Pastor of the wallet: advantages, side effects and preparations.


Wallet de Pastor ( Cappsella Bursa-Pastoris ) – A blooming plant that belongs to the mustard family.Native Asia and part of Eastern Europe, the pastor wallet is often used for culinary purposes, especially in Asian cuisine.In the West it is very widespread as weed, but it is often used in herbal medicine to treat problems with circulatory, menstrual disorders and other health conditions.

The Shepard wallet is usually sold in buildings such as additives, or dried to make tea and decals.

It is also known as

The pastor wallet is recognized for its long, leaves and clusters of deep white colors. Nature refers to triangular molding. Form of the plant, which looks like the bag.

Other names for this grass include:

What is used for a pastor?

Sheetor Wallet contains fumaric acid and sulforifean, substances that offer antioxidant effects,In addition to phenols and flavonoids, as you know, it has anti-inflammatory properties. Alternative medicine practices believe that these properties can be used to facilitate inflammation Improve circulation and restore hormonal balance.

The Shepard wallet has believed it stops bleeding (both external and internal), and helping to heal injuries.Among the conditions of the pastor wallet are called treatment:

While the evidence confirming these statements is limited, there are some studies to assume that some traditional shepherd wallet applications can be useful.

Heavy menstrual blood

Over the centuries, a speaker of a pastor was used to treat periods Heavy, such as a rule, when accepted as tea or decracy of the stems and roots of the plant.In 2018, a group of scientists reviewed the accuracy of the claim using the formulated capsule C. Bursa-Pastoris.

according to the study, which was published in the magazine alternative and additional medicine ,A group of women with heavy menstrual bleeding was provided with a daily regimen of 500 milligrams (MG) of mephenytic acid (a non-medioidal anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory drug ) with c.Bursa-Pastoris Supplement or 500 mg of mephanesus with placebo . After two menstrual cycles, the researchers, concluded ‘significantly more’ decrease in c. burse-pastoris .Its evaluation was based on a semi-sensitive analysis, called Graphic Graph of Evaluation of the Loss of Blood Spilling (PBLAC).

Despite the positive results, it is not clear if the pastor wallet is not clear independently for menstruation or improves the mechanism of action of the acid. More research is needed.


Supporters of herbal therapy believe that the wallet of Pastor offers useful anti-inflammatory properties for human health. There is some early evidence of this.

In 2018, , scientists in Korea were able to isolate a new sugar molecule from a shepherd wallet, called Capselloselide, who could suppress inflammation in nerve cells in a series of tube tests of testing.

CAPPSELLOSID was just one of the seven connections on the pastor wallet, which showed this effect; Others could give an inflammatory process, known as synthesis of nitrogen oxide.It was a valuable finding, given that overproduction of nitrogen oxide in the body is associated with conditions such as handmits , asthma , to> Parkinson’s disease and ads . / P>

, although researchers can not offer conclusions on how conclusions can be used,The understanding implies a potentially new approach to the future negative of drug development

Side Effects Possible

Wallet Shepherd, as a general rule, is considered safe,Since there was no published evidence from any serious side effects associated with the use of this herb for most people.

, which said that some health authorities advise people in the history of the stones in the kidneys by caution using pastor wallets.Since it contains oxalate, a natural compound that can be joined to calcios and contribute to the formation of stones. . Unknown.

The shepherd wallet should never be used during pregnancy, as it can cause abbreviations or menstruation, which leads to a spontaneous abortion.Due to the lack of safety research, the pastor wallet should also be avoided if breastfeeding.

Shepherd Wallet should not use for the treatment of bloody stools, bloody urine or bloody vomiting. These can be a sign of a potentially serious medical condition.Call your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any of these symptoms.


Selection, Preparation,Storage

There are no recommendations for the proper use of a shepherd wallet.Working with practitioners who knows in the field of plant medicines, such as a naturopathic licensed or registered herbalist to help lead your purchase and use of herbal media.

As a general rule, it never exceeds the recommended dose on the product label.

Additives, dyes and tea

Shepherd wallet supplements: This is usually, the simplest way for use, because the dose is controlled and standardized.

Tintures are also easy to use, but may vary as quality and resistance. The approval is controlled by the number of droplets that places in a glass of water or directly in the mouth.

When buying a tincture, choose high quality products in dark blue or dark glass bottles resistant to light. Make sure that the name capsella bursa-pastoris is printed on the product label and also includes the country of origin.This lighting, not guaranteed tincture, genuine and emitted.

Some herbalists recommend making tea immersing each other or three spoons of enraged enraged rooted shepherds (from 2.5 to 3 grams) in a cup of boiling water during 15 minutes.

All these parameters can be purchased on the Internet or in health stores or specialized supplements. Know, though I.S.Food and medicine administration does not regulate products such as these products, and specialized herbs, such as the pastor’s portfolio, is unlikely that they are submitted to an independent general description by the certification authority,Like the Pharmacopoeia (USP), Thumblab and NSF.

Keep them in a cold and dry room of direct sunlight. Discard any product that has expired or has changed in its smell, consistency, clarity or color.

Fresh grass

Shepard Wallet is an antique biennium plant that prefers Cool, wet weather. Its bright green leaves are similar to the appearance of the dandelion, although with a softer texture.The flavor is often described as spicy and broccoli.

If used in cooking, the shepherd wallet can be cooked for a pair, add or add raw salads.It is often possible to find fresh in Asian grocery stores, as it is used to make traditional dishes, such as Shanghai rice cakes ( Ning Gao ) and the Korean pastor soup portfolio ( Naengi Guk ).

The fresh wallet shepherd should be stored in the refrigerator, rotate around a wet paper towel and covered with a plastic bag. It is better to use the grass during performance or shopping week.

General questions

Where can I find someone who advises me about the use of Shepherd’s wallets?

Find a naturopathic professional in your area,Use OnlineLocalizer offered by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Registered herbians can also be located through the online locator offered by the Guild Herdo American.

Wallet de Pastor Symbolizes something special in Japanese culture?
Wallet de Pastor is consumed as a symbolic food for the Japanese Spring Festival, Nanakusa-Non-Sekku (Holiday Seven Herbs).This is one of the ingredients in the traditional rice porridge, saying it brings health, durability and good luck.

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