Percussion of breast: Use, procedure, results


Chest is a form of physiotherapy, which is often used in a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease disease (COPD) and other conditions, such as the Cystic fibrosis / A> to help clean the respiratory tract of the mucus.It includes the therapist or a beloved man who applauds on his chest or back to weaken a thick mucus in the lungs so that he can cough it. The breast percussion can also be done using electronic devices or other tools that vibrate your chest.

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Conditions such as COPD and cystic fibrosis can lead to the creation of the main mucous membrane of breathing tracks, What is deep breathing.While there are several medications that can help you

Risks and contraindications

CUSSION CUSSION: A very safe procedure, if done correctly and carefully. Complications are unusual.But may include:

  • Hypoxi increase (drop in oxygen saturation levels in the blood)
  • Heavy Bronchospasm
  • panting the selection of weakened mucus from other pulmonary petals
  • Hablobers

To therapy

Your own health care provider or respiratory therapist will give you specific instructions on how and when someone makes breasts perceived.You must always follow the instructions of your health team, but here are some general guidelines on how the procedure is implemented.

The best time for chest percussion in the morning because it is Probably your lungs will accumulate in the mucus overnight.If you have a problem with cough overnight, you can consider doing it directly before going to sleep. The supercount of the chest works best after the treatment of the armored vehicle , so I could remember this.

It’s not a good idea, although to hit the chest immediately after eating; Call the chest or back after the small meal can get sick.


The percussion of the chest can be done when it is stopped, sitting in a vertical position, tilt or lying down In the company, flat surface.Ask your therapist or health care provider, what position for you is a position.

What to use

Have In account that the procedure should not be performed on the naked skin.Be sure to use a shirt or use a towel to cover how the area is processed.

During therapy

Most likely, it will probably instruct its blow to the chest less once a day at several different positions:

  • feel
  • on the back with apillow under the breast, that your head is tilted down
  • on your stomach, also with the head tilted down

it is important that manual percussion manage,Use the correct positioning of the position: The hand must be in a high-ranking position, fingers and thumb together. Then, they will applaud quickly and repeatedly applaud on the back of the chest with your hand.

You will know that a person who performs this technique uses the correct layout of your hands when you hear a Polly sound with each percussion.

The percussion of the chest should be done only in certain areas:

  • on the edges
  • on the sides of the chest
  • on the sides of the back

should be taken to avoid breasts,The spine and the lower part, since the percussion can damage the internal organs. Your health care provider can show you exactly where to finish your chest.

If you use postural drainage with chest percussion, you must maintain your position at least five minutes (or until your health care provider consult) Provide the highest possible mucus of your lungs.Refusing to hit the chest with cough or other methods to attract the weakened mucosa, it can also be useful.

If you must select a mechanical respiratory tract cleaning device instead of a manual drum tire, talk to your doctor about how to use it correctly.

Meds information receipt word

The final goal of the cofre pecciso is to loosen the selection of the mucus To make it enough it can be cough.One of the advantages of this manual technology is that it can be done in adults and children like 5.While clinical trials have not successfully illustrated their effectiveness in relation to actually on the basis of real sciences, the thorax blow remains an important part of the treatment plans for many with a spear and cystic fibrosis.For the anecdotal evidence of your benefit.

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