Peyroerin disease: signs, symptoms and complications.


The disease becomes the fabric of the penis, curvature of cavation. In addition to the curvature of the penis, Peyrrry can also cause pain during communication, difficulties with sex and disaster or depression. Normally, the symptoms of Dairon’s disease are present only when the penis is fully erected or partially.

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Frequent symptoms

Most of the Main symptoms of dissolition disease arePhysical. However, changes in human erections can also lead to sexual or psychological dysfunction. Both types of symptoms can be resolved with treatment.

Not all cases of Peyroni diseases require treatment and, with the exception of curvature, many symptoms are improved over time.

The curvature of the penis

is Of course, the most common symptom of Peyroni’s disease.The diversion of the penis is due to the growth of plates or scars on fibrous fabric, which surrounds erectile Badiesthe <α> tunic albuginea .

These solidified areas are less flexible, and the penis bends it because it is built. The degree of curvature of the penis depends on the amount, position and size of the plates.Sponsors can not yet formed in men who have an active disease, so their penises do not appear curved. Unfortunately, unfortunately, so that health providers observe directly the curvature, the penis should be erected.Therefore, health care providers can use the intracastened injection test to call an erection in the office.

Pain during erection

Pain during excitement and communication is not uncommon at the beginning of the active stage of Peyronie.This pain is usually reduced over time, since scars on the penis become stable. The pain should go generally for a year for many, and curvature should also be stabilized after this period of time.

Difficulties with erection and sex

Often the causes of Peyronie difficulty, receiving or supporting the erection. Erectile dysfunction may be the result of pain or caused by deformations. Penis.

penis shortening

Like scar tissue on one side of the penis is complicated for this area to stretch to stretch Benchan’s fabric on both sides of the penis, or through the penis,You can take the penis that becomes shorter. It is likely that the lack of possession of the penis is likely if there are extensive scars. Active disease against stable disease

Disease disease is classified as an active disease or .

With an active disease, the main symptom is pain with cavity or without erection. There may be problems with erectile function. The deformation may or may not be visible.

With a sustainable disease, the symptoms have not changed at least three months. It is not possible for the pain or pain of light, when the penis flaccid . There is a remarkable curvature when the penis is erected.

Symptoms rare

In rare cases, men with Peyrian disease can no longer be able to participate in any sexual penetration.However, treatment can often help restore at least some sexual function, even for men with significant functional deterioration and sexual sexual cavity of extreme curvature.


Most of the complications of Painyrin’s disease are psychological.Stress and depression are common reactions to changes in sexual function, as well as a reduction in the penis.

These symptoms can lead to the fact that some patients with Darinehey’s disease will feel as if it were a problem with their masculby.This is especially the problem for those people for whom the size and function of your penis is the main part of your identity.

It is worth indicating that sometimes the sexual side effects of Peyirina’s disease can be more related to stress. That themselves.

Studies assume that erectile dysfunction may be more related to people concerned of your symptoms that symptoms themselves.Therefore, if you have Peyrian’s disease, it is important to find someone with whom you can talk.

A good therapist can provide you with a safe place so you can explore how you react to your curvature penis, as well as how your life affects.The opportunity to reach the deadlines with the new form of your member, most likely help you feel better and improve your sexual function.

, which said that if your Peyroni’s disease affects your sex life, it can also be a good idea to talk to a sexy therapist. Sex therapists are specially trained with problems with sexual health problems, and can work with you and your partner to find ways to make your sex life less tense And more enjoyable.

For example, for some people, which focuses on communication, can allow a more pleasant sexual investigation.And for some people with Peyroni’s disease, reducing stress associated with how the disease affects its own sexual expectations, can allow them to get rid of these expectations and return to the implementation of the penetrating gender.

When to see a healthcare provider

Some methods of treatment of Peyronie diseases are more effective at the beginning of the disease process before there is a curvature of visible cavity.Therefore, if you experience pain during erection, it is a good idea to designate a meeting with a urologist.

This is especially true if you have experienced a recent injury to the carpet. This can be remarkable as acute pain during sex or unusual edema.

any new pain with Ereth Porte Chearte . The same is true if it suddenly it is harder to obtain or save an erection.

Maybe there may be things that your medical provider can help even if you do not have a disaster disease.

If you notice a new curve to your penis, it is also worth talking to practitioners.After the initial evaluation, your HealthCard provider may suggest that you give your time to stabilize before testing any processing or other intervention.For many people with minimal curvature, without pain, and does not specify difficulties with sex, treatment.

If you have previously diagnosed with Peyroerina’s disease, and your curve has become worse, it became more painful, or began to have difficult sex, you can register again with your medical professional.Although many of the most invasive procedures are not used, while after your condition it is not stabilized, your R wants to know if your symptoms are worse.

You should also register at your health care provider if your curve has stabilized in such a way that it forces difficult or painful sexes for you or your sexual partner (s).This is a point where the most invasive treatment options can begin to make sense.

Peyronies Document Disease Discussion Guide

Get our Guide to Print for your next doctor’s meeting to help you ask the right questions.

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If you have a parina disease, take care of your heart. ESSA disease is not so extraordinarily.

If you have symptoms of Painyrin’s disease, talk to the health care provider. Ready so that your symptoms are not hard, such conversations can do wonders for your tranquility.What if your symptoms cause problems with your sex life or even your self-esteem? A practitioner can help him with him.

Frequently asked questions

  • can generally.The scars can be felt under the surface of the skin of the penis and can feel like a crest of small beats . Sponsors can be calculated until they are as strong as bone in difficult cases.

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  • can be. The pipes during the acute phase of the disease may not leave.The pain that occurs early will be lower, but any change in the emergence of a penis abroad will remain, if it is not processed, generally with surgery.

  • If the dissolution disease is not diagnosed and processed in the first signs of pain, the damaged fabric It will probably form plaques (scars), which make the penis in its normal form.About 20% of Peyryry’s time will be resolved without scars, 40% of the time will stabilize it and 40% of cases will become gradually.

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