Physiotherapy methods to relieve knee pain.


Physiotherapy for knee pain includes a comprehensive evaluation and an evaluation of the entire lower end of the hip on its foot.Your PT can estimate the pain of the knee and prescribe the appropriate procedures, including exercises and modality to help reduce knee pain and improve your overall mobility.

Knee anatomy

The human knee is a hinge the gasket consists of a leg (tires) and bonesFemorals (hips). A cup or knee knee are on the front of the knee. The knee is supported by four packages . Two shock absorbers, each of which is called Menisk, are on the knee.

What kind of knee pain do you have?

If you have a knee pain, it is important to determine if the pain is acute, the podcast or the chronic nature. This can help lead adequate diagnosis and treatment.

  • Acute pain: is usually the most serious and arises 1-7 days after the injury . During this time, you have to relax your knee and allow damaged structures to be cured before starting any movement.
  • Painty Paint: This comes from 2-6 weeks after the injury. This is a good time to start a soft move around the knee to help restore mobility.
  • Chronic knee pain: pain Dure surplus from 8 to 12 weeks. While on one knee, which is chronic must be evaluated by your health care provider.

Location of the knee painsymptoms

The location of your knee pain can help determine which structures are in malfunction and can help ensure adequate treatment. Do not forget to go with your doctor , a physiotherapist or health care provider, if the symptoms are severe or last more than a few weeks.

  • pain in the front of the knee: If you feel pain in the front of the knee, there may be a problem with the monitoring and position of the diver, It is often called “PFSS) stress syndrome .The book and tendon between the knee and legs can be inflamed and painful. The pain here generally limits the ability to kneel, rise or descend on the stairs or run and jump.
  • Pain inside the knee: If you have pain in the inside of the knee, there is damage to the Medial meniscus or the medial cover package.These structures are generally injured during sports activity, when the leg is planted on Earth, and the body rotates on the knee. The medium meniscus is a shock absorber inside the knee.Sometimes it suffers from wear or arthritis and can be damaged without special injury.
  • Knee Side Pain: Pain on the external aspect of your knee to be the result of a lesion to many structures .There is a group that can be injured during sports activity. The pain can also be caused by the iliotibial voltage of iliotibial (ITB) ITB: A thick band of the fabric, which passes from the outside of your thigh to the front your knee.Since it crosses the knee, the ITB can be placed on the knee, and an ardor pain can occur. Also, on the outside of the knee is one of the three tendons of the popliteous tendons. The desire for this tendon can be the source of knee pain.
  • Pain on the back of the knee: Pain on the back of the knee is rare, but it can happen.Here one of the tendons of the fallen tendons are attached, and the pain is likely due to the tension of the fallen tendons. No possible cause of pain here is a baker’s cyst.This is an abnormal swelling of the knee joint, which occupies a space on the back of the knee and causes pain with an excessive knee curve.

If you are developing acute pain in the knee, immediately follow the rice . The figure is to rest, ice, compression, and heights . A few days later r.i.c.e.You can start using your leg alone gently.

If the pain of the knee is not deleted in more than 2-3 weeks, you should visit the doctor, physiotherapist or other health care provider to eliminate any serious problem and guarantee a Suitable diagnosis and management.

What to expect from physical therapy for knee pain

If you are mentioned in physical therapy for knee pain,The initial visit is important to provide an adequate diagnosis and adequate administration.During this visit, its physiotherapist will be interviewed with you to photograph the information about the history of your problem, about the exacerbation and liberation of the factors,as well as on any past history of the disease that can contribute to the general problem. From the information collected during history, a specific examination will be carried out.The inspection can consist of several sections, including, among others, between:

  • Turning: Assessment of how it goes.The physiotherapists trained to notice small changes in motion around the knee during different phases of walking.
  • palpation: This includes the use of hands to touch the different structures around the knee to feel anomalies or evaluate if the structure is painful in contact.
  • series of motion measures: The range of movement refers to what distance is tilted or straightening. The physiotherapist can use special devices to measure how He moves his knee to help direct treatment.
  • Measurements of the Force: There are many muscle links around the knee, and a measurement force can help determine if it causes muscle weakness pain or imbalance.
  • Evaluation of your balance: If your balance is broken, excessive voltage and deformation can be directed to your knee and cause pain.
  • Circle or measurement of swelling: Occasionally the edema may be present in the knee joint after the injury. The physiotherapist can measure the amount of edema to help direct treatment.
  • Special tests: Special tests are specific maneuvers performed around the knee, to help determine which structure can Being in a malfunction and can cause a problem.

PT Treatment for the pain of the knee

After completing a focused exam, your physiotherapist can work with you to start the correct treatment.It is very important to be active and participate in the program. Often, the exercises that will help strengthen and improve the mobility of the knee will be prescribed. You may have to do the exercises at home, as well as part of the house of the program.

Exercise Must be your main tool to treat the pain of the knee.The knee pain exercises can include:

  • square and straight legs increase
  • arc exercises quads
  • to strengthen hips ( The muscles of your thigh help control the position of your knees.The weakness here can cause pain in the knee.)
  • Lower stretch end
  • Balance exercises

Your PT will tell you how often your exercises at home and him Or she must follow her progress when visiting the PT clinic.He or she can also perform other procedures while in the PT clinic.They may include:

  • ultrasound
  • electrical stimulation
  • kinesiology destination
  • heat or ice
  • Soft fabric massages or joint knee mobilization

Please be in account proceduresLiabilities, such as ultrasound or have no proven, which is the most effective treatment for knee pain. They may feel good, but their attention with <> pt should be when it restores functional mobility.You must discuss the common goal of each treatment so that you have an understanding of what to expect.

If the knee pain is not deleted, more than two to three weeks or occurs as a result of the main injury, a visit is recommended to the health care provider.

Word of obtaining media

The knee is the main board In the body that responsible for walking, climbing the stairs and rises from the position of the Sedent.The knee pain can limit one or all of these actions.Treat with your physiotherapist and cooked in the knee joint of mobile and strong, you can avoid problems with the pain of the knee, and your mobility can be save.

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