. Some good options to try are zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, eggplant, bell peppers, and cabbage.

Steam the ribbons so they taste like normal pasta. Enjoy a 1 1/2 cup serving of cooked veggie ribbons for just 15 grams of carbs.


If you are looking for healthy options for traditional pasta, you can find whole grain and vegetable substitutes that lower your carbohydrate intake as much as or better than what you are used to. This is important for people with diabetes who need to control their blood sugar levels.

The options are good for people who also need to avoid gluten. But you really don't need a reason to choose healthier pasta options that will benefit everyone without sacrificing taste.

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