Pink noise: what is it, sleep research, uses


Pink noise is a type of noise that contains all the audio frequencies that humans can hear. However, unlike white noise, which represents all frequencies equally, the higher frequencies of pink noise are less intense. For many people, this results in noise that can block out annoying background sounds without making them harsh or shrill .

For some people, pink noise can help promote deep sleep and help them stay awake for up to the recommended eight hours. By learning more about pink noise, you can decide if this possible sleeping pill could help you.

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What is pink noise?

To understand pink noise, start with the more familiar white noise . Like white light, which encompasses all visual frequencies of light, white noise encompasses all frequencies of sound that humans can hear. White noise, such as vacuum or television interference, is often used to block out unwanted noise, especially for people trying to fall asleep.

The problem with white noise is that all frequencies pass with the same intensity. Human ears are not particularly fond of high-pitched sounds, so real white noise can be annoying for some people.

Pink noise is meant to fix this problem. In the case of pink noise, the higher frequencies are less intense, making your ears less likely to get overwhelmed. Instead, most people focus on calming the low frequencies and find the sounds of pink noise more soothing.

Pink noise represents all audible sounds, but lower frequencies are boosted and higher frequencies are reduced.

Examples of pink noise

If you are not a sound engineer, the above information can be misleading. That's why it's helpful to see some familiar examples of pink noise. Many sounds in nature are pink noise. Waves crashing on the beach, rustling leaves on trees, and rain are examples of pink noise.

But not all sounds in nature are pink noise. Sounds that emphasize low frequencies even more than pink noise are called brown noise. Thunder or the sound of a distant waterfall are examples of brown noise .

Can Pink Noise Help With Sleep?

There is ample evidence that using sound to dampen background noise can help people sleep better. But most of the research has been done on white noise.

Researchers have found that white noise can help hospital patients fall asleep up to 40% faster. According to many parents, white noise can also help babies sleep better. It can even help children focus at school .

Research shows that pink noise can also help with sleep. In turn, this means that memory can improve as memories are retained during deep sleep .

One of the most recent studies on pink noise was published in 2017. It studied the effect of pink noise on sleep in a small group of 13 older people. Research has shown that listening to pink noise while sleeping increases slow wave activity, which is associated with deep sleep .

A similar study from 2016 found that pink noise also improved sleep and memory in young people who sleep during the day .

Similar studies from 2012 and 2013 also showed that exposure to pink noise can lead to deeper sleep, longer sleep, and better memory. The results were confirmed for both nighttime and daytime sleep.

Various noise colors

Many people call any noise designed to mask background sounds white noise. While white noise has become a universal phrase, it is not the best way to talk about the background noise that many people use to fall asleep.

In addition to the white and pink noise described above, there are two other types of noise: brown and blue. These are some of the benefits of each type of noise:

  • White noise : displays all audible audio frequencies equally. Because of this, it masks background noise well, but some people find it uncomfortable to hear because their ears hear more of high-frequency noises.
  • Pink noise : When the full range of audible sounds is activated, the lower frequencies are boosted and the higher frequencies are reduced. Because of this, it sounds more relaxing to many people who may be bothered by white noise.
  • Brown noise – Brown noise contains all audio frequencies, but the lowest base tones are the loudest.
  • Blue noise – Blue noise is essentially the opposite of brown noise. Contains all audible frequencies, but higher frequencies are boosted. Blue noise sounds harsh to most people, so this is not a common sleep aid option. However, it helps some .

How to find a pink noise car

Most people who need help drowning out sounds like dogs barking, cars, or noisy neighbors are just looking for a car or app with white noise. However, you may need to do a little digging to find easily accessible pink noise.

Good to know what you're looking for – many noise machine apps have pink noise parameters, like ripple execution, even if they don't explicitly mention it. Some apps have options for pink or even brown noise.

Get the word of drug information

The quality of sleep is essential for mental, physical and emotional health. If you have difficulty sleeping, adding masking noise to your bedroom can help you fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly, which is very important for developing and storing memories.

The type of noise that will be the best hypnotic is selected individually. You can experiment with noise machines and applications to find what works for you.

In addition to using a noise machine or app, you can improve your sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene . This includes going to bed and waking up at around the same time every day, keeping the room dark, and minimizing the use of electronic devices in the bedroom. Combined with the pink noise, these steps will help you feel refreshed in the morning. …

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